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Belly up to the blog

I don't think you all want to hear about how very, very busy I am and how very, very tired I am. Do you? Because if you do, I am a world class whiner and will be happy to bitch and moan and then bitch some more about it. Volunteers? Anyone? I didn't think so.

However, today is Friday and I am having dinner with a very good friend of, I dunno, twenty-some-odd years, who is now a doctor so I will force her to spend the entire time lecturing Chris on the importance of a healthy diet and exercise until he completely forgets the whole OB fiasco from earlier this week. Which will be fun for me.

Anyway, instead of all the whining I will announce that we have new members of the Belly Brigade! First off, we have the aforementioned friend of mine who doesn't have a site and is therefore only an honorary member, but I think it was awfully nice of her to get pregnant with me so thought I would give it a mention. Second, we have Anne of Belgian Waffle who already has what may be the cutest child ever born and is rubbing it in all our faces by having twins. Twins! And last but not least, the latest to jump on the bandwagon is Irene of Chicago Chick, who is a woman of extreme strength and bravery because her darling baby boy is still very much a baby and she has already signed on to do it all again. Rush on over and give them some love and good wishes, would ya?

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You are making me want to join the Belly Brigade even though I only have half way to go until mine is college bound and I am home free!

I don't know if my husband would thank you for that or block my access to your blog.

Do you realize this will be your last Mother's Day without a precious angel to celebrate with? (I know you can technically celebrate with your bump but I assure you it's not the same)

From now on Mother's Day will take on a whole new meaning for you.

Congrats to all the ladies. Chris will have fun with that one. I love having female doctor friends, don't you? :)

Jaysus. TWINS. I hope your doctor friend gives Chris a good talking to. I am all for fear and shame as motivation. Keep whining, we're all so co-dependent we eat that shit up.

Have a great weekend. And a happy pre-Mother's Day.

Twins? Maybe my luck is changing. You don't suppose she wants to keep both of them do you?

You can bitch & moan to me whenever you want. I'm a whore for email - ANY email! ha!

Yay! More people in the Belly Brigade!

Hey, thank you very much. Am most unnerved at prospect of twins but feel very buoyed up as has led to such enormous fame!

Thanks for adding me to the brigade even though I'm still in hiding and not posting the news on my "normal" site. Looking forward to reading everyone's journal! Glad to hear that you have a "flesh and blood" friend to go through pregnancy with. It makes the 40 weeks go quicker.

I think we should get matching jackets.

No room for me on the belly brigade? ;-( That's okay, I'm about the size of two or three (or more) people now, so hanging out with myself is just like belonging to a brigade :-D

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