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Have you ever had one of those days where nobody says a pleasant word to you all day long? Where you feel like there is a group of people waiting in line to tell you that you suck and another group waiting to kick you once you are down? Where you get to the point where you think you would sell you soul just for someone to be nice to you, or maybe a little kind? Of course, by that point your mood is so black and foul that most likely what you get instead is one more chance to hear all about why you suck. Have you ever had one of those days?

I'm just asking. No particular reason.

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Beth, you rock!!!

Don't I ever! I'd love to bore your readers with the details, but I'm still in too foul a mood to write about it. Thanks for asking though!


Yep... but I'm used to it.

You write one great blog Beth. And your such a HOT pregnant lady. And you're ALREADY an awesome Mom. And you have created SUCH a great relationship with Cactus.
Is your soul safe from the bargain bin now?

Yes, all too often.

Yes, I've had more than my share of those days. And when I do, I try (not always successfully) to remember what's important: family. So think about the great husband you have and that baby-to-be. And if that doesn't work, think about that vacation that's oh so close.

Honey, do you need me to come bitch-slap someone for you?!

I have some days like that, they suck! So here are some kind words, you are wonderful and will make a GREAT mother!

yes, i am quite familiar with those days. good to know i'm not the only one that has those. :)

I'm sorry to hear you're having a rough time of it lately. Please know that you bring a smile to my face on a regular basis and that complete and (im) perfect strangers think you are too cool for words. You have friends world wide- you just haven't met them yet. Cheers.

I have one of those days every day at work. People can be so mean, it's disgusting. If you're referring to yourself, I hope you feel better.

Hope today is better :)

don't people KNOW they have to be nice to a pregnant lady? that being mean is totally out of the question, and they are the cockroaches of humanity. Thank GOD you get to go on vacation, right? And we love you greatly, and think you are wonderful and your ass is smokin, of course.

Gosh, that's an every day thing here in NYC....

The guy over in the East Village has been making a pretty good living for years selling those "Mean People Suck" stickers.

Eck. That sounds awful. At least you've got that vacation that's OH. SO. CLOSE!

Do I ever!!! Had a rash of those recently. And I'm ready for a "good" day.


Oh, yeah..had one of those just the other day. Let me know if you need me to pull someone's spine out and choke them to death with it. (That's what I always imagine doing to people on days like that;))

Usually those days precede a long night with a bottle. Maybe you should just sub in peanut butter cookies for the wine?

Well, don't let those foolish people get you down, in case it was your day that you wrote about. We all love you.

Awe, I'm sad you're feeling like this. I had a poopy day just 2 days ago and wrote all about it

I totally understand you. I have one of those days every single friday... People don't exactly tell me that I suck, but they do wait in line waste my time, prevent me from doing my job right, oh, and kick me while I'm down while they're here...
Luckily I only have couple hours to go.

Usually when it happens to me I am suffering from PMS paranoia (the week-long, annoying, but overwhelming sense that you bug the crap out of everyone and they hate you) but this can't possibly be your diagnosis. I understand the feeling, though, and there is no rational thought that can make it go away. Just keep thinking about VACATION!! Have a great time!

Awww someone is having a bad day. I'm sure it's nothing a vacation on the beach can't cure :)

Just so you know....

I think you are stunningly beautiful.
I think you are seriously witty.
I think you are wickedly intelligent.
I think you are married to a ROCKIN man.
I think you are blessed in so many ways.
I think you would be incredibly awesome to hang with.
I think you have awesome interior decor taste.
I think you glow.
I think you will make the most fabulous mommy ever!

I had days like that constantly before I quit my job and hired myself...

Sorry you had a bad day, honey.

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