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Final Score

My beautiful baby girl: 2
Doctors who tell me she might have some horrible birth defect based on bogus evidence: 0

We had our third (and hopefully last) ultrasound this morning. Lima Bean is healthy and beautiful and kicking me in the bladder. She weighs two pounds and has my toes. The cyst from the last ultrasound is gone. (Oh, I guess I didn't tell you about the cyst. No point telling you now, since it's gone.)

I didn't cry. I climbed up on the roof and cheered, but I didn't cry.

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Yay, Lima Bean! What a relief...

So happy for you!

That's SO exciting! Congratulations. (BTW, my first ultrasound pics are up. 80% chance of boy in the 9 month forecast.) But what roof were you climbing on!? Just because the ultrasound looked good doesn't mean you're invincible! :)

ummm, didn't you get the handbook that told you climbing on roofs (rooves?) while pregnant is a big no-no?

anyway... yay for the beanette! i rather liked getting ultrasounds... had at least 50 of them (high risk, we were) and learned to relax and enjoy the feeling of goo being smeared across my huge bloated belly. oh, of course, you're not huge and bloated... wearing your regular jeans... *mumble mumble mumble*

Umm...yay for pregnant roof-climbing!!

I think.

Glad all is well, though!

Yay! Glad everything is going so well.

I'm thinking we should should go ahead and set the wedding date for your 2 LB girl and my 3 LB boy while their still baking. Maybe take the guess work out of it for them. Or is that taking the guess work out of it for us?

I'm so glad everything is OK!

I am so glad to hear everything is good :)

I will have a glass of wine for you - or maybe two or three ;)

glad to hear everything's good with the lima bean.

and i'm so jealous that you get 3 ultrasounds...i want another!!!

Pictures, please!

Yay, Lima Bean! Yay, Mom!

Yay! Glad the Beanette got a clean bill of health!

Get down from there Beth. don't make me climb up there!

Glad things are fine!

Yay! Glad to hear both mom and daughter are doing so well. I'm sure that'll make it easier to relax and enjoy yourself now.

Happy for you! Having had 3 of my own, I know what a relief a good ultrasound and okay from a doc can be.

What a relief. That really rocks. At two pounds, lima bean is probably the size of a fish. Or fish cactus.

of course the Bean is fine-look at the stock she comes from- she probably heard what the Dr's said and just to be obstinate figured she'd prove them wrong-you're going to have you hands full with this one

(still I'm all smiles at the good news)

Wonderful news! Just be careful on the rooftop - and now I've got 'up on the rooftop, click click click!' in my head.

I didn't know they stopped doing ultrasounds so early - I thought you had them periodically until the baby came. I have so much to learn!

oh thats great, about her being healthy and you not crying, not about her kicking you in the bladder, lol!

Yay for the 100% healthy lima bean!

Must be all that reading to her you've done! Yipee!

Congrats! Glad to hear everything's fine :)

Congrats! Glad to hear everything's fine :)

Congrats! Glad to hear everything's fine :)

okay i don't know why my comment appeared 3 times... sorry about that!

Hip hip hooray.

The worlds most documented baby is coming along greatly.

I'm assuming there will be pictures of the lima bean some day?

Cheered with pom poms? So glad for you. 2 points!

That is because she is wonderful and beautiful and great.

SO good to hear she is a healthy little Bean, too.

Fantastic news, I'm really happy for you guys!

Isn't it the most amazing thing, you see them inside you and go "wow, that's a BABY, and I'm growing a PERSONS inside me"! I never really got over the wonder of it all, and I think, neither will you, and isn't that great!!!

Hey, that is wonderful news, congrats! Climbing on the roof to yell out one's happy news is underrated, I think. It's where I choose to go too. :)

Yay for Lima Bean....and for you!!

I'm so glad that is everything is going great. Yeah, for Beth-like piggies!

Congrats on a happy sonogram...will be thinking of you!

fabulous news to read this morning!

I'm so glad you got a good report. I didn't realize they did so many ultrasounds.


I'm so glad it went well. Hearing no bad news can be so wonderful!

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