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The updated list of things I can no longer do (26 weeks pregnant version):
Button my leather jacket.
Make the bed. (New mattress, lovely for sleeping but very thick and heavy.)
Roll over in bed without careful advance planning.
Squat. All the books I want lately seem to be on the bottom shelf. Not happening.
Carry laundry baskets up the stairs. Ok, carry anything up the stairs. Or down.
Carry my laptop. (To be fair, I can carry it from the house to the car just fine, but the car to my office is a very long walk.)
Go more than an hour without peeing (but I drink an awful lot of water).

Things I can still do, although I think the days are numbered:
Touch my toes.
Wear my regular jeans.
Sit on the floor and get up again.
Stay awake past 9:00.

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You're STILL wearing your regular jeans. Girl, I am TRYING to like you!

Squatting now will help when labor comes, so keep trying ;)

wait. i don't think i can do any of those things either. hmmm. do you suppose one can have sex in a dream and get pregnant in real life? if not then i'm at a loss for a logical explanation.

You can still wear your regular jeans? That's it. We're no longer online buddies. Jk. ;)

And toughing your toes? But can you see your toes??

Kat is right, if you can SEE your toes, all is good. With my 1st I couldn't put on my socks at the end. Sad! As for your jeans... I don't fit in my jeans right now and I'm NOT PREGNANT. Making it hard to like you right now!

Ha-ha! I'm with you MoMMY! :)

And you still can't play violin or pee standing up.

Ah Beth....good to see you are keeping it all in perspective. You know, I have to tell ya (even though I know you KNOW)...yeah, that "Can't" list...gonna get SO MUCH longer! :) And PS, purely for bragging puposes: I don't hate you for the jeans thing, I had 3 kids, never had to wear maternity clothes! Stay positive...

Man, I'm not even pregnant and I can't wear my regular jeans right now. Darn homebuying stress!

I cannot believe you're still wearing your regular jeans!!! Gee woman, have you gained ANY weight? besides the baby weight, that is..

Just wait until putting on a pair of underwear becomes a serious workout, now that's a fun stage.

I happily can still wear my low-rise (stretch) levis since it decided to be cold here again and all the maternity I have out is summer.

Your world is a-changin'...

(Get that sleep while you can too!)

Just wait until you start to "waddle"!

Dude, you're still wearing your regular jeans? Hell, I don't think I'm even doing that anymore! ;-)

I can't do any of those things, either.

Oh, wait...

I can't do any of those things, either.

Oh, wait...

If you're still in your regular jeans? you're way ahead of the game. My regular jeans are long since a thing of the past -not just due to my belly, but due to the hips and ass I have grown also. So, consider yourself lucky.

the joys of pregnancy :) lol!

Squatting is VERY good for the muscles you'll use during labor. Keep at it until you're able!

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