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Too bad you can't see her toes

Wanna see my beautiful baby? Ok, ok, stop begging, it is so unbecoming. You can check her out over at her place.

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What a beautiful profile. Congratulations :)

Baby toes are the best!

She is beautiful, Beth!

That's just about the cutest fetus I've ever seen! (Not that I go around checking out fetuses [feti?] very often. I'm just saying.)



And as far as the post below...
Yup. That's it exactly. :)

I am in love!

You guys got an ADORABLE ultrasound picture, lucky you! Have you seen those new 3D ones?! Incredible. I just saw my SIL to be's and it's absolutely amazing.

She's gorgeous!

Wow. That's a great ultrasound--I haven't had any that good this time around.

Hey, she looks just like you with just a hint of Chris!

That was way cool! I love the design on your sites! :)

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