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Weekend update and some pictures

Long weekend

So let's see, so far my long weekend has included a prenatal massage, shopping for fat clothes, shopping for baby clothes (I didn't mean to, it just happens), ordering nursery furniture, ordering a new mattress to replace our lousy mattress in the hope that it will somehow make me comfortable enough to sleep for the next four months, a pedicure, two naps, dinner at an Indian restaurant, two nights of take out to continue the long-weekend-cooking-boycott, two pairs of new shoes (since my feet have not yet swollen and it is the only thing I can still buy in my regular size), cleaning out my closet to replace all my lovely normal clothes with somewhat less lovely maternity clothes, two bad movies, lots of karate chops from the Lima Bean including one right into Chris's hand, sitting on the couch doing nothing while Chris put the second and third gallons of primer on the nursery walls, and sitting in the sun for all of 20 minutes and thereby earning myself the first, but certainly not last, sunburn of the year. All in all, four days of nothing very productive, which is exactly what I was going for.

Now, for the photo essay portion of the post. You may have gathered that I am somewhat obsessed with Winnie-the-Pooh, although only the original artwork, not the Disney crap. In my defense, I present my entire collection of Winnie-the-Pooh baby clothes. I think this is a very reasonable collection, although I still have four months left. (Also, notice that I am not offering a picture of my Winnie-the-Pooh stuffed animals because clearly a 30 year old woman is too mature to collect such things.)

And second, just for posterity, the 24 week belly pic. I feel I must point out, again just for posterity, that I am 24 weeks pregnant and those are still my regular jeans. And they are even actually buttoned.

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I love the Winnie the Pooh clothes, they are so cute. Glad that you had a relaxing weekend.

Damn, you have the cutest little pregnant belly in history.

Mine was so not that cute.

You win.

Cuteness abounds! And you're a skinny minnie. I can't wait for the "Beth has a basketball under her shirt"-type pictures....

Lookin' good!

I didn't hate you for the long weekend but the skinny pregnant woman has me in tears. NO FAIR!

Saaa-weeet on still fitting in the pre-pregnant jeans. You are the envy of many.

Is there really anything more adorable than baby clothes? Look at that little pink one.....

Very cute baby clothes!

And you've hardly gained any weight by the looks of it! Go you! :)


Those clothes are so cute!! The belly is cute too, you are a lucky one!

My friend Julie is a week overdue now, and she looks about 6 months pregnant. You'll probably do the same thing. Perhaps it'll prevent people from asking you when you're going to pop. Julie's husband was asked that and said, "oh yeah, it was just a big zit so we popped it yesterday." He was getting a tad annoyed.

I tell ya what - I'm 24 weeks pregnant too and I WISH I could still wear my regular jeans!!!!!!!!

I gave up on my regular jeans at 12 weeks - the lbs started piling on as soon as I had to give up my 60km/week running routine (well - that's my story and I'm sticking to it!). You look fantastic Beth!

Ugh. Cleaning out the closet each season is my least fave part of the weather changes. I just dont have enough room to keep everything around all year long though. I cant even imagine what I'd do if I was pregnant.

Shall I hate you now or later? Actually I can still wear my regular jeans, but they are the new levis low rise stretchy ones, but it counts! And, I'm only 15wks.

I have the cutest Pooh zippered towel sack with the face hood, you would so love it.

Giggle...I was able to wear my jeans the whole 2nd pregnancy, I only gained 18 pounds with that one...but I couldn't button them! Giggle. In all fairness I was running after the first and in really good shape. You have a really cute belly!

The clothes are so adorable!! I did buy my grandson son one the cactus baby gear! LOL

And I am in big trouble if a grown woman is not supposed to collect stuffed animals or dolls! Gulp

girl.......... I am not even prego and you look better than me... you go girl :)

Grown woman are not supposed to collect stuffed animals. *looks around bedroom* I think I'm in trouble. Maybe my saving grace is half of them are his? Seriously - we sleep with 4 stuffed animals, 3 lives ones, and two people in a bed. Now wonder we had to upsize.

Also, adorable belly. And as foryou complaining that you're fat while still wearing pre-pregnancy jeans - Silly girl!

Eeeek! You're squishing your baby!

Hi! I'm new here....thought I'd mention that.

Love the clothes! Cute belly too!

Yeah, if the 4 day weekend thing wasn't enough, now we can all officially hate you for being cute in your belly roundness. I don't even want to think about what I'll look like when I finally decide to have a child.

Woman, you are still so little and all baby! Adorable! Love the pooh clothes too. ;) Kudos for having a nice, relaxing 4 days. You deserve it!

Glad to hear that you had a relaxing weekend. Just want to say that I hate you for still fitting in your jeans at 24 weeks and NOT for having a 4 day weekend! Jealous - so jealous.

just for posterity? I hate you.

I'm kidding! I KID!

You're belly? heeee...cute.

ahh, it make s me wish they made clothes that cute for us!!! lol, adorable ;)
sidenote-rock on with that teeny tiny baby belly!!!!!!! you look amazing!!!

I know lately all I leave you are these bitter, jealous comments, but I can't help myself. I AM bitter and jealous .I could still wear my regular jeans at 24 weeks pregnant too, but my jeans were WAY bigger than yours so I don't think it counts. (bitter jealous)

Classic Pooh is clearly the best. What cute stuff!

Sounds like a great weekend! What crappy movies did you watch? And to repeat all those before me, your preggo belly is adorable. :-) I'm glad Chris felt the Beanette kicking.

You know, the fact that you can still fit into your jeans makes me kinda sick. You shoulda had the "Go Ahead And Hate Me" title on THIS post!

Beth, Your belly is beautiful. Don't listen to all the mean, jealous people!! =) They are just mean. And jealous! I don't know about you, but when people say that repeatedly (I hate you for being skinny, etc.), it hurts my feelings. I am just way too sensitive, I guess! It's not like you can help being hot! Right? By the way, your ass is smokin'! And, the Pooh baby clothes are perfect!

I'm right behind you at 22 weeks - and I can wear my jeans too, but not much else. Thank the gods of teeny pregnant lady blessings for lowrise, is all I can say. The weird thing is - I've gained almost 20 pounds. Perhaps this is why all my shirts now look like halter tops.

And those Winnie the Pooh things - ridicu-cute. My god, those little hats could crush the world with their cuteness.

Hey! Nice belly! I'm afraid I'd be tempted to rub it if I saw you in public, but I'm restrain myself to be polite. :)

i'll second what MoMMY said...the title of this entry should have been Go Ahead and Hate Me. Because i totally hate you for looking totally awesome at 24 weeks....i just took a belly picture last night...mine looks NOTHING like yours.

What cute clothes...and your belly is impressive fitting into your jeans with the button still closed. :)


Well, what can I really say about Chris except that I have known since I first started reading him what a stand up guy he is.

But talk about above and beyond.

I asked him this morning to look at a website I've been working on, and he recommended I punch up the logo because it's a text-heavy site. He asked me if I had any ideas.


I had no idea where to begin.

Well, he did.

A picture is worth a 1000 words-- go look at my site now:

And then go tell Chris how fabulous he is!!!! (Not that you didn't already know!!!)

I was shopping for baby boy's clothes this weekend for my friend and found it so hard to focus! Reason? Girls' clothes!!! OMG!!! They're just so cute that I think it's unfair! Love the ones you picked for Beanette.

And oh yeah! Definitely very cute belly and totally smokin' ass :-)

That belly is still pretty small. It is quite amazing you can still button your normal pants. You're going to be one of those cute pregnant women all throughout the pregnancy aren't you? :)

Regarding your normal jeans at 24 weeks? NOW I hate you. But in a good, envious way. ;)

You're little tiny tiny!

Are you sure there's a baby in there, or have you just been eating a lot for the past 24 weeks?!

Oh my goodness. How on earth are you still in your jeans! Now I'm more jealous then ever. GRRR! ;)

My belly is nowhere near as cute as yours. I wouldn't mind being pregnant if I looked like that. Admit it Beth, you sold your soul to Satan... right? Please, tell me that's it....pleeeease.

Wow, your belly looks just like mine...Of course, I'm only 12 WEEKS!

Wow, you are one of the lucky ones who has a cute pregnant belly. Congrats and I love the Pooh stuff!

Mine's still bigger!

(the belly, that is)

Damn you're hawt. (don't tell Chris I said that, ok? The last thing I need this morning is a smackdown)

my stomach looks like that...and i'm not pregnant. hmph.

Love love love the Pooh clothes. I actually have bought a couple of the things in your picture. Now can I say how jealous I am of your totally cute belly and the fact that you can still wear your jeans? I am only about 16 weeks along now and have been safety pinning my jeans for about 2 weeks. I wore my first pair of maternity jeans last night (oh so comfortable). So yes, I'm jealous. ;)

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