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April first! Today is April first! Take that March, you bitch, you languorous old cow, you dilatory wench. I hated you from the beginning. I was totally over you two weeks ago, but you couldn't take a hint. Oh no, you had to stick around and rub it in, lord it over me in your annoying little singsong voice "March, March, it's still March." Well April first has vanquished your languid ass and I will have no more of you for a full eleven months.

Would you all please promise me that April is going to be better than March? Please? I don't mind if you lie. Also, I think you all should send me tulips and daffodils because they are my favorites and it would make me happy and naturally, it is all about me. You can just send them to my office, I'll be here until 5.

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LOL! Beth, you have such a way with words! April HAS to be better than March. That was one rotten month. However, I will be a basket case from now until the 15th and then... well, if I don't end up robbing a bank to pay my freakin' taxes, all will be good. Here's looking forward to May. May absolutely will be awesome.

April is going to be better darlin'. The beauty around will prove it as spring hits in full swing.

Flowers are coming.


I think April absolutely has to be better than March. If not - I think we both may be in trouble! =)

Yes, April will be the best month in the history of the world!!!!!


Just kidding. Don't ask for anything on this day. It's rigged!

Yay! It's April :) I'm happy spring is here.

Of course April will be the best month always is because I was born in April. Ta Daaaa! Then May? May will be even better because my daughter will be born, WOOHOO.

I feel that way about March.

Of course April is better. I was born in April.

February! Meant I feel that way about February!

I LOVE MARCH. What are you talking about? I'm so insulted.


April Fools.

so lame I know.

Of course April will be better it's MY birthday month. yay me. :) So I promise it will be better, if not, you can yell at me at my know the address. Tulips are my favorite as well. I always get them this month. Happy April, Beth!

April's always better than March.

March was way too long. By far. It stayed far beyong its welcome. Perhaps April will be a better guest.

I have the most gorgeous tulips and daffodils in my yard right now. Pink tulips are my favorite, although I love unusual colors too like blood red and orange.

Happy April!

My birthday is in April, so OF COURSE it will be better!

Tulips are my fav too!

And no more banned, yay!

March is usually one of my favorite months -- it's got my birthday plus the birthdays of some of my favorite people -- so there's lots of celebrating. Sadly, this year, March was really hard, and busy and sucky. Here's to a better April!

April will be great! It's my birthday month... yeah... hubby let's me celebrate the whole month. woohoo!

I think April's always better than March. Sorry I didn't send any flowers, I don't have your address, and they wouldn't get there by 5. But have a nice evening and a great weekend.

April will be the BEST as my little one will be turning 1 this month! I can not believe how fast this year has gone.

If you want to see some cuteness check out my blog!! Hope you enjoy it!

1. What a mouth. I hope LimaBean couldn't understand that.

2. What a mouth. I love it!

3. Of course April will be better. LimaBean will be kicking you, and that will be cool.

4. March sucks ass.

I loathed March too. April 1st was a so beautiful outside here in PA... I hope it only gets better for you, sweets!

March sucked, and I seriously hope April's better.

I've also bid March a not-so-fond farewell. Yay.

i always liked April better than March, March always seemed snotty and pretentious to me with it's 31 days and in like a lion hogwash.

Yes! March was probably the longest crazy month!!! I am so happy it's over and that calls for a celebration!

Here's to a very good April!

oh no! Cuss words! This is why you were banned LOL

I am wishing for you that April kicks March in the ass and treats you much better.

Amen and halleluiah! (sp? oh who really cares anyway?)

It never feels like spring is truly here to stay until April shows her shining sweet smellin rainy face.

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