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Go ahead and hate me

Did I mention I'm taking a four day weekend? No? Well, I would love to tell you all about it but I can't right now or I will be late for my massage and pedicure. I'll try to fill you in this afternoon, unless I decide to get a facial too.

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Yeah. I TOTALLY hate you now.


I only hate you a little bit. And that's just because I'd really love to get a pedicure right now too. ;)

I am a firm believer in pampering. Your body is working hard 24 hours a day- I think you deserve it. (come to think of it, I should heavily hint to my husband that I do, too...)

I MIGHT hate you if I weren't going for a spa day myself next weekend.


Ooooh, fabulous! Enjoy....

Way to go, take care of yourself. :) Afterall, that's what a 4 day weekend is for.

Just remember not to get the vibrating foot massage thingys some pedicurists have... I heard that's not good for pregnant women. No! I am not making it up! My sis told me she was refused one -- but then she was in the 8th month? Oh heck! Just enjoy your time off!

Don't know if I hate hate you but am sure very jealous :)

OOOOOOOO I'd be hating on you if it weren't my bday weekend and ALL ABOUT INDULGING ME.;)

You deserve it! Have fun!

Look at her. Baby kicks her some and she gets all righteous.

Just kidding! Have a wonderful time!

Lucky you! Enjoy the warm weather.

Lucky! Enjoy.

You go girl.

Jealous! But have a little extra fun for me.

I don't HATe you...but I do ENVY you...quite a bit...but then again...I was in your position last weekend...only no massages, pedicures or facials...but I did go for some retail therapy :D

Have a great weekend. Sounds a lot like something I'd like to do.

Awwww - I only have a 3 day weekend :(

I hate you!


Nah, I'm just jealous.

are you serious?? you suck, oops did i just type that, lol....enjoy!

Nicely done! I am totally jealous, but I'll get over it. What colors are you getting for your nails?? Decisions, decisions.

So jealous! I was just talking to my girls about needing to schedule the facial, etc. before the wedding. I think they're up for it with me.

You bitch! I'm so jealous. Except your preggie, with the sleepies and the advanced smellies and sleepies, etc. So maybe you deserve it, I guess.

psych! wow, enjoy!

Ah I am SO jealous! Why do YOU get a four day weekend with massage AND pedicure?! Whine

Now your going to be greedy and do a facial! I SO NEED A FACIAL!

Enjoy you spoiled gurl! (ok so you deserve it cause your pg, I 'm still jealous...)

Enjoy it and do nothing for me. Watch some bad tv for me. Take a nap for me. See a movie for me. Eat some good food for me. Thank you.

Enjoy yourself! Hell, take a 5 day weekend.

enjoy it because soon you won't be able to see your feet :) *wink*

Yes, I totally hate you now. But in a good way. Really.

Hateration. Right here. Have a wonderful weekend Beth!!


So wanting to be you........

I am totally jealous of that 28 week belly shot. Rest assured that you must have super model genes that your baby will surely inherit. Please, however, refrain from naming said super model baby Apple, Hazel or Finius.

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