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Things that have made me cry in the last week (abridged version)

The vending machine at work running out of animal crackers.

Reading Love You Forever.

Blog paranoia. Not familiar? It goes something like this. "Gosh, Suzie hasn't commented on my blog in a while. Actually, Suzie hasn't responded to any of my comments on her blog in a while either. She must hate me. No, wait, she's just really busy. No, she hates me. I'll bet Katie said something bad about me to her and now she hates me. Or else she really is just busy. No, I'm positive she hates me." Repeat daily, or more often if needed.

My husband. He shouldn't be making me cry, right? He should be psychic and able to tell precisely at any second the exact right thing to say to me to make me not cry. I think he just isn't trying.

My job. I mean, they want me to do actual work. I can't work, I'm pregnant.

All the ice cream vending machines at the zoo being broken.

All the bananas this morning being either too ripe and mushy or still green.

Knowing that I have to have another sonogram on Wednesday, because clearly they screwed up last time and this time will find something terribly, terribly wrong.

Getting a sunburn. Not because it hurts, just because it is unattractive.

Every single baby I have seen.

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Am I the first to comment today? Crying is good for you. Unless you are crying at work because of the animal cracker shortage, they may look at you funny.

I hated being weepy while I was pregnant because I didn't used to be a weepy person. Being a parent has changed me though and the waterworks turn on a lot more than they used to.

Ohh, "Love You Forever." That is the sweetest book!

Wait a second, is "Love You Forever" the book where the woman constantly goes in to check on her son and hold him when he's sleeping? And then later after he's grown and married, she gets into her car in the middle of the night, drives across town with a ladder on top of her car and climbs in his bedroom window, takes him out of bed and holds him on her lap?

Not to make you cry again or anything, but unless those tears were due to the overwhelming weirdness of that book (or from laughter), I'm not sure why you would be crying... That book is SO creepy! I mean, she drives across town with a LADDER ON HER CAR AND CLIMBS IN HIS BEDROOM WINDOW TO WHERE HE IS PRESUMABLY SLEEPING WITH HIS WIFE! What about that doesn't give you the creeps?

Anyway, please don't cry. Here, I'll give you a compliment to make you feel better: You're having a great hair day! Yeah, that's it.

That's okay. I have a new niece and I almost cried because she's so beautiful...and because I want one (a baby) of my own.

This is all typical behavior for a woman in your "condition". Ha, I love how back in the day being pregnant was a a sickness. Anyway I was gonna say something about Love You Forever being so cute and that it makes me cry too but then I read Erin's comment and I'm still laughing and pondering the whole thing now :) And wow your take on blog stunningly right on....only I never get a MILLION comments like "some people" so it's on less grand a scale.

My honey made me cry when he said that if I was to be a "real Mom" I better start keeping pocket Kleenex in my bag for all my cry-fests!

Hee. I'm crying from laughing so hard because I'm not the only one who thinks that book is hella creepy. My mom LOVES it, though. Maybe you need to be a mom before it's more sweet than creepy.

I'm always like that, only its a lot stranger when you can't just gesture vaguely to your pregnant belly and everyone nods knowingly and buys you candy. When you aren't pregnant people just roll their eyes and say "Jesus! There's medication for this kind of thing."

"Love You Forever" always makes me cry.

I would comment more often but, I hate you. And I bought all the good bananas at the store. And broke every icecream machine I could find at the zoo.

At least you have pretty eyes when you cry, Beth.

Crying is a good thing. It is bad to keep it bottled up.

Here's another book to stimulate your feelings... "Guess How Much I Love You".

I Love You Forever... oh, now I'm a little weepy, too!

The first year I read my son "I Love You Forever", I cried. BAWLED. He always just looked at me funny, and finally, quit requesting it for Story Time before bed.

He's six years old now, and I still can't get through it without choking up a little bit.

I'm sorry you have the weepies, but hopefully that will abate, soon. And yes, Chris should be psychic. It says so in the hubby handbook. Did he misplace his again?

My mother gave me I LOVE YOU FOREVER after the birth of my first son and now two more sons latter and one more on the way.(I'm 30 weeks, so it could just be my hormones actually typing this) but i had to hide that book from myself becuase it makes me cry like a crazy woman.
There is nothing creepy about that book its beautiful, beautiful I tell you!

I'm crying for you right now and I'm not even pregnant!

At least you have good things to cry about... and good excuse - hormones!

OMG, Love you Forever should be banned while going through a swarm of hormones.

I'm not even pregnant but I cry over all the same things. Also, when I see the ocean or the snow-capped mountains, or a butterfly or hear Life is Sweet by Natalie Merchant. There are worse things than being hyper-emotional. At the moment, I can't think of any.

I have a really bad blog-inferiority complex, too. I haven't even made it to your blogroll which totally means my blog is lame which I already knew and I am going to quit blogging any minute now anyway so don't bother!

Oh yeah, you're pregnant alright.

in case i am either a suzy or a katie, i don't hate you.

i love you.

don't cry, little fish. we think you're awesome.

that book makes me cry too. Infact we've hidden it from our children so we don't have to read it and cry anymore. I made my mother read it while she was here last time (She bought it for them)but she's SO cold hearted that she didn't understand how it made us cry.
No commercials making you cry yet?

I cry when ice cream vending machines are broken too. And I'm not pregnant. Should I seek counseling?

And every single one of those things you listed deserves a tear or two.
Best of luck at the doctors.

awwww... so sweet.. i feel you on the banana thing...
don't watch commercials either, they usually make me bawl when I have raging hormones, and I am sure being prego makes them raging... :)

ah!! Love you forever gives me the creeps too!!!

but, you should check out the other Robert Munsch books...(my company publishes them...) and they are quite entertaining.


Love You Forever always makes me cry. And we used to have a Robert Munsch tape, so I know how the song goes and everything. I'm so singing it to my children.

It is so natural and it doesn't go away after the baby is born. You just cry at more things...first poopy diaper, first skinned knee, first loose tooth, first day of school, and of course many more. I suggest you stock up on the tissues!

at least you have bean to point to as the trigger, I've been crying like crazy lately for no reason what so ever except udder frustration, and PMS I think, which of course isn't a good enough excuse for most men

Oh yea, and tell suzie that if she doesn't start commenting more I'll beat her up, and then I'll cry on yea

I am so paranoid about the blog thing I wonder why I do it...I hardly have any readers that leave comments...and I think man I suck! And then I cry a little! *Hormones can be a bad thing!* You make me feel better because you actually admitted it!

There you are not alone either! We are all neurotic!

Feel better?

And on the baby thing...every movement from the babies made me cry...feeling like I was going to screw them up forever made me cry...wondering how I was going to ever afford it made me cry!

Those Damn hormones. I cried at the Full House E! True Hollywood Story and a coffee comerical all in the same day last week. The joys of pregnancy are never ending

I cry about the whole blog thing... and the husband thing... except you know, i mean boyfriend.

I still cry while reading that book to my girls.

that book is just plain weird, i work at a daycare and try to avoid reading it....spooky! crying is good for us, i think...cheer up, maybe the bananas will get better soon :)

Oh, I am loving the blog paranoia husband actually goes through this every couple of days. And ever since I have had kids, I cry all the time...ALL the time...Hallmark commercials, songs, books all make me cry. And that book, although I have never read it, is on my must read list now because it sounds too bizarre to miss.

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