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Fetish, anyone?

I may live to regret this.

So, the other day I got a very polite and friendly email from a belly button fetishist inquiring into the current state of my belly button (for those keeping score at home, still an innie, but less so every day). (Is it really weird that I answered the email? Like I said, it was very polite.) Anyway, it got me to wondering what the rest of you fine people find especially attractive for no reason whatsoever.

I'll go first. I have a huge thing for the sartorius muscle, which runs from the inside of the kneecap to mid-top thigh and which just occasionally if just the right guy moves just the right way you can see running from his inner thigh over the top of his leg. Fortunately I don't see it too often, because when I do it's about all I can do to not lick it which neither the man in question nor my husband tend to appreciate.

Ok, your turn. Please keep in mind that I am in a delicate condition, so possibly you should not tell me anything too daring.

Comments (65)

I love a well-defined jaw-line. Very sexy!

Whatever that area is called that runs from the hip to the pubic region. When that is well defined, well, just look at it. When it sticks out of the top of jeans, how could a person resist?

OMG! Girl you are a riot!! Okay, I am a thigh girl, much the same as you... Strong, muscular thighs... pinning you down... Aye yi yi - now how am I going to get the housework done?

well defined hamstrings or calves...sure signs of a runner. hubba hubba.

oh and muscular hands...but not freakishly muscular like a massage therapist! That's just gross.

Ah. I like the part of the upper arm where the deltoid dips into the bicep. You especially see this with guys who row crew or swim. It just makes me swoon.

Shoulders. Definitely shoulders...

Well-defined calf muscles .... and now that spring is here and more people are out running, there's lots of eye candy around. ;-)

A big firm pair of....uh....eyes. Yes, firm eyes. I suppose implants in eyes are ok too. As long as they aren't too extreme. By the way, you can tell fake eyes because they don't bounce when the woman walks.

strong, broad shoulders. they get me every time. but you know, the muscled thigs do the job too. the DC metro police, the ones on the bikes, whoa. in those little shorts and the white shirts and sunglasses? yeah. they're a damn good reason to walk around DC, especially around the white house. :D

whatever that muscle is that runs from the wrist to the inner elbow. you tend to see it when they throw a dart or something... that just gets me weak in the knees.

a good butt is nothing to shake a stick at either...

I definitely have a thing for big adam's apples... I find them absolutely sexy.

Well now, a good set of shoulders never hurt. I always notice the hands for some reason. Nice, strong hands can really get the imagination going! (And there's nothing like soft hands on a man to completely turn me off. Yech! Pick up a hammer or go do some yard work, men. And for crying out loud, skip the manicures - some of you are taking the whole metro-sexual thing too far!)

Oh and there's something really sexy about laugh lines by the eyes. (That's not as cheesy as if I just said "eyes," right? lol)

Intelligence, a sexy voice and a good, genuine, hearty laugh.

Thighs and necks....just like chicken!;)

I love a great set of nice white, straight, teeth! Nothing better! =)

The curve of his waist when he's lying on his side ( I want to bite it!); his V shaped back; his trim ankles; his collar bone; his ears... I can't choose!!!!! Is that bad?

What are those dips either side of the buttocks called? One would notice them especially with clenched buttocks or errr ummm perhaps during a ummm thrusting motion...

[or so I've been told]

A nicely shaped head with really soft hair and a not very severe buzz cut. Yuuum.

i like the hips... i dunno.. theres something about the hip bones... even on girls... what can i say? they have a very interesting structure.

veins. really nice arm veins are h-o-t.

and who is this laura d? I'M laura d! weird.

I crave the lower belly region and the hands. Good strong, yet soft to touch hands. Lower belly is the sexiest soft spot on a man....mmmmmmmm

Right there with Pamal... on the signs of a runners legs. Calves are very important to me.

Definitely the calves. I love well defined calves. They are pure unadulterated fun!

And teeth. I loves me some nice bright whites.

I am gonna have to agree with Jacqueline. I am all about the lower part of the back that dimples in a low pair of jeans. And I have a huge thing for, I know its not a body part, men's shoes. They nake me tingle. is all about the wrists.

Hip bones. Earlobes. Saddle shoes. A man wearing saddle shoes gets me everytime. *swoon* I have never seen an unattractive man wearing saddle shoes. Have you? =) This is a very titillating conversation! Thanks! ;)

that nice soft spot behind/below the ears. makes me wanna nibble a little...

I have a thing for backs. Very defined back muscles are just so sexy. Drives me mad when I can see them through a t-shirt.

A nice smile.....straight,white teeth. AND biceps. LOVE to just hang onto those suckers.......


Hip bones. I want to lick them. And the nape of the neck - from 6 months to 60 years, that's just the sweetest place ever.

Oh my goodness. The muscle you wrote about does it for me too!

My husband is a hardcore mountain biker, but still has nice, lean legs. When he is wearing shorts and he sits down, there is nothing I can do to resist the temptation to lick, suck or nibble on it.

I love green and hazel eyes, too; A great chin with somewhat of a goatee; the part of a man's body between the belly button and the grenis! : D I love that area, especially if they are well defined.

I'm going home for a cold shower now.

Brains. . . I have a fetish for brains. Nice big, round, well-developed brains, prefferably attached to articulate mouthes . . . oh so sexy. If the mouth has a nice deep voice, and is attached to nice tall specimen . . . . well so much the better.

me? my weaknesses? hands first off. Love well kept, even manicured hands. I'm a massage therapist, so it's a big deal to me.

Also, shoulders... men's shoulders are a wonderous thing to behold when propely muscled. mmmmm And thighs on soccer players. oh god, in high school that was the reason I went to games.

on women, I've got a prefrence for firm, well tone-dness all around. But that's just me.

Also, don't tell my man, but crinkly eyes on older men. yeah. esp when they smile. oh god, I could just melt then.

Hope this isn't the TOO daring you were talking about, but that line of hair (I call it the sexline) that runs from the nether regions to the belly button (again with the belly button...oy!)...mmm...mmm...mmm!

It used to be that bare feet (on a man) turned me on. Very weird. Now of course I see bare feet on my man all the time, so it is no longer anything special. Now I just want Kevin to rub MY bare feet. :-D

The first thing I notice is a man's hands. How well he takes care of them is a turn on and I don't mean the metrosexual stuff. If those check out, the teeth are next. If the teeth pass, what comes out of his mouth shows what his brain is made of. Now that is the MAJOR turn on.

Man feet do nothing for me. Man feet in sandles are a huge NO!NO! many to choose from...I'm a big fan of sexy thighs - sexy in the I've-been-hiking-and-doing-a-lot-of-cross-country-skiing sort of way. Yum. I also like a hairy chest! I never thought I would, but now that I have a man with one, I won't ever go back! and the curve from side to hip - delish! And and and...I could go on and, is it getting hot in here or what?!?

Ooh - better not use the work email for this one :) Shoulders and arms...I was a swimmer for years back in the day...still have a thing for those swimmers' shoulders and arms... whoo. Put that with a soccer playing swimmer (shoulders, legs AND butt) and Get OUT of my way. Ok - I need a moment now.

shoulders They can look really good.

The "treasure trail" Wildcat mentioned is pretty dang good. And for some reason I'm a sucker for forearms. Probably cuz I've liked a few pianists, and when a well muscled man plays's a beautiful thing.

I like body parts as much as the next girl, however, I love an Irish or British accent. It makes me nuts. The guy could be just average but with the accent I would run away with him. I have Hugh Grant talk to me on my computer when I sign in, out, and when I get mail. It's quite lovely.

Oooohhh, put me down as a card carrying member of the "treasure trail" fan club along with Wildcat and Heather.

I first figured out that this had the power to turn my knees to jello when I was working in a kitchen with this total hottie...I was kneeling to put something on a low shelf and he was standing next to me, lifting something up to the top shelf. His t-shirt rose and his jeans sat on his hips just so and, oooohhh....

Shame on you Beth!

I like the happy know the line of fine hair that goes from the stomache on that hee!

i like when my hubby makes a muscle, ya know lik ein his arm... he laughs cuz he thinks theres not much there, but i love it, lol! and i like tattoo, not a lot or anything buta couple are hot!

I got a thing for nice thighs - his VMO (Vastus Medialis Obliqus) must be visible. I love that tear drop shape right above a mans knee - YUMMY!

Hands... I love strong, thick, rough, manly looking hands. Hands that you can tell did a hard days work... I guess it stems from my dad being a manly man, one that worked with his hands. To me it's a sign of strength... of manhood. I dated a guy once and his hands were softer then mine, I hated to touch his hands, they made him seem weak to me. Matt has strong hands... and I love them.

Belly button fetish?
(Also? The sartorius muscle is the longest muscle in the body. But seeing as how you have a thing for it, you probably already knew that.)
I have a thing for a chin-butt. The little cleft in the chin. It's a good thing I've married a man with one. :-)

I like big noses. Like Barry Manilow big. Quentin Tarantino Big. Dunno, just think they're yummy.

Oh, also? Accents. There's a new guy in our group from New Zealand, and I don't know him well enough to like him, but I'm alreay making a goon of myself about the accent and the height.

I love the area around a guy's hips and lower abdomen- not if it's too muscular though, that looks weird! But otherwise, it's damn sexy ;)

The 'pocket' between the shoulder and where the neck is. Especially when it smells like fresh shower and/or cologne.

The bad part about like that is that I can't go around smelling other men. Yeah, Dave frowns on that. Luckily, I get to lay my head there on him anytime!

I've got a thing for forearms, but I have no idea why.

I like nice broad shoulders, particularly when paired with well defined upper arms.

I like women in flats --- the shoes --- drives me nutz for some reason...

I know this is pretty unique, and maybe kind of strange considering I'm a guy, but I'm going to have to say...

Lipstick lesbians.


I love shoulders. From the back. Woo!

i love a guy with chicken legs. i get out off by men with bulging leg muscles. somehow chicken legs look better in jeans. especially if they come with a nice butt!

sorry, it was "put off". typo.
and can i add? tall men are sooo hot! 6' to 6'4 is the best!

Strong arms in a snug (but not tight!) long-sleeved t-shirt. Meee-ow.

Arms, in particular, well formed, nicely muscular arms.... yummy ;-P

Voices. The right timbre of a voice can send me whirling.

seriously? ears.

That's it. Ears. I want to nibble on them and eat them right up. The plumper the earlobe the better. A well-shaped ear does it for me every time. EVERY. TIME.

Triceps any day! When they are flexed, yummy!

A man with a broad, muscular back, and strong chest and shoulders. And bull-strength. I love a man with massive strength.

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