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Name that baby!

Chris and I have started seriously talking about coming up with a name other than Lima Bean for the baby (although I think Lima Bean Bupkis has a certain ring to it), and I thought I would turn to you, the brilliant and beautiful internet people, for a little help. Now, this game sort of sucks for you, because we aren't going to tell anybody what name we choose until the Lima Bean is actually here, and I probably won't even tell you what makes it to the short list, but you should play anyway because I'm pregnant and therefore it's all about me.

For anyone who came late to this particular party, Lima Bean is a girl.

I'll take first names only or first name middle name combos. Also, bonus points for any name that incorporates the name of one of our grandmothers in a way that isn't a horrible cruel thing to do to a child. (Their names are Marie, Pearl, Lucille and Carol.)

Double bonus points for avoiding recommending any names that I hate based on them belonging to someone who has emotionally scarred me for life. However, I'm not going to tell you what those names are because I think it's more of a challenge that way.

And finally, anybody who recommends a name we use will receive a prize, however it will be after the baby is born so it may take me a year to get it to you and it's also possible that the prize will consist of some pocket lint and a half empty tube of diaper rash ointment. On second thought, maybe the prize will be the right to opt out of receiving the prize.

Ok, I think that's it. So come on people, Name That Baby!

Comments (102)

I'm first? Yay! How about Ann Marie?

I think Catherine Marie would be pretty. And she'd get the option of using Cathy or Cat.

Carol Ann might also be nice.

I like Ava & Gwendalynn. So maybe Ava Lucille *cactusfish or Gwendalynn Marie *cactusfish.

Caroline seems to be popular these days, and that incorporates a grandma name...I'm partial to old names (such as Madeline, go figure!)

I've always loved the name Natalie. The imaginary 5th baby I long for would be Natalie if she ever came to be. And it would go with Marie or Pearl or Lucille, but I guess not with Carol so much.
Aw! I'm liking it- Natalie Pearl. Hee!

Well since we will never interact in the same social circle I can let you hear my future daughters name (if I ever figure out I want to start trying before my eggs dry up and I am turned into a spinster for life, if I do have kids I am not given all boys which would be my luck)

Kya pronounced (k-eye-aah)
Kiya, or Kiaya (still not sure on the spelling I would want to use)

Kiya Marie
DOn't even tell your family what name you are going to use. Everyone has a bad opinion about every name until you name the baby then they all go "awwwww isn't that cute"

My cousin's name is Lydia Lucille, Lucille being her grandmother's name as well. I'm very fond of it and people in the family call her Lidy-Lu, which is silly, but fun to say.

i like Emma, which would go well with any of the grandmother's names.

i like Caroline, Madeline, Charlotte (lots of good songs use that one!)...

I was just going to suggest Emma Pearl, or Dakota Pearl. How about Bailey Marie, or Caitlin Marie, or even Riley Marie...okay, I'll stop. For now. :)

We named our baby Ellen [my surname][dh's surname]. Coincidently it is his grandma's middle name. It also means "ray of sunshine" and since we are both having summer babies, a summery name was kind of a goal for me.

This has brought about some cute dimunitives, witness: "Ellie in mummy's belly."

tee hee. As a teacher, it was hard to chose names that *didn't* remind me of kids I had taught!

So my assvice: choose a typical traditional name [picture it on a resume one day] that has a shortened version.

This was a cool interactive tool we liked:

I personally like Kendra Taylor, with a nickname of KT (which would sound like Katie).

I always liked Alisa (pronounced with a long e sound, not a short i). How about Alisa Marie?

This is a really hard assignment since we have no idea what your taste in names are. Sheesh, pregnant women are demanding!

I'm a big believer in family names. Carolyn Pearl would be a top runner on my list.

First, please don't spell it weird. That's just annoying to the one with the name and people who need to spell it since it will always spelled wrong.

Second, I have a list of girl names I love (having all boys).

Not sure what you like so:
Nina, Molly, Madeline (names we were going to use)

Caroline Marie and Caroline Pearl are pretty if you want to use family.

The name I've always loved but my husband hated: Zoe. Means 'life' in Greek.

Should there be a logic for naming kids? Let's see... Beth, Chris -- how about going alphabetic? Something with D?
Darci Pearl, Dina Marie, Dana Marie, Daisy, or Daphne? OK I'll stop!

Choosing one grandma over the other 3 might be risky business though :)

I am partial to the classics, and I would suggest avoiding the Grandmothers names just because it would be difficult for everyone if the others felt slighted. My suggestion is "Emily Jane"

My criteria is a name that will go with the prefix Miss so that when they get to be old mibddies they will be Miss Blah blah blah. The three I love are Olivia, Vivian, and Joan.

Chris has a listing of names from me way back when but for a combo Tessa Lucille is one I like to bring in a bonus point for me :)

I say Dawn Marie, because awesome people are named Dawn Marie.

Also, Marie makes an excellent all-purpose middle name, and since I don't think it's quite as ubiquitous as it was, say, 25 years ago, it might be something to consider.

Also, Caitlin Elizabeth is pretty. Then you could call her Kat or Katie.

Elizabeth Anne is also nice.

I'll stop now.

I've always liked Heather, Sarah or Erin. You could match up Marie as a middle name for most of them.

The pressure, of a name...Well my husband really liked the name Avery when we were naming our daughter and I did too but we put all potential names in a hat and let our 18 month old son pick it since I can't have anymore babies, I am passing Avery on to goes nicely with Marie. Do with it what you wish :) P.S. I also personally love the name Riley for a girl. Also goes with Marie.

I am going to go with the assumption that you want your child to love you and thus you wouldn't want to saddle them with something horrible (hey I work at a university- you should see some of the things people name their children)...

so I would go with either:
Emmalynn Marie

Sarabeth Pearl...

I dunno...but I am kinda drawn to the name maybe use Pearl as the first name...I like it.

I've always like the name "Stephanie"....just my two bits.

How about Carol Marie?
Or Pearl Marie?

If you decide to go with the grandmother's names, I suggest picking one from each side so as not to offend.

My grandparents want to name my mother after her mother and grandmothers...Laura, Anna, and Marie so they invented a name to combine all three...Laurenna Marie...everyone was happy. Just a thought.

i'm coming out of hiding to post some names. :)

some of my faves:

Laila (pronounced lay-luh)

now working w/ the grandmother's names:

Carolyn Marie
Lucille (i like this because i love the nickname Lucy... but i really don't know what Middle name would work with it)
Jennifer Marie
Carol Anne name actually incorporates a grandma name already!

I so want to name my daughter Gwyneth Lucille. So, that is my name choice for you!

I have two boys. Each boy had a back-up girls name just in case the ultrasound was wrong. My favorite was Avery. But since we already used it, I can't choose it again. So, like Kate, I give it to you. Each of my sons has a first name that we chose, and the middle name of a grandfather. It's a nice way to pass down family names while still adding your uniqueness.

wow! these names are ALL over the place. i emailed you a list of some that i like....:)

Emily Lucille

You and Chris are cool enough people that I feel you are worthy of the honor of appropriating my own daughter's name, which happens to be my favorite girl name. You guys totally have permission to use it and I promise I won't sue for trademark infringement. Anyway, here it is: Madeline Elizabeth. Now, one piece of advice I will give is do NOT do what I did, which is temporarily go insane and spell it "Madalyn." You SO will not find any personalized items with "Madalyn" on them. Plus it looks like you kant spel gud.

I've had a name picked out for a baby boy for ages, but for some strange reason I don't have any favorites as far as girl names go. Elizabeth I like simply because it's my middle name and I think it's pretty but because it's a middle name (which is the forgotten stepchild of names right) never gets used. So you're welcome to it.

I also like Larissa even though it belonged to a cousin who was a cry-baby and always got me into trouble. Trust me. I never hit her as hard as she said I did! For serious.

I'm also partial to girl's names that can be shortened to boy names. Alexandra leads that pack.

But enough. I could probably go on for days.

Carol Ann or carolann is the kid from polterguiest, so please don't pick that.

I'll go with Madison. Maybe Madison Lucille.

Even though I've never posted to either of your blogs before, I read them daily. I thought I'd come out of hiding by offering up some names.


When we had our daughter on year ago (one year yesterday! Hooray!) we wanted to name her something to do with the family...but we hated all the names of women. (My son was named Austin for my great-grandfather Gordon Austin...hence the pattern, we didn't want our daughter to feel slighted). Anyway, my grandmother's name is Avis, my husband's mother's name was Beverly. So we put the two together and got Averi. That's what I'm suggesting you do, play with some names...Luie (okay, kinda boyish...), Celia, just start playing with the letters and you should be able to come up with something.

My favorite names for a girl are Jordan (which my niece stole so I couldn't use it), Rebecca (my daughter's middle name), Corinne (not Kauryn, pronounced KORINE), Skye (okay, kinda hippish), Miranda (although for some reason I always think of snobby people with that name, but I do like it), and Kylie....yup, those are probably my favorites! Best of luck choosing..I remember people went nuts when we named our daughter Averi..."You're going to torture her"...yeah, well look at my name and see how my father tortured HIS daughter LOL

Lillian Pearl
Ruby Marie

hmm, that's all I can come up with. I adore the names Lillian and Ruby (my grandmother and great-grandmother's names) so tried to use them with your given family names.

I love the name Laila, but it is also my best friend's name, so it is out for me. Perhaps you could use it :) I also like Nichole/Nichola (I knew a Nichola in college and she was fun) and Grace.

Wel, since we don't know eachother in real life, I'll tell you that our girl's name will be Siany Marie. I can see Marie is a very popular name. Our niece is named Ann Marie...I like Siany because it's an Irish name (I'm 1/4 Irish), it means good health and it's short, easy to spell. It can be pronounced see-ah-nee or shah-nee, though I suspect the correct irish pronunciation is the latter. Marie would be after both of our grandmothers, his grandma's first name being Marie and my grandmother's middle name being Mary. I would be annoyed if one of my close friends or cousins used that name, but I don't mind if you do ;o)

I like Madison Reese, Summer, Faith, and Emma.

Avery Marie
Avery Pearl
Kyra Marie
Laney Lucille

you want some good do's and dont's of baby naming? go to and click on Baby's Named A Bad, Bad, covers everything from naming your child Dakota to adding extraneous "y"'s. Good luck!

yeah carol ann is from polterguist...that was my first thought.
i read all the comments and....
~i know a cat named pearl
~my own cat is ruby
~elizabeth anne is me minus the e on anne
~i like names that shorten to boys names too..i like Samantha=sam for a girl is cute!!!
~if i have a girl someday i want it to be madison elizabeth, runners up would be...grace, reese, claire, riley, or maybe avery..and i thought laurenna and lucille elizabeth were nice too.
~how about ella marie or sienna lucille or Sera i like that one too...sera pearl?
~ i came up with the mixing the letters lyou love it??
Sorry i was bored and this was too much FUN!!!

i think natasha marie sounds great.

but other cool names are natalie, chelsea and samantha, shortened to sam.

also, charlotte shortened to charlie or charley. yes. have fun!

I love the name Callista Marie and call her Callie Marie.

I've always liked the name Stephanie. How about Stephanie Marie?

Amanda Marie! (i'm biased though. that's my name. however, it works. *g*)
Anabelle Marie
Katherine Lucille (or Catherine? or Kathryn. Or any damn spelling you'd like!)
Cailin Marie
uhmm.. I dunno. I heart names, but I'm not giving up the ones I've already picked out for me. ;)
someone I know named their baby Emily Joy - which I think is the most adorable thing in the world. Makes her sound like such a sweet, happy baby, which she is :)

Hi! Long time and Chris are just too adorable for words!

I've always been fond of Cadence, Hannah, Kiera.

My brother and his wife got very creative for my nieces name started combining every person in our family EVER born. Ok so maybe not to that extreme. Lorryn Rose. LOR is the first three letters of her mothers name. RYN is the last three letters of my mothers name. And Rose is my grandmas name. I think they spent the whole 9 months coming up with that one!

Good luck naming the little Lima Bean.

Hannah Marie or Hannah Lucille are both so cute and old fashioned girlie.

How 'bout Kelsey Marie? Or Chelsea for that matter? I'm partial to Rose, Lily and Hazel myself (seriously but I get odd looks for Hazel - whatever; it's my Great Grandma). I'm all for keeping the name quiet until the Beanette arrives. You don't need THAT many opinions. Good luck!

Oh, Ruby too. I guess I'm old fashioned.

I like... Kaitli(y)n Marie

Hello Mrs. RC,

How about Lena? (sounds like lima )

Isabella Marie

Sorry - I wouldn't presume to choose a name for someone else's child - especially your child - who will be welcomed as wonderfully as any newborn I know of, except my own two sons, of course. To me, having a baby is truly a miracle.
Oh, and my sons are named David and Michael - what wonderful names.

Here is my advice, in general, from experience:

Do not ever name a child something currently trendy. Later on, when sending out resumes, said child's name will give her age away. This is irritating. Also, these get picked up as porn star names more often.

Do not go for a name that everyone spells differently or has different ways of spelling it. This is irritating to the people around the child, and the child herself.

Do not ever name a child when you know more than one person who was irritating with that name. For me, this includes: Larissa, Ann-Marie (spelled that way), Mary-anything, Kat (in fact, please don't name your daughter Kat. I know FIVE evil Kats).

Go for a name that has flexibility. If it can be shortened two different ways, this is good. I like the name Elizabeth for this reason; it is incredibly flexible. However, naming your daughter Elizabeth could be REALLY confusing, and I don't know how you feel about your name.

I plan on naming my daughter (if I ever have a girl) Gwendolyn Marie. But I also would like to say that you don't have to only have one middle name (I started life with two middle names), and you could always name your daughter Gwendolyn Carol Marie.

Megan Marie
Emily Pearl
Carolyn Marie
Alaina Marie
Alaina Pearl
Jenna Marie
Lucille Annalise
Lily Pearl
Evelyn Marie
Josclyn Marie
Brynn Marie
Nyla Pearl
Kennedy Marie
Olivia Pearl
Ashlyn Marie-Pearl
Kari Marie
Kristen Marie
Sophia Pearl
Sophia Caroline
Isabella Marie
Grayson Pearl

Family names get passed around in my family - but we've run out of girls - and it doesn't look like there will be any more in the near future ...


You're welcome to borrow Lindie (or Lindy) if you'd like. Lindy Marie (insert last name of the CactiFishfamily) here..

But remember, to truly test if you LIKE your child's name, stand on the back porch and scream it a few times...if it still sounds good, you picked the right one. (Or so says Bill Cosby!)

Hadley Noelle. That was my baby girl name and I had all boys.

I'm kinda partial to Emma, Emily or Caitlyn. I don't really know why. I like unique, but in a good way. Unisex names are cute too like Alex or Charlie.

I know you said make a suggestion as in one. I'm just not good at following directions. :(

Oy, this is tough.
Ann Marie (name of a good friend actually)
Kelsey Marie
Pearl Leigh
Lucille Ball (jk.)
Carol Leigh
Carol Ann
Lucille Ann
Jessica Marie
Jennifer Marie
Courtney Marie
Elizabeth Pearl
Elizabeth Marie
Susan Carol
Hayden Marie
Celeste Marie
Lisa Marie
Amy Lucille

Whew..that's all I have for now.

You're innundated with suggestions, obviously, but I'll throw in my .02....

Some of my favorite girls names are:
- Rose (can go by Rosie as a little girl)
- Felicity (can go by Lissy if a nickname is needed, but it's so pretty alone)
- Rebecca (Becky - and never goes out of style)
- Victoria (people are tempted to go Vicki, but I like Tori as a nickname)
- Samantha (Sam is a great nickname)

Something to consider: are there any songs featuring the name you choose? Will said song become endearing or unbelievably annoying? (being named Susannah and going by Susy for much of my childhood, I am particularly sensitive to this.... but not so much so as my friend Roxanne, who... yeah, see, you're already singing, I know.)

My main $.02 is to be sure to look up the meaning of the name you choose. It's no good when someone looks up their name later in life and discovers it means something like bitter, say. (Not that I know ANYTHING ABOUT THAT. Ahem.) Also check the syllables of all three names (assuming you choose a middle name as well) together. You want a varied pattern. 2-2-2 doesn't sound as nice as 2-1-2 or 2-3-2, for example.

I think Summer for a summer baby is pretty cool (no meaning confusion on that one, either). And I'm going to break my own syllable advice and vote for Summer Lucille, but only if your last name isn't 2 syllables. :)

Oh yeah, one more thing: also check the initials. Both my kids' initials spell something (though nothing embarrassing) but I'm evil that way.

i've always loved the name Olivia, and Olivia Lucille or Olivia Marie works. Even Olivia Pearl. heck, it even works with Carol!

i don't have time to read through these all to see if mine have already been said, but here goes:

there's always Caroline
Annabeth Marie
Olivia Pearl
Stella Lucille

(give or take the middle names)

...just some names i kind of like.
p.s. when i looked at how far your little fish is on there i almost fell off my chair.

I would love to help, BUT...our little girl's name is Maria Grace (she goes by Grace) and I call her Gracie Lou Freebush Chicken Mcnugget Christian. I have no abilty in nameing children.

How about Britney!???

Um, no?

Christina? Whitney? Celine?


C'mon, you mean all of these people scarred you for life?

Puff Daddy?

I've always liked "Benjamin" which is why it's a middle name for one of my clan... not sure how much your girl would appreciate that, though. Kids these days can be pretty sensitive...

My favorite girls names are:

I think they all work well with the grandmothers' names

I'm suggesting my own name because I like it. Christine. I realize it's a little odd since, ya know, her Daddy is Chris but she's sure to be daddy's little girl and I think it would be sweet to share a name with her favorite man. Not to mention that it goes well with the Grandmother's names.

Alright so not so much typical but who wants to be normal anyways....go unique!

Eja Lucille
Delia Pearl
*Dawn Marie
Adison Carol

For serious, my cousin is naming her baby, Kizziah. And it's interesting enough to go with any of the grandmother's names. Honestly (and you can throw stuff at me if you want to), I like the name Pearl. As a first name.

How about Mollie Pearl? Just a thought.

Eva Marie


Couple of names I like:

Skyler or Skye
Amelia (but maybe call her Amy)
Erin (hey! that's my name - whadda ya know?!)
Avery (like in This Side of Paradise)

I agree with the people who said 3 of the grandma's might feel slighted if you only use one of their names. (Then again, if there's one grandma who has already passed on and you choose her name, well nobody will argue with that.)I do think it's great to name the baby after one of them though, so nice to give the kid a name that really means something to you guys. And you guys should definitely keep whatever name you choose secret from everyone - including family. Everyone has an opinion, but the bottom line is that whatever name you guys like is what really matters.

I don't know if I'll ever be able to name a kid - all of those choices and they're stuck with it for life! (no pressure)Good luck!

I've always like Tobie for a hubby teased me for 9 months when I told him. Thank god we had a boy cause he wanted vote is for Tobie...a little artsy...and little different.

Ok, I'll take another shot at this. How about Mary since you and Chris met at Mary Washington? Also goes well with a lot of the Grandmother names.

Rachel Kaitlyn

Lily Marie or
Lila Marie
Chloe (I always liked that name)

Just think about what you are doing to a human being! : ) I am named after my grandmother...Carmelita Juanita!
That my dear is a mouthfull!!!! AND try to spell it when you are 4 years old! GAH No wonder I went by Lita!

My son (I was told he was a girl) was going to be named Gabrielle. You may want to have a couple boys' names picked out - just in case. :)

Wow. You have a lot of suggestions here. Rather than add in some new ones that I don't think you'll like anyway, I think I'll throw in support for some of the ones mentioned: Emily, Olivia, Avery, and Grace. (I'm also a fan of Lucy as that is what I named my car). Oh! and don't rule out your 'The' preference and go with "The Marie, Pearl, Lucille and Carol Project"-- MPLCP for short.

Also-- Avery reminds me of Murphy Brown. This increases my liking.

Also, also-- Catherine, shortened to Cat, could justify your habit of trying the kid's clothes out on your cats. Slim justification, but there it is.

Okay, there's no way I can read through all these comments to make sure I don't repeat an idea - but what popped into my head was 'Lucy' since that's CLOSE to Lucille. Because, really, Lucille is not an easy name.

OF course, there's a million song names that ya'll could choose from - or have you ixnayed naming your daughter after a song?

Another favorite name of mine is Tallulah - I love it so much, but the Fiance says no way, ever, will he ever name his daughter Tallulah - so go for it!

I think the name Mauri is beautiful. It's Welsh (I think) for Mary and so is also related to Marie.

Lots of choices here...I'll echo someone else here and say read: not so much for ideas, but just for the hilarity factor alone!!! [and I'm not judging all of the names on that site - I like some of them!]

Anywhoo - my ideas: Rachel Ann, Alexandra Marie, Carol Paige, Hannah Pearl, Anna Lucille....

Autumn, I just can't help but think "Stay away from the light Carol Ann!"

Vivian Rose...if I had a daughter ... :(

I am way down here on comment number 964 so you most likely aren't reading this as your eyes have glazed over... but I can't have any more children. Well, not with my current husband, and I am sure there is a Katie Helouise (I'm big on vowels) out there somewhere waiting to be born. Oh, and don't pronounce the 'H'.

Or maybe is should just go shack up with some young toy boy and get busy making another baby.

I'm glad you did this. Now I don't have to. I can't just steal all your favorite baby names. Muahahahaha. That's what you get for staying in your regular jeans. So take THAT!

Julia Pearl.

I couldn't possibly be bothered by reading all 88 posts thus far, so if you make it to mine, color me impressed.

Elise or Elyse. I liked that name, but Dave...not so much. So one girl became Carly and the next one became Gracie.

How 'bout Sara Marie or Pearl Lynn??

Okay, you've already gotten 90 comments on this and I really don't feel like skimming them all to see what names have already been said, so....
These are some that I like: Heather, Rachel, Savannah, Angelina, Skye, Rain, Summer (lmao...I'm a nature lover...just realized that all these except Rachel and Angelina are related to something in nature!) Oh yeah, just for the record, women with children are crazier than pregnant women. I guess it's the next logical step.

Marie-Pearl LuCarol.

I win.

sophie marie

Lucy Marie

totally don't know you from a can of paint but hey! naming babies is fun. lucy pearl is the name of a now defunct R&B group (they were GREAT when they were around) and lucy is the dimunitive form of lucille.

or lucille grace - i think lucille is such a cool name.

joella lucille, ella lucille, diamond pearl (ha - had to throw that one in there for fun).

good luck!

wait, this is too much fun...

gracelyn lucille, graceann peal, gracie marie, zoey lucille, ondrea lucille - okay, done this time :)

Why not add more fuel to the fire?...

Brielle (call her Bri or Elle)
Amelia (call her Mia)

I'm expecting a little girl at the end of July and these are a few of the names I am considering!

Best of luck to you! This is definitely one of the toughest of life's choices!

I like the name LilyOnna, a little old-fashioned but also cute. I also like all of the names like Faith, Hope, Charity. Sorry, kinda hoky but still...

How about Carolina Pearl?

I have always liked the name Victoria Lauren. I also like the name Ariana. :)

I'm rather attached to Cornelia. Then there's my sister Melanie. And my girlfriend Katrin. Hummm I think thats all the good ones I can think of right now.

Wow -- long list. Can I play, too?

I'm with you on naming babies after wonderful people (grandmas) and avoiding the names of the evil (Claire, such a pretty name, was spoiled for me after living with a very mean, smelly, "yelly" one for a year).

Some favorites:


Elizabeth is a nice one, as well :-)

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