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Yay, topics!

Man, I love the internets. All I have to do is ask and I get posting material without having to actually think for myself.

Cassie-b asked, "What is your favorite animal?"

I think it would be easier to do this in reverse. I hate horses. Now, before all you horse lovers get up in a snit, let me clarify that horses fill my soul with complete, abject terror such that I can barely stand in their presence. Therefore, back off. I am not a dog person because I am highly allergic and three minutes around a dog is generally enough to make me very ill. I do have a sort of long-distance appreciation for big dogs. Any dog that can fit in a purse makes me twitch. Dogs that can fit in a purse wearing their own little outfits? Somebody really needs a hobby. Finally, I don't like any animal in my house that is not there by my express invitation, and I am not thrilled by bugs of any sort invading my personal space.

Other than that, I really like animals. My favorite specific animals are my own cats, of course. My favorites in general are cats of any variety, ducks, bears, jersey cows, frogs, turtles and Tigger.

Chris self-servingly asked, "How did you land such an astonishingly cool husband? And is it true he's really a superhero? If so, which one?"

So Part I: Trickery and treachery. Oh, and putting out.

What, seriously? I can't answer this question. I don't know. I can tell you why I picked and stuck with him, but I have no idea why he picked and stuck with me. It may have something to do with my smokin' hot ass, but I'm just guessing here. Basically, we are kindred in ways I cannot describe (in the similar in quality or character sense, not in the related by blood sense because ew).

Part II: Guitarman, naturally. Faster than a speeding riff. Able to leap tall amps in a single bound.

Now, does anybody have a Playboy lying around? I need it to answer one of the other questions I got yesterday. If you do have one, you can email me if you are not comfortable leaving a comment and letting the whole internet know. (Although really, it's just Playboy. It isn't like I'm asking who has a copy of Deviant Donkey Sex.) (Man, I'm going to love the hits off this one.)

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Wow. Nope, no Playboy here, sorry. LOL
I can't imagine... Ok, I don't WANT to imagine how Playboys are relevant to what kind of animal you like/dislike! LOL

Ha ha, no Playboys lying around...

This morning I dumped three vials of ants into my son's ant farm-- you may have to get over your dislike of bugs. Even if you have a girl: my son's best friend is a girl who has a pet cockroach.

I have a topic for you: describe one of your best, memorable meals-- the food, the company, the location, everything.


I was searching Google under "Deviant Donkey Sex" and your blog was listed first. I was hoping you would be posting pictures and tips on technique.

We've got playboy's here.

We love Playboy. It's fun for the whole... ok, nevermind.

hmmm, i missed yesterdays questioning... bummer.

the true test for Guitarman will be when it's time to leap a tall amp, change a poopy diaper and wipe spit-up off his favorite pick all at the same time!

Yeah, every single day I still get hits for tushy. Even better, "sleeping tushy." What kind of sick fetish is that really?

YAY for not liking horses. I don't like them either. For the exact same reason! :)

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