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Weekend o' Beans

I'm always a little nervous about meeting bloggers in person. What if it's one of those awkward things where nobody can think of anything to say and we all sit around and stare silently at each other? What if they are bigger dorks than we are and we are too cool to hang out with them? What if they are totally psycho and somehow manage to conceal that fact on their blogs so they can lure unsuspecting fellow bloggers into their foul clutches? Well, this Saturday I met up with the fabulous Ms. Beans and her equally fabulous sister, and I need not have worried. First of all, we are definitely bigger dorks than they are. (Even though we were trying to be very cool and took them to Georgetown for lunch, there is just no hiding dorkiness.) We did not steal anything, we did not drive into a pillar (although that was a very near thing), and most importantly, we did not put Jesus in a box. All in all, I thought it was awesome, but we'll have to see if Ms. Beans ever speaks to us again now that the full magnitude of our dorkiness has been revealed.

Other than that, we also went to the National Gallery, saw the less than impressive cherry blossoms, and nearly died in a rain and hail storm. Well ok, we didn't nearly die but it was very loud. I wore an entire maternity outfit out in public for the first time, I think there are rats living in my attic just waiting to drop on my head one night when I am sleeping, and there are about 9 million different choices when it comes to nursery furniture so who wants to pick for me? I also hooked the Lima Bean up to the iPod via headphones strategically placed on my belly to see if she would dance, but she just ignored me and went back to sleep. I'm sure she's just saving her energy so she can spend 20 hours a day screaming after she is born.

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ha ha, babies don't scream, lol!!! how did you feel in the maternity garb?? some of it really looks like noraml clothes nowadays!

I'm glad they didn't bite or anything. :) Sounds like a good time was had.

Screaming? My bet's she's just saving up the energy to kick you during labor. I know that's what I did.

Awww.. your kitty looks exaclty like my little kitty! So cute! :D

Ah see, you don't need help from us already know the secrets of the 20 hour in a row screaming babies that we try so hard to keep so you'll have some and become one of us!

She might be saving her energy for that 20 hour labor. Oops! Did I just write that out loud???

Whoa. I do believe that we (okay, I) totally out-dorked you. But if you choose to think differently, that's fine by me.

And I'm sure The Beanette is just storing up her energy for something better... like running out of the car when Daddy tries to take out a pillar.

Hmm maybe she didn't agree with the song choice?

Who told you babies scream? Especially baby girls? They don't do that. They are the calmest, kindest, most gentlest (is that a word?) babies on the planet. They come out sleeping all night, don't poop but every 3 days, they don't cry and they think their mommies are the most wonderful people in the world!! I don't care how many millions of emails you get that state something different :)

I always love hearing about when bloggers meet each other. Such fun! If I may contribute to your dorkiness, I nominated you and your spousely one for a meme, here:

i love meeting bloggers, though i've only done it once. i tried when we were in florida, but life intervened. i waved and yelled hello as we drove through the DC area a couple weeks ago, did you notice?

i officially invite you, the mr. and the beanette to Boston, where i will show you nothing but dorkiness.

hey.... I just read your blog and I do not want to sound crazy AT ALL!! And I even hesitate to write this. lest you think I am a psyco "YIKES"

But recently here in KC, a prego girl became friends with another girl on the internet and they met in person etc and lets just say the non-prego girl seemed normal but it was a really bad outcome. And all over the news.....

just be super careful!!!!!! K

WEll, maybe your choice of music was off...babies like a bit of Chopin... it is when they get a little older that they get into the more boppy music and then you want to play Chopin to calm them down! ;o)

What - ONLY 20?

You met a blogger? I'm totally jealous. I haven't met ANY other bloggers yet. All those restraining orders you know.

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