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I'm so cute!

I just wanted to mention that I look really freaking cute today.

I should be pregnant all the time.

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Shut up with your all of that happiness! j/k

Well see if you feel that way after you're not preggo anymore and back to your normal size. You'll just want to be skinny and cute. : )

what, no picture?!?!?! how do we know you're looking really freakin' cute then? huh? geez.. way to go in making me feel like a ugly loser! GOSH! (*sorry.. pms'ing over here in me-land... and also getting over a cold,so i really do feel super nasty.. but i'm glad you feel good!)

I know! "Look at me, I'm so cute! But you can't see me! Neener neener!"

Whatever. You work that cuteness, yo. Even if you do want to keep it a secret. (But, if you look as cute as you say, I can't say I blame you. You'll never get anything done with your various admirers swarming around you to be near The Cuteness.)

What, no pic?

Of course you do! But don't you always look freaking cute? Duh. Yes. Now I don't feel so alone in my extreme cuteness. Thanks!

Also you get a modesty pass since you are pregnant! I have no excuse so it's just obnoxious when I say it!

I was totally cute last week, I wondered where it went. At least it has traveled on to someone so worthy.

prove it

And SO modest!

i wish I was having a I am feeling cute day...
Except I did just buy the cutest dress for a wedding this weekend with shoes to match... SO I will be having one of those days soon... ohhh the anticipation

Ok, so where's the dang picture?? You tease! :)

Weeks 25-30 are the BEST part of being preggers!

well, aren't we specail?! LOL :)

You are such a blog tease! You just want us all visualizing you in our heads :) Everyone chant with me:
Picture, Picture! Picture. Picture! :)

need proof please.

I agree with everyone else - I need proof!

ok... like i said before.. (and i will go along with the others).... proof, proof, proof... but dont flaunt it! ;) i'm afraid that tomorrow you will post a picture in your blog and i might hate you even more. oh, the insanity!

You are too funny. :-)

:-D don't doubt it for a second !!

we need proof. like more photos :)

Pregnant all the time? I think Mr. Cactus might have some thoughts on that!

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