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Scenes from the Office

Scene One: They replaced the light bulb in the refrigerator in the "break room" at work. I estimate it had been burned out for at least two years. Some things are best left in the dark.

Scene Two: There is a little piece of something (I know not what) on the floor in the ladies room. It has been in the exact same spot, completely undisturbed and unmolested, for the past two weeks. This does not give me confidence in the overall state of cleanliness of the ladies room.

Scene Three: The picture of the day on one of my two cat calendars is a cat's butt. That's it, just the hind end of a fluffy cat. Here's proof:


Yes, I have two cat calendars. One is from my charming husband and the other is from the beautiful Dawnie. The cat butt is on my husband's calendar, Dawnie would never send something so crass.

Comments (18)

LOL. I didn't know you worked in my office!

I think cat butts are a lot better than most butts. But, I'm not sure I need a picture of one. It's a novel idea, to be sure.

Have a great week-end!

You have no idea how glad I am that the cat butt wasn't in my calendar. I totally would have had to complain to someone about that. I mean, it's a butt! What if the Beanette sees it?

i am looking at my cat calendar too...i always have one!! i love cats, way too much! even their butts, lol!

At least April is almost over?

Sorry about the cleanliness bathroom thing. That kind of situation usually makes my skin crawl.

GAH! It's almost May? But I'll be *gulp* 33 in may!
May IS a cat butt

We've left that "something" in the ladies room to see how long it is before somebody noticed.

*checks calendar*

Okay, thanks.

/your janitor

Does this calendar feature other animal rumps? What do you think he was trying to tell you by giving you this?

Hey, at least it's a side view and not straight on!

The cat butt sounds like something Chris would impose upon you!
As for the ladies room??? EWWWWWW!

The light in our refrigerator at home has been burned out for months and months. I refuse to replace it for exactly the reason you wrote. No one needs to see what's back there, least of all me.

At least it's not a picture of MY butt. Kat butt. get it?

somethings are constant in the universe- lots of weirdness in office buildings would diffently be one of them
chicks like us noticing them would be another- Ha!

the cat butt thing?- yea I got nothing on that one- perhaps they were aiming for it's face and the cat just kept on walking- either that or the editor of that calander has a really weird sense of humor


So which is cleaner...the refridgerator or the bathroom? I'm loving the cat picture!

Hahaha that cat picture! Very funny.

T he ladies room: ewwww!!

Yuck all around.


Honestly, a picture of a cat's butt has nothing on the real thing. Which I woke up to this morning. Apparently a cat's butt is very susceptible to cold weather, and my face is the warmest thing EVER!!!!

Have a good one!

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