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Never a hose when you need one

Ok, I know it's a gym and that we are all there (at least theoretically) to work out, which frequently involves getting sweaty and sometimes not exactly powder fresh. I am also willing to admit that although I am a delicate flower I have been known to occasionally break into a light, although very sexy, sweat myself after an hour or so on the treadmill and while I firmly believe that anything I produce smells like tulips and joy I am willing to entertain the possibility that I may occasionally be less than ideally scented. However, Dude. If you are already so ripe when you walk in the door that your particular odor can turn my stomach from five feet away, it may be time to seriously reevaluate your personal hygiene practices. Please, for the sake of humanity.

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Yuck, that is seriously stinky.

Uh oh. You've gotten the Hormonly Enhanced Smeller going on now.

Ewww. The most disgusting thing I ever saw at the gym was where a guy on the treadmill actually had a 3 foot circumference puddle on the floor from his sweat. Yeah, I didn't use that treadmill when he was done.

I think that guy's cousin goes to my gym. Where he works out in the weight room, then decides he needs to walk over in front of my treadmill to do some overhead stretches which create a visible funk around my machine, then go back to the weight room. I feel your pain.

An hour? An hour? Please -- if you're on the treadmill for more than 10 minutes....


Oops sorry, I was hoping you wouldn't notice!

You know here in Holland everybody smells like tullips .. :)

Ugh, stinky dude. Stinky dude always ends up next to me on the treadmill. I have a hard enough time breathing during certain parts of my workout, but couple it with that ripe odor and it's dang near impossible. In my cycling class we have the ultimate stinky dude. He's got the b.o. clothes that clearly haven't been washed and add a dash of either garlic or Indian style cooking smell. Once they close the doors to that class I just about gag!

Ugh!! I had that happen very recently, too. I was in line for something, and the person in front of me smelled so bad that I actually had to pretend I saw someone I needed to talk to so that I could get out of the line and away from her.

This wasn't at the gym, either. It was at CHURCH. Can you not bathe for church, at least?!

Girl. I smell your pain.

Last week there was a guy on the elyptical (sp?) in front of me that smelled like unwashed ass. Seriously. Not BO...UNWASHED ASS. I thought I was going to die.

Especially around a pregnant woman who's got a strong strong nose!

mmm, dontcha love that??!!

you do of course realize that people like that have absolutly no idea that they smell in the first place and usually have no idea what exactly hygiene is except a sneeking suspision that it might have something to do with that little room in their house that they rarely use as the back yard is so much more conveniant.( but I'm not bitter or anything)

I may have met that offender.

We have a fitness center at work, and it includes many nice shower stalls. So in our offices, there's really no excuse. But that doesn't always stop some people.

Just glad I ate supper already before reading this and responses.

Ew. When I was pregnant with Ruby, EVERYTHING smelled bad to me. That guy probably would have made me puke. Even my poor husband's deoderant made me feel ill. It's the nose. It gets pregnant, too.

Eeewww. But "tulips and joy"? I am so stealing -- I mean, borrowing that.

eww!!! I know the kind of people you mean, seriously they should learn about deoderant!!

Ew, gwoss! That brings back some ugly memories. I used to work with my husband at a lawn care company and there were these two brothers - inbred-looking "Deliverance" types, yanno? - and day after day they would show up at work with yesterday's dirt still visible on their faces. The real clincher was their liberal use of the cologne cover-up. Do people really think that works? C'mon. Grow a brain.

I believe you, however, I found when I was pregnant I was hyper sensitive to smells...

That would just gross me out!

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