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1. I am very busy. Busy, busy, busy. I am also very important, such that the planet cannot continue to rotate on it's axis without my constant engagement. I also have super powers, such as the ability to use my psychic abilities to diagnose and fix problems on a server in Omaha and to make all others bend to and obey my every whim. Therefore, all idiots should immediately cease speaking to me as it disturbs my concentration.

2. I am very hungry. Hungry, hungry, hungry. I must dedicate every moment of free time to finding, procuring and consuming food. About six weeks ago I lost my appetite entirely and had to force myself to eat. My appetite came back. Apparently, all 6 weeks worth at once. I hesitate to look at pictures of food for fear I will eat them. I am considering working from home so I can just sit in my fridge and shovel food into my mouth. Hey, are you going to finish that?

Hey - since I am so busy and hungry and boring, why don't you all go congratulate Jenny, Daddy and Big Brother on the birth of the healthy and certainly beautiful Madeline Grace?

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So that's why you're still wearing your regular jeans!!! How do you lose your appetite during pregnancy, you must tell me before I plan on getting pregnant.

Stay AWAY from the food. IT'S MINE! ALL MINE!!!!

Sounds like you are busy busy busy eating eating eating! :D

My friends coworker just named her baby Madeline Grace too.

I totally get the hunger thing. When I was pregnant I ate everything in site. One time, in one sitting, I ate an Entire box of pasta, with a entire bottle of sauce on it. Me, little me. It was crazy.

I ate apples and ketchup. Hope you find something that makes a little more sense...

(I wish I was kidding.)

I have some sundried tomato and basil wheatthins here. would you like some? I need to stop snacking on them.

oh pregnancy hormones. Hormones period. I hate how they make me into a complete eating machine. It's something I haven't been able to get rid of since my very first pregnancy. Not good, people. Not good.

Love the name Madeline Grace. If I didn't already suggest it for your kid, I am now!

i am always hungry!

Wow, you can make others bend to and obey your every whim? Is that a skill that can be learned?

I remember one of my friends saying "I can't believe I'm eating again -- or is that still?!" when she was 7 or 8 months pregnant. Hungry, hungry, hungry must just come with the territory.

But I only want to bother YOUUUUUUUUUUUU! :)

You can have the rest of my fries!

I have some leftover spagehetti.... :D

It must be all that super power that holds your belly button in ( hahaha)

I don't have super powers but my kids do. They have this potion that keeps multiplying the laundry no matter how much washing I do ;)

When I was preggie last I had to have lime popsicles, watermelon and ranch dressing on anything and everything.. haha. Have fun eating, its the one time you don't have to worry about it ;)

how funny. a friend just had a baby girl about a week ago and she named her madeleine grace too. after a week of having the baby home, though, they chose to go with something else. i can't remember the last time that happened. all the proper paperwork has since been filed so the 2nd name better be the right one is all i have to say. :D

You crack me up, girl! *hides her pizza*

That's my niece's name. : )

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