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This is really what we talk about

Last night, Chris and I had a rather lengthy conversation about the fact that our cat Callie, over there on the right, would make a really excellent pimp hat. Picture it - her tail would be like the feather. Of course, we also spent a few minutes demonstrating to each other how exactly such a thing would work. I think Callie enjoyed it even less than the time I put my fetal heartbeat monitor on her bald spot to see what her purr sounded like on Doppler.

Thank goodness we are going to have a child to mess with and finally give the cats a break.

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Exactly what does that entail, the demonstration that is?

One thing about babys you might want to know, since we are on the subject. Never ever, ever hold them above your head for anything. They have several orifices that can unpredictably release some sort of waste product.

That advice will come in handy the first time one of you wants to play airplane with the "bean" as for some reason they like to barf when you do that!

I would so do something like that. I would strap that doppler to everything that made a damn noise.


I used to try and rig up a cape on my dog. She was not fond of it. And I'd very seriosuly tell her: But you're Super Dog, able to leap yard fences in a single bound, able to clear a room with one fart.

She'd stare me down.

Um, yeah, I was 27 at the time. ha ha ha

LOL...just the visual pictures I'm getting are hilarious.

You are ready for parenthood! Silly parents are good.

And here I always thought you two talked about stupid stuff at night. ;)

The unfortunate thing for your cat is that it will be tortured horrendously as soon as the kid can walk. Then it will spend the rest of its days hiding and hoping that its fur won't be ripped out. The last of the quiet days sitting on a pillow in the sun are almost over for poor Callie and Pixel.

Kids are so much more fun to pick on than cats. Kids react, cats don't. I've never tried to wear either of my kids as a pimp hat but I guess it's never too late to try.

Isn't that why we have kids??? LOL!

You just reminded me why I miss my cat so much.

If you have no children (and no plans of one) does silly cat treatment continue? Please say yes because I need to report it back to Beckett who just ran from the room when I read him your post.

Even though the Lima Bean is going to give the cats a break for a while once she arrives, don't get rid of the cats. See, as Lima Beans tend to do, they sprout and go play outside with friends eventually. The cats will then come in handy for torturing at that

Our cats tolerate so much from us, dont they? LOL

I'm so relieved! I used to have a cat that was so soft, I would occasionally think to myself that she'd make an awesome sweater. I thought there was something WRONG with me... whew!

PS: gave you a shout-out today on my blog.

LOL, this his pretty hilarious. I love your blog, so I'm going to link you, I hope it's okay :)

At my OB apt. the other day, I saw a guy in the waiting room who was a clone of Clive Owen. It was uncanny. I immediately thought of you. I almost sent him to your site. But then his gorgeously glowing pregnant wife who is about 9 months along and has only gained about 11 pounds total came out with glitter and butterflies following her and I, in my sweats, ponytail, and pimples with a toddler in tow, got too intimidated and chickened out. Sorry about that. I'll try harder next time.

This takes the pimp hat to a whole new level. An actual live animal pimp hat would surely up a pimp's rep on the street. You should market it. It could pay for the Bean's education.

Yes, well, when you decide your child would make a good hat, I will be very very afraid!

Oh, just wait.

The lies you can tell small children, Exhibit A:

That you have to put salt on the cats' tails to keep them from flying around the room.

Oh I can hardly wait to hear the tales you write about child rearing. You really ought to think about publishing a book...something like 101 things NOT to do to a new born or something along those lines. LOL

My cat Elvis would also make a marvelous pimp hat.

We mess with both the kid and the cats equally.

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