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Complaints, Lucky Charms and Poop. Really.

People, I am spending a minimum of six hours a day every day on conference calls, which is wrong on so many levels that I cannot even begin to express the total level of wrongness. This leaves me almost no time to do any actual work, and zero time to do the really important things, like update my site and read yours. You can all abandon and hate me now, I give you permission. I mean, I will cry long and bitterly about it, but I will not blame you. Much.

However, I had to take advantage of the three minutes today where I am not on a conference call and also not trying to be on a conference call and in a meeting simultaneously (which I get to do twice today, also twice yesterday) to tell you what happened at the OB on Monday. I asked a perfectly innocent question about how long I had to wait after giving birth to go to the gym (because I was hoping she would say I had to wait a minimum of two years, not because I am one of those psycho exercise people, although that too) and it lead to my DOCTOR and my HUSBAND having a long conversation about how much better it is to sit on the couch and eat Chocolate Lucky Charms than it is to exercise and eat anything involving vegetables. The baby and I just looked on in shock and disbelief as they shared their little moment. I mean, fine that my OB is a couch potato, that's really her choice, but don't med schools teach doctors how to lie anymore? Shouldn't she at least pretend to support a balanced diet and exercise? For the rest of my life, every time I recommend to Chris that he put down the ice cream and come to the gym with me, he is going to remind me of that day. I hope this OB has to deliver our baby, and I hope the baby poops on her when she does.

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I found your site quite by accident while doing a google search to find a picture of the worst gift I was ever given to prove to someone that it really was worse than their bad gift.

Anyhow, just thought I'd tell you I truly enjoy your site. I am 12 weeks pregnant with my own Alien (it has *hands* :*)) I hope I look as awesome as you do when I'm farther along.

I honestly did not know that chocolate Lucky Charms even existed. Now I will have to go looking for them.


What a nit. lol Chocolate lucky charms? That sounds as dangerous as Calvin & Hobbes Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs.

Chocolate Lucky Charms. Chocolate. Lucky. Charms. Chocolate! Lucky! Charms!

I want some!

I can totally feel your outrage, but all I keep coming back to is this:

They make Chocolate Lucky Charms? Why do I not know about these?




Hello...lifting the chocolate lucky charms to your face is exercise!! Yum.

I HATE WORK _-- HATE IT.... So there...

Did you know you can quite often get babysitting at gyms? A good excuse for baby free time, though you won't need it with only one baby!? And I think the recommended time before you start exercising is 6 weeks and then you need to take it slow due to seperated tummy muscels.

I would never abandon or hate you. You may rest easy now! :) ahahahahaha

And p.s. I hope you don't have anything against couch potatoes...I am a recovering couch potato and have since been walking 5 miles a day, but can still relate to the need to sit on your ass and I would hope that no one's baby would poop on me for that! :) ahahahahaha

I know I'm not pregnant, but I toooootally want to see your OB and ask her what my exercise routine should be. Then I can sit on my couch and say it was "doctor recommended." That would be awesome. Hee!

You could always poo on her yourself you know (labour is quite extreme in its level of grossness sometimes) ...

At least I know I am not the only one thinking about my future body. As I lugged myself up my stairs this morning I started thinking about all the situps I am going to do after this child gets here. All the situps I swear I am going to do . No really, I swear, I really am. No really.

Do they really make Choc. Lucky Charms?? I feel a search coming on.....Hey, it worked with Jello Pudding Pops. It only took a month to find those again.

I'm completely convinced that MD's are nothing but a bunch of flaming yahoos that couldn't find their asses with two hands and a flashlight.

I'll totally trade OBGYN's with you. Mine is like - walk, walk some more, then walk again. I don't have that kind of time, I really don't. But chocolate lucky charms on the couch? Oh yeah, I can work that into my schedule.
Before anyone jumps on me about the time thing, I am the mother of a teenager, a partner, and I work two full-time jobs. I can give excercise about a half an hour a day.
So what do you say? You can do all the walking (which can start the day after the baby is born) and Ill do the lucky charms thing for us both.

yes, yes, it's been said before...

but chocolate lucky charms.

must. get. some.

The Beanette probably won't poop on her but you could.

Where do I sign up for this OBGYN? Mine was a bit scary and didn't want to tell me the gender of the baby - until my hubbie explained how horrible it would make HIS life if I didn't know...

You look great by the way!

speaking of which I wish I would of gone running this morning... I feel like poop myself

okay, the other night I watched a two HOUR thing on Bravo about the Pillsbury Bake Off, and one of the accepted breakfast entries were some breakfast bars made out of Cocoa Puffs. This seems to somehow apply to Chocolate Lucky Charms.

your doctor and Chris, it seems, are conspiring against you.

I started working out a month after I gave birth with my last baby (I have three). I'm glad I did, the longer you wait the harder it is. It makes you feel go too, and of course, baby can join in to. I had this great book of excercies that you could do with your baby. We both had fun :)

You know, the really embarrassing thing (for you) that really COULD happen is that she has to deliver the baby, and YOU poop on her. Hey, it happens.

Don't be hatin'. Lucky charms are magically delicious. Or so I'm told.

Damn those modern doctors! lol.

I found you thru your hubby's and thought I would say hi.


if the baby doesn't poop on her, you minght...that can happen during delivery! lovely thought, i know....i coulda just commented something like, "have a nice weekend" but i didnt wanna!

If I even attempt to say the F word (fat) around my husband, I get this lecture. Even mentioning plain facts, like how my belly has just naturally grown larger, causes him to go into the whole "would you rather be skinny and have a malnurished, sick child?" monologue. It's quite annoying - but I guess it's better than having a husband that walks around calling you a fat cow and watching every bite of food you put in your mouth. That would be motive enough for murder.

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