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Give me your money!

Well ok, don't give me your money. Instead, go give it to the lovely and clever Coleen. She's doing a Breast Cancer 3-Day and needs donations. We all like breasts, right? Who's not in favor of breasts? So go on, head on over there and make a donation for a good cause. I'm doing it. All the cool kids are doing it. Don't you want to be cool too?

If you prefer, you can go directly to Coleen's donation page here.

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Great timing on that! I just found out that a player and friend on my softball team has Breast Cancer and that another teammate will be under going a lumpectomy later this month.

wow, this blog is really good! seriously, i'm just starting out and i hope mine is this good!

best of luck to you and your baby!

stop by my blog sometime!

I would, I really would, but for some reason work has blocked Coleen from me. Not sure why they feel they need to block it, but clearly their censorship software is not up to par. But I will still donate, it'll just have to wait until I get home. :-)

Tonya and anyone else,

If you have problems reaching my site, let me know via email (you should reach the link in this comment). I imagine that "Hussified" has been pegged as non-work safe, but the actual donation site should be okay.

Thank you all who help me out!

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