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A little help from the moms

Ok, Moms, I need your help. I've been going nuts because I haven't felt this baby move, and everybody keeps telling me that I must be feeling her move and just not knowing it - that I am dismissing it as gas or as hunger pangs. Everybody is wrong. It isn't that I feel things and think it isn't the baby, it's that I don't feel anything. Nothing. I have some pain from stretching ligaments and I have itching from stretching skin. That is the sum total of all sensations from my belly region for the past 6 weeks. I am just not feeling this baby move.

So this morning, I was lying quietly in bed just mentally willing her to move for me. Ok, I admit it; I was poking the hell out of her. Anyway, I was lying on my side and I sorta poked my belly from the bottom and then I put my hand on the side of my belly. And I felt a thud. A definite thud. So I did it again - poke, poke, poke, (pause,) thud. And a third time - poke, poke, poke, (pause,) thud. But here's the thing. I felt the thud in my belly, but I also felt it against my palm. Can that be her? Can a 23 week fetus kick so hard that I would feel it from the outside? Or is last night's pineapple pizza staging some sort of rebellion and going over the wall?

So tell me the truth, Moms, I can take it. Was that the Lima Bean? (Or you know what, if it wasn't her go ahead and lie to me, because I had a nasty week and a little bit of happy would go an awfully long way right now.)

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Since you started out slim and you're still wearing your regular clothes I would say that it was her. Slimmer people can feel more movement earlier than those who have more weight. Plus, you've passed the half way mark.

Also, I don't think pineapple pizza can respond to stimuli that way.

I think that's your girl my dear.
Like Kristie said if you're slim there isn't as much to cushion the movements and at 23 weeks its very likely that's what your're feeling.
So congrats!

When other people tell you things you "should" be feeling or doing during your pregnancy, politely stick your fingers in your ears and sing "la la la la la, I can't hear you."

People are full of advice and instructions. Of course, mine is the only correct advice.

Its got to be her, is my guess. I was supposed to feel this baby earlier since she is my second and I never felt her move until about 22 weeks (and I kinda knew what to feel for)so you are fine, she is fine. Don't stress!

I'd say for sure. It's not very often that you feel gas pains on your palm either. So, I think it's safe to assume that it's your little girl :) Especially if it was in reaction to your poking - they don't seem to appreciate that very much. Mine might though because I've been poking all over my belly and still nothing. Hmpf.

Beth that was her, You dont normally feel gas pains with your hand, well unless you have some sort of alien digestive system... :)

I bet it's her. I know you're not supposed to put pressure on your belly later in the pregnancy or if it feels uncomfortable, but when I was 23 weeks I felt my baby move for the first time when I was lying on my stomach. Maybe you could try that, too, to see if you could also feel her that way? Congratulations -- you two are going to love it when you can feel the baby more regularly :)

Hooray! That definitely sounds like baby. The baby could have been turned until that point and was kicking at your back. I'm not slim and I'm already feeling light movement from the outside.

It's a relief to feel the kicks. Congrats!

Oh definitely a Lima Bean kick or three. Since when does last nights pizza respond only when poked?
Absolutely some Bean football action :)
Yayyyyyyyyy!!! See it was all March's fault. Everythings happening now April is here.

I don't know about you, but I generally can't feel digestive thuds on the outside of my blody! I think it has to be her. Congratulations!

Beth, I think that is her. I mean, I am at the exact same stage as you, and I can feel her move on the outside. DH has felt her too, but only once or twice. [And only after being v. v. patient!]

I've used my iPod on my belly to stimulate movement. My baby will always kick whereever the headpieces are.

It was the baby :) I always doubted whether the little pokey feelings were really the baby or the coffee working its magic in my stomach. Ha. But looking back, it was definitely the baby. Yay!

I emailed Lima Bean some nice wooden shoes. I bet that's what your feeling!

pineapple pizza never does that to me, so i agree with everyone else in saying it was your baby girl :) how exciting! hope that turned your horrible week around and put some happy in your household :)

Well, if she kicked that hard, she was probably just pissed off that you kept poking her. She's all, "MOM! I want PRIVACY!" and you're all "But Lima Bean, I want to spend quality time together," and she's all, "God, I'm so EMBARRASSED I could just DIE. Could you please pretend you don't know me?"

It was definitely her and the more time goes by, the more you'll feel her. In my 8th month, I could get in the bathtub and the water would ripple practically the whole time from her flipping about. I could also see it. My tummy would sway and it looked like little beasts rustling under a blanket. Being that you felt it in your palm, definitely little baby.

Yes, that is her.

And honey? So was the itching. That is exactly what the baby moving feels like a first. It's not from stretching skin.

You have been feeling her move for awhile.

That would be her, probably telling you to stop poking her heehee!! I felt movement, but dismissed it as severe gas pains and muscle cramps. But trust me, it's her :-)

Truly. No one is lying to you (although we would if we really needed to, but we don't)!

Babies are funny little animals. I've been pregnant four times and thought I should know everything, but the movement (which I NEVER felt before my 20th week) was the most awaited and the most misunderstood.

I know you keep hearing this, but when you are 36 weeks and she won't keep her foot out of your ribcage and you've pushed it down for the 1,000th time...well, you'll STILL enjoy it. Who am I kidding?

Yep! Sounds like she's a kicker! Just tell her to keep her kicks down while you're sleeping! Might as well start now teaching her to sleep at night! ;o)

I'm not a mom, but the first time i felt my best friend's daughter kick, it was just like that. a weird thud that i felt into my palm. maybe my non-mom opinion doesn't hold as much weight as the other mom opinions, but yes. it was her. telling you to stop poking her already.

I'm not a mom, but YAY For you! Sure sounds like good news, and for a lady who deserves it. Lima, stop fooling around and be nice ot your mother. It's mother's day soon!

According to my Fetus/English dictionary, that thud is definitely "Quit the poking already, we're trying to SLEEP in here!"

or it might be pattycake. Depends on the particular dialect of fetus.

Response to a stimulus? Yep, that's the baby. And there will be more interesting things to come. Ever see the movie "Altered States"? At some point, you will lie there - or sit there - and see a foot or a fist go rolling across your abdomen, in some freakish Lima Bean attempt to let you know it's starting to get a little cramped in there. You'll swear "Alien" is getting ready to break out any minute!

Yay you felt her. You probably haven't felt her move up until now because you are so fit and toned. Your strong tummy muscles probably kept her movements hidden.

I was going to suggest music too. Len chose a song for each of the kids and would sing it to them. The would respond with a flutter or a kick when he sang it and then after they were born they would quiet when daddy was singing 'their' song... Hannah's almost ten now and she still asks Len to sing her her song now and then.

That would be her. Requesting that you send more pizza on down.
My daughter used to get hiccups in there and I could feel those.
I used to put headphones on the belly and play music. Both babies recognised the music after her birth and responded.
My son used "phantom" kicking. That freaked me out.

Yay! Just the second day of April and it's already proving to be promising eh? I'm no mom but I'll just say it was her!

Id say absolutely! How exciting for you!

I stumbled across your blog today, Ill definately be back!


Yay! Oh she was just saving it all up for you. How exciting. Now I'm sure you'll feel her more ;)

That was definitely the Beanette!

That was must definately her. YAY!

When my demanding, demeaning teen was in utero she didn't move for ages....being a good panic merchant I rushed myself off to hospital, where I was given a sickly drink (sugar cane and honey possibly), in any event she soon started kicking like a rodeo bull and hasn't stopped since. So one piece of advice...when all is quiet - accept & enjoy.

I'll be candid here: I have had some wicked gas since becoming pregnant (just ask my poor husband) but none of it has ever kicked back. I am so jealous that you are so much farther along than I am! Congrats like mad on the kicks!!

definitely her.

my baby at 22 weeks is so active that i can actually see my stomach move.

and btw, i'm totally guilty of pushing and shoving my tummy, trying to get the baby to move a little bit. the husband gets completely freaked out.

Yep, that's the baby :)

I felt from the outside by 20 weeks, and could visibly see movement by 24, and I'm not thin.

It was the baby! Another good way to make your baby move is to drink Icy cool water and the baby will move like a theres no tomorrow!

DH felt our baby move last week and I have a LOT more cushioning than you, Beth. The little tyke was banging away in there - it was incredible. I think this might be the earliest dh has been able to feel a baby kick.


TOTALLY her...

Sounds like a baby kick to me, Beth! WoooHooo. She sure took her own sweet time, didn't she?!

Yep, I'd say that was her! Also, I'm in my third pregnancy. First one, felt tons of movement. Second one, none. I had to use that bebe sounds listening device to hear the kicks so I'd know he was still alive. This third one, I'm feeling kicks all the time. So, it varies by woman and by pregnancy. It's all normal. Oh yeah, and pretty soon, flashlights work too. They see the light and move in response. It's kind of cool.

Of course it was her! And I agree with the commenter who said that pineapple pizza isn't like that.

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