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Welcome to my third trimester!

I know you are all very excited to be here. I plan to celebrate by going to the OB today and taking a gestational diabetes test, which involves drinking sugar water and then having blood drawn. The sugar water states on the bottle that it is only for use by pregnant and nursing women. It then advises that you should refrain from smoking after you drink it. Thanks for the news flash.

I'm not looking forward to the doctor today because I am not looking forward to being weighed. Now, I am not at all concerned by how much I weigh and am totally comfortable telling the entire internet that I have gained 20 pounds and expect to gain about another 10 before the baby is born. This makes me happy because it is good for my baby (and also because I don't look like I've gained 20 pounds.) However, today is going to mark a new milestone that I have never experienced before and I am not excited about it. You know how the scales in doctor's offices have the big weight in 50 pound increments and the little weight in 1 pound increments? I am going to have to move to the next 50 pound increment. I've decided I'm just not going to watch. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt, people.

Anyway, we had an all baby weekend. On Friday we got word that the nursery furniture we ordered three weeks ago and which was supposed to take 10 weeks to arrive is here and ready to be delivered. Good thing Chris had already decided to paint the nursery this weekend. We still have work to do, but I can already tell you that no baby ever born or to be born has had a nicer nursery. We (and by we I mean Chris) painted it yellow and green and it is so bright and cheerful that all I want to do is sit in there (in the new glider we also got this weekend) and stare at the walls. (Did I mention I'm a little tired lately? Wall-staring sounds like hours of entertainment to me.) We also registered, which took hours upon hours because babies need a lot of stuff, yo, and of course we had to debate every selection in great depth.

And finally, no weekend is complete without the obligatory purchasing of baby clothes. This kid is going to have to wear at least 5 outfits a day or she will outgrow half her wardrobe before she gets a chance to wear it. But really, it is not my fault that this stuff is so freaking cute.

We also made a strange and wonderful discovery lately. Lima Bean is now kicking hard enough that you can see my belly move when she does it. Big time. This is very exciting, but also a bit freaky because there is something moving inside me and now I have actual, visual proof. I am still thrilled when she moves or kicks, but sometimes she keeps it up for hours at a time and I find myself wishing she would take just a little break so I can feel more normal for a few minutes. Of course when she does stop I tend to jiggle her around to get her going again. There's just no pleasing me.

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Cheers to the third trimester!

I rarely comment any more, though I read every time I get a notice. I also still read Mr. Cactus often, though not as obsessively as I used to. I just wanted to weigh in with my best wishes for the three of you. I enjoy reading about your family, and more importantly, the thoughts & reactions of the two of you. I wish you were my neighbors, but alas, I'm on the left coast - you know, the OTHER washington that many folks over there seem to be unaware of. So, here they are, my best wishes. Ain't they gorgeous?

Once when I was pregnant with my youngest my cat was laying in my lap and had her head resting on my belly...and Amber kicked her in the nose! And you could see it! The look on the cat's face was priceless and then the cat started batting her paws at the baby...and the baby was kicking her back! I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life!

Congrats on the big....3? Anyway - I bought a baby gift this weekend and found myself turning ga-ga over all things baby. I informed my boyfriend that we better get out of there fast because my estrogen level had reached CRITICAL. The new baby we visited on Saturday was ADORABLE....I wanted to gobble up her cheeks, fingers, nose - *sigh* I can't imagine the something-moving-and-growing-inside-of-me feeling! Wild!!

Tee hee, my lil girl is also undulating my belly frequently - and indicating to the cat that her presence is no longer required in the vicinty!

I've put on 30 pounds - much of which is in my ankles and chin [!]

As you know, we too hit the 3rd trimester this weekend. About 5 mins into the 3rd trimester I turned to dh and quipped "Gosh this trimester *sucks*, the 2nd trimester was far more pleasant and easy to deal with." So far this has been a running joke [like now I am in my 3rd trimester, I can't bend down to pick stuff off the floor, yet could do it fine 2 days ago ;-)] except I am afraid the joke will be on me soon... Sleeping is definitely becoming more challenging!

And as for the baby's room? Way to go! I'm impressed! In my case, I am typing from the place her drawers will go one of these days... maybe Christmas? ;-)

Wait until she starts getting the hiccups :o)

I was on a plane last week when I first saw my stomach move. I wanted to get everyone's attention around me and say, "hey, look, it's an alien!" Instead I just sat there very freaked out.

Good luck on the glucose test! And congrats on the nursery!

Um. She WILL probably go through that many outfits a day. There's lots of drool and spit-up and just general ookies that happen with a baby. Don't worry - you'll need all those clothes!

congratulations on reaching The Big Three! Now, get thee some rest after a busy weekend of all things baby.

Awwww.. . .congrats on making it to third trimester. I'm so jealous. We're still totally figuring out how to keep all our pets alive before we try the parent thing :) :) (jk) Nursey sounds beautiful--hope pics are coming :)

Wow, I am continually in awe after reading your pregnancy entries. I look forward to experiencing that one day. The nursery sounds lovely! I love that you chose yellow and green!

Sugar! And cuteness! And kicking! And yay!

Yeah, no worries. Little Bean will be sure to keep your laundry hamper full. I think counting on her modeling at least five outfits a day is a fair guesstimate.

Oh, and YES! Way to go on scoring the glider. Loved, loved, loved mine.

What a sweet post. I'm done having my babies (all 3 of them) so it is wonderful to be reminded of all the things that are fresh and exciting when you're expecting your first.

have you seen that picture where the baby's foot can be seen clearly pushing against the mothers stomach? It is so cool!

That kicking this is kinda freaky. Ew. I'm not sure I could watch. Just focus on that while they weigh you.

It is very important to have a well dressed baby. You really can't start teaching a healthy sense of fashion too soon. Besides, it is likely that she WILL wear five outfits a day. You will be amazed at the amount of goo that can come out of your sweet child.

Nice lead.

Congrats on hitting the 3rd trimester mark! I'm sure you will do fine on the diabetes test. Post a picture of the baby clothes - I love the baby clothes. Just wait until you go buy some baby shoes!

Don't worry, you may well get a spewy baby in which case 5 outfits a day will be a breeze for her.

Have a fun third trimester. And only 20 pounds so far? Amateur! ;)

Yay! Happy second trimester :) They say this is the best time of the pregnancy! Have a great time!

And oh! dying to see the nursery pics!

Happy third trimester Beth! Um, should I feel bad that I only gained 20 pounds the whole time I was pregnant, each time? Well like 22 pounds. Well too late to worry about all that, they are 15, 9 and 7...they should be ok AHAHAHAHA! :) You're in the home stretch now Mama...

P.S. That glucose drink...YUM! NOT!

sounds like a great nursery! i love green and yellow!

You weigh 150 pounds now?!!! *snickers* Right. I am sure you never weighed more than 95 pounds, huh? I think I am going to have to pick up an application to join the Beth Haters Club now!

Congrats on entering the fabulous third trimester!

I do hope that you put your registry online for folks to look at and purchase... I imagine you would get a ton of stuff.

Congratulations on starting your 3rd trimester!

As for outfits, I bought one for my new niece this weekend and had to physically restrain myself from buying every outfit in the store. How are you supposed to resist when everything is so cute?

Here's the good news. With all the pooping and spitting up and drooling that babies do, five outfits a day should be an easy thing to do.

Great photo!

I'm so jealous. Why do I LOOK like I'm in my third trimester, yet still have 5 weeks to go? Wahhhhh....

Yellow and green? Dammit! Those are MY baby's colors. You're fired.

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