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Why I rock and am also nuts

Wow. You all are some crazy, baby-naming fools! Thanks for all the recommendations; I will submit them to the committee for consideration. (The committee is me, Chris and the cats. Yes, the cats get a vote.)

So anyway, on a non-baby topic, I just got promoted. Yay me! Except that I am not really promoted in that I don't get any more money or a different job grade and I get people theoretically reporting to me but not really, so basically I get to do more work and I get nothing in return other than the satisfaction of a job well done which as we all know does not buy any pairs of shoes and therefore sucks as recompense. However, I did get an email sent out to various people I work with listing other people I work with as reporting to me, so now I feel all powerful and important and am going to make my new peons go wash my car. Or maybe I will wash their cars, because honestly I've done management before and I suck at it. (And by "done management" I mean that I have been management before, not that I have done management so you can all just get your minds out of the gutter. Except wait, Chris has been in management too, so I guess that technically I have done management after all and done it fairly well, if I do say so myself. Wait, I think this is going somewhere I really don't want to go. Nevermind.)

I am curious about two things about my new sorta promotion. First, I am going on maternity leave in 108 days. Second, I blog all day. Does this seem odd to anybody else? I seem to have some sort of special golden aura when it comes to jobs, because people love, adore and promote me no matter what I do. I don't understand it, but I live in fear that someday it will stop and I will have to start actually making an effort. Let's hope that doesn't happen anytime soon, as I am currently too busy being pregnant to do a real job.

Since I am being disjointed and nonsensical today already, I will leave you with a conversation Chris and I had last Friday as we left the lovely yummy Indian restaurant where we had dinner.

Me: I always think that sign says Burpa Thai.
Chris: It does.
Me: No, it doesn't.
Chris: Oh, you're right. I thought it was Burpa Thai too. You know, like Hug Your Dog, Burp A Thai.
Me: (Silence)
Chris: What? I mean Hug Your Dog, Burp A Thai, as in burp an actual Thai person.
Me: Yeah, I got it, I just don't see the connection between hugging a dog and burping a Southeast Asian person.

(I know it's only funny if you were there, and also were us, I just feel the need to occasionally prove that my husband is as insane as I am.)

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Here's to doing management!

Promotions of any kind are awesome. Congratulations. But, I blog all day too and I haven't gotten promoted yet. Maybe I need to get pregnant.

Hug your Dog, Burp a Thai sounds like a good name for a blog.

I think it's hysterical, but I've also just had 4 chocolate-covered espresso beans, so my judgement may be impaired.

Also, congratulations!

I thought that little convo was funny. But then again, it sounds like something my hubby and I would say.

Now I will have Burp A Thai in my head for the rest of the day and will chuckle every time I think it.

Yay! Congratulations on your promotion! And I find that piece of conversation funny too. Am I insane too?

I've done management and I've done management. Now? I just stay home and wash windows, do laundry and try and think of something to make for dinner that everyone will eat.

I wasn't there but I thought it was funny.

Having peons is always a good thing. While they're out washing their car, have them pick you up a latte or smoothie.

Obviously, I mean, YOUR car. Ugh.

Congratulations! :)

congratulations on your promotion, i think?!

yeah...I get those kinda promotions too...I wish I would get the kind that comes with money. Or an office.An office with a door...or even a cubicle of my own and a beaded curtain would work :/

Hi, Amber sent me. Great blog. I'll be back.

I feel some empathy since I too blog all day and probably, therefore, share your special golden aura when it comes to jobs ... hope you don't mind ;)

WooHoo on the promotion!! I read blog's and write mine all at work too so don't feel bad. I'll hop on that " too pregnant to work" wagon any day :o)

yay for more work but no more pay! yay for management! i bet your smokin' hot ass had something to do with the promotion!

oh man. i've been reading chris for too long clearly because i totally got the connection. this does not bode well for me. ;-)

congrats on the promotion. although it sucks you don't get the pay raise to go with it.

There was babynaming going on around here? Dang how did I miss that post? That's what I get for having a life during the middle of the week and missing visiting other people's blogs.

Darnit! I missed the baby naming, too! And Burpa Thai? Yeah, that entire phrase has GOT to be saved for something brilliant.

Congrats Beth! I can only hope to be able to blog at work, or even get one promotion in my life. Either way, you totally need to have buttons made with that slogan on it. It would be like the new, "have you hugged your dog or child today" bumper stickers only it would say "have you burped a thai today?" I would definitely buy one.

Congrats on the promotion.
Found my way here via Amber.

Congrats! On the whole name-thing, Id just like to point out that in certain European and Asian cultures it is common to give a baby the name of everyone in the village. (my uncle has one first name, 42 middle names and a last name) So you could always go that way, once you decide who is in your personal village.

mmm indian food.. nan is my favorite... I could probably eat only that when I go to my favorite Indian resturant.

As for the promotion.... congrats...
as for the crazy husband... congrats as well ;)

I dunno so much...someone says to me "hug your dog" the first thing that comes to mind is "Hey, I think I'll burp a Thai". Don't underestimate the South East Asians and their need to pass wind.

funny conversation... i laughed... sounded actually like a conversation i might have with my friends. i'm actually thinking of forwarding your post to them.. they'll get a kick out of it! thanks, good luck with that semi-promotion, and really.. tell your husband to get to work... it's friday, yes... but if we have to work, shouldn't he have to as well?!?!

Congrats on the promotion!

You just made me hungry for Indian AND Thai food. Not a hard thing to do these days.

Amber sent me over. I look forward to discovering your site.

congrats on the promotion and theoretical minions who report to you! Too bad they didn't give you more money too.

Congrats for blogging and going on maternity leave in 108 er 107 days now! Heh, 'bout time someone realizes you deserve a promotion for that!! ;) Sucks though, not to get a payraise with it! Burpa Thai...heh..

I was laughing to myself when I read Chris' comments on 'Burpa Thai.' See, I still am missing some of those pre-pregnancy marbles. Hopefully they come back!

Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS on your more-work-but-not-more-money promotion. Go buy yourself some pretend shoes.

wow that is a LOT of baby names...I don't give baby names away anymore because I always suggest something I like and then they take me up on it and it is no longer avaliable once I decide to start having chillins (I mean how weird would it be to have 2 Bennetts in the same circle of friends)
2)you keep getting promoted because of that smokin ass of yours- duh.
3)that was going into all kinds of wrongness right there- I mean comeon lady, you're somebodie's mother now-and even if their father was in management...ok now I'm going down that path...dang
4) I heart you crazy lady :-)


Good luck on your "new job" !
It's just great reading your Blog....

Dancing With Tears In My Eyes


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