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Sweet Revenge

I had an early meeting this morning, which meant that I had to get to work on time today which is very difficult lately thanks to the fatness and laziness of my (smokin') ass. So, last night I tried to get to bed and to sleep early so I could get myself up on time this morning. Just as I started trying to go to sleep, Lima Bean found her sea legs. I think she was doing jumping jacks because that kid was banging all over my belly. Ten times? Fifteen? I lost count. Now, she certainly isn't kicking hard enough yet to keep me awake, but I didn't want to go to sleep until she did because I didn't want to miss a single right hook or hip check. If there's a more truly incredible feeling than feeling your child move, I don't know what it is.

She's finally getting back at me for all the poking. I've created a monster and I couldn't be happier about it.

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Even though I was over the moon with happiness when my sons were born, I missed feeling them wake me up in the morning with their little kicks and moves. But the up side was that I traded it with being able to hold and love them in the mornings!! A win-win situation!!

Congrats! Finally! Wanna borrow BabyJuJu and cherish her kicks for awhile?

remember this joy when she's using your bladder as a punching bag =)


I am so excited for you!!!!

I remember so clearly having to shove little feet out of my rib cage, and just every evening, sitting there watching my belly move with the kicks.

It really is so amazing.

Yay, I knew that little one would come around. It really is an amazing feeling, I think I miss that most about the whole pregnancy thing, but 3 is my limit, you can't make me have any more. You just can't! ;)

Aw, that's so sweet. Sounds like she's breakdancing in there.

Hip Hip hooray!
I am so excited for you! ;-)

Yeah!! Enjoy it while it's still a good thing - when she kicks your bladder you might feel different.

Hooray!!! Is'nt it a wonderful feeling!! Oh this is nothing yet..wait untill your child gets to your rib cage...and makes it her new'll be soar for days!!

Yay! I'm glad the Lima Bean is finally kicking...a little peace of mind I'm sure. Enjoy!

Hooray for Beth! Hooray for Beth!


Yay! Go, Beanette! That is one of the all-time best feelings in the whole world. It's been so long since I've felt that but I still remember it vividly.

Yay! That's great news. I'm sure it's amazing. Maybe the Beanette will be a great ballerina or soccer player. :-)

Yay! Go Lima Bean! The kid is already all set to trouble you... and you are already all set to love her li'l pranks :) That is so cute :)


"If there's a more truly incredible feeling than feeling your child move, I don't know what it is."

Beth, just wait until you hear her cry for the very first time. My oldest daughter is almost 13 and I *still* completley lose it (same tears of joy every.single.time) when I watch her birth video.

This being a mom stuff is truly amazing. Truly.

Aw cute.

Awww! Finally the little slacker has come around!

Hooray for little girl hockey players NOT on strike! Congrats!

oh, that is so great! it makes me wanna have one!


It's all fun and greatness now, but just wait until she's big enough to stomp on your bladder and strong enough to kick you hard enough to keep you awake. Your blog titles will be different then. Enjoy the good wigglies while you can!

Wow! That's great Beth! Keep on jumping Lima Bean!

Squee! Oh that's great Beth. I really want kids...not for a while, really. But I'm so looking forward to sensations like that.

Aw Beth, I'm so happy for you. There is no other feeling in the world like this. Enjoy every moment.

What I noticed with mine, every time I went to sleep they were awake! Because when I was up and moving around I was rocking them to sleep! Giggle

The joydom of feeling them move!!! Especially when you were so worried! I am glad she kept you up a little! that is the lima beans job right now! : ) Hugs

Yay! I'm so glad you can feel her now.

I'm so happy for you!

I remember that when I was pregnant with my first child, Chase, he would push his foot out at my right side, directly below my rib cage. I was constantly (several times a day, anyway) rubbing it and pushing it back because it was a little bothersome and you could see it from the outside.

A few hours after he was born, I felt a familiar feeling in that same spot and just automatically reached down and pushed. It took me a second to realize that it was no longer him in there anymore...just a phantom 'pain'...

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