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Bah. Busy. Also cranky. Also tired. Am lovely to be around, swear.

However, in two days I will be at the beach and subsisting entirely on crab cakes and hot fudge sundaes.

Is it bad that I refuse to buy a maternity bathing suit and am just going to wear a bikini? I mean, it may be the last time I ever wear one and I hate to pass it up.

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Not as long as you post pictures.

I mean, it might be your last time, ever, until you decide you really need to embarass your grandkids or something...

(and I'm talking about pictures of the crab cake sundaes, I'm not THAT bad...)

Oh I am sooooo jealous! I need a vacation! Soon enough I'll have a permanent vacation, I guess.

Kudos to you for being able to wear your old bikini! My boobs are no where close to even fitting into one of my old ones :) Oh well - an excuse to go shopping next summer :)

The pregnant body is a beautiful body. Show that baby off.

I'm not sure you are supposed to eat crab... ice cream, yes, but it won't help with that never wear a bikini again thing... trust me.

Have a great time!

And yes, wear the bikini!

Wear a bikini, at least you have an excuse to have a belly. And they say the sun is good for stretch marks, not that you would have any. Soak up the sun and have fun on your holiday.

Very jealous...I've been seriously craving decent crab cakes for about 2 weeks now.


Enjoy your holiday, and wear that bikini with pride. Have fun!

hey go for it!!! And I think there will be bikinis in your future, you are someone who will work hard to make it happen...but the hips do spread, and that tends to be permanent!

girl wear that bikini! Make sure you use plenty of sunscreen on that pregnant belly, and Have great time!!! I myself would not worry to much about the crab cakes there is more cake than crab in them any way. And eat a Huge sundae for me too. I a down to 17 days away from being induced myself so I will close my eyes next week and think....hmmmm.....Sunday!!!!

I've never (not for either pregnancy) wore or bought a maternity bathing suit. Bikini all the way--kids would usually do a double take, but usually all the adults did their best not to stare :-D I loved giving people an eyeful of belly to ponder.

Heheh! Have fun on vacation! :)

Hope you enjoy your time at the beach!! let your worries wash away babe!

Go for it but be very careful! I got a VERY bad sunburn when pregnant and wearing a bikini. I ended up with second degree burns and in shock. No kidding. After the second month of pregnancy you can become super sensitive to the sun... BUT do have a great time! Wear your sunblock!

I say you can totally get away with wearing a bikini. Besides all that, being pregnant is apparently the only time you can have a belly and get away with showing it off, because everyone thinks it's cute, and "oh yay, you're having a baby!" :)

Not only is it not bad, but I am sure it will not be the last time you wear a bikini.

Absolutely not! Enjoy! :)

wow, your last child-free vacation...for a while. I'm so looking forward to one of those someday. It's been so long.

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