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Yes and No

Yes, I know whether Lima Bean has little girl bits or little boy bits.
No, I'm not going to tell you right now.
Yes, I will tell you soon, but family gets this news first.
No, this does not mean I adore you guys any less.
Yes, I will post pictures.
No, I will not post them today.
Yes, Lima Bean has the cutest little toes I have ever seen in my life.
No, I did not cry. Much.

(BTW, the voting yesterday was nearly tied - 21 votes for a boy and 23 votes for a girl. I refuse to acknowledge the three votes for twins.)

Comments (18)

oooh do tell do tell!
i can't wait any longer! i can't wait! isn't it the sweetest thing, seeing them there, all innocent and sweet...

You both must be very excited. Let the naming commence. By the way, I'm all for naming it "The Bomb". That is instant cool.

Oh hurray, Lima Bean cooperated and you found out! Hurray!

Pictures? Hmmmm.... I still say boy.

Yay for the Bean of the Lima! Will you post the pic after telling the family?

Best to you and Chris and Lima. :)

You dirty tease!

Oh! Squeeeee!!! I can't wait I can't wait I cant wait!!!!

I saw the cutest little teddy bear print pajama set at Babies R Us....

Ohh I simply can not wait to hear the news! I am so happy for you! Isn't the ultrasound one of the most miraculous things ever to happen to you as a woman? I'm so unfashionably sensitive that I am getting all teary eyed for you!

Wouldn't it be mean if you posted the sonogram pic and made us all guess again based on the picture!? HeeHee.

I went for my ultrasound today too, so we're like ultrasound twins or something. Yeah, that's it.

But, lucky you got to find out the sex. I don't get to find that out for another 5-6 weeks or so... Damnit. MUST BUY BABY CLOTHES THAT ARE NOT YELLOW OR GREEN!!!!

Oooooooooooh! But are you buying blue or pink clothes?? :)

Hey! We ARE your family!

ah!! i'm dying to know now!

i have my ultrasound on monday and i still don't know if i'm going to find out....but you may have just pushed me to find out!!

Oh the agony of it all! I need to know if it's a limA bean or a limO bean. :)

So sweet! I'm guessing a girl. I know I'm late on the guessing thing, but if you had no morning sickness, it's a girl. totally.

Well hurry up and get the family told! I wanna know if I was right. Congrats on your u/s

I'll be waiting anxiously.

Can't you give us a hint?

Or, did you give us a hint in your post? You said "girl bits" before you said "boy bits". You put "boy" at the end of the sentence for emphasis! Then, when you gave us the voting score you said "boy - 21 votes" first. Hmmm. Very interesting.

What's this about family getting to know first? Don't you love us anymore?!

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