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Three posts. One day. I am out of control!

Unusual things I have seen today

I big, burly, rough looking, Harley-guy type driving a baby blue Geo Prizm with a bumper sticker that said "I Love Bats."

A woman taking a full bath in the sink in the ladies room at my office. She had her own bar of soap and one of those poofy scrubber thingies. Ok, she was standing next to the sink, not actually in the sink.

Random bits

I think my breakfast cereal may be making me sick.

I had a dream last night where I had had the baby and was taking care of her, except that the baby was Chris. Sometimes he was baby sized and I carried him around and sometimes he was normal sized and wanted to borrow the car. I told him he couldn't borrow the car because he was only a week old. Pregnant girls have some wild dreams, yo.

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I would dream about giving birth to sloths and badgers...Weird animals. Then they would grow to look like my inlaws. Yuck.

Melanie S.

Taking a bath in the sink, lol That reminded me of Desperate Housewives if you watch that ;)

As for preggie dreams, they are CRAZY. I can still remember some of the ones I had, I was a nutcase.

I seriously laughed out loud at the Chris dream, especially at the borrowing the car part. Are you sure the two above sightings weren't a dream as well?

1. I love bats too.
2. Why was she taking a bath?
3. What kind of cereal?
4. Can you imagine what a dream interpreter would say if they tried to evaluate our dreams?
5.I'm in a list kind of mood.

Taking a sponge bath at work? Ewwww!

As for the Chris dream, don't you know it's not safe for babies to drive cars?

Hee hee. I can't stop laughing over your husband being your child. My mom's been saying that about my dad for YEARS...

what kind of cereal? have you tried eating it before you go to bed?

i thought this was a common occurence in your home -- the Chris thing...

Oh poor thing..I dreamed my baby was a giant ginger haired baby who kept on eating everything in sight.

Plus if you name the baby Chris, it's going to be totally confusing.

Bath at workplace? Ewww

"I had had the baby and was taking care of her, except that the baby was Chris"

Hmm... having a hard time picturing Chris as a girl! Maybe you can help me out by posting a picture dolling him all up :) That'll be a fun project... don't u think?

Someone stop the crazy pregnant lady with the wild dreams! Because the images in my head, they ain't pretty. (Sorry, Chris.)

I just drove home behind a big ol' mini-van with the "I love Bats" bumper sticker on it - WTF is up with that? Am I missing some big pop-culture bat movement?

Hmm is this what I have to look forward to? I am TTC now. But I've been having wacky dreams of monster babies. Also I have I love Bats sticker too. NOT!

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