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My office has smelled like cupcakes for the past two days. Just thought you would like to know.

I have always been a little confused by the reserved parking spots for pregnant women that you see at some stores. I'm pregnant, yes, but my legs aren't broken. While I have availed myself of these parking spots on one or two occasions when it was, you know, raining, for the most part I avoid them and always thought the signs should really say that they were reserved for lazy pregnant women. However, I have changed my tune. I figured out the true purpose of these reserved spots. It isn't that us pregnant gals can't walk the few extra feet to our cars, it's that we can't remember where we parked. Having our cars right up front is our only hope if we want to avoid wandering around the parking lot for 20 minutes desperately racking our brains and coming up entirely blank.

Not that this has happened to me or anything, certainly not yesterday at work. And I definitely did not have to have a coworker drive me around the parking garage until we found my car. Nope, that would just be silly.

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Oh that was funny! I can't tell you how many times that that's happened to's so true that pregnant women lose their marbles...I know...especially cuz I had 3 "beans"!

So true. You have a classic case of Placenta-Brain.

Wait, only pregnant women do that? My brain must think I am still pregnant because I did it on Monday at the mall. Maybe it is the 2-3 hours of sleep I am getting each night...

Yes, quite silly indeed! :) I'm sure nothing like that would ever happen to you!

I lose my car in the garage nearly everyday. Seriosuly, its embarrassing. I took to parking in the same place all the time to avoid this isuse, but (my-lol) Chris said this was not safe, that I could be stalked.

Well am glad he thinks I am stalkable and all that, but now I just wander around lost alot.

Just wait 'til little Cactus-Fish decides to dig her shoulder into your sciatic nerve... you will have a deeper appriciation for those parking places then.

Do you have central locking on your car? I often have to find my car by locking and unlocking it by remote.

That would never happen to me at work - because I always park in the same spot. Sometimes I miss the correct parking lot entrance, and have to go around again, but I can always find my car.

Enjoy your weekend.

i resemble that remark. but i can't claim pregnancy. or menopause. or anything for that matter. my guess would have been that those spots (although i've never seen them here in kentucky - behind the times, you know) were for when you have to pee. god knows seconds count when you're pregnant!

This is about the 3rd time I've read one of your "I'm pregnant so I did this..." entries and thought to myself that I do that all the time and I'm not pregnant.

I'm starting to get a bit paranoid.

sounds like the kind of thing I'd do if I could actually drive... hehe. even without being pregnant! at least you have an excuse ;)

I can't wait to have an excuse for being an air-head!

Just remember to make sure the toilet lid is UP before you run in to tinkle...Not that I've ever peed on the lid in the middle of the night or anything. No!

I'm still waiting for my memory and my mind to come back...but I lost them quite some time ago and can't find them!

Hey, I take what I can get. At first, that parking spot at BRU (the only place around here with special expectant mom spots) was the only thing letting the world know I was pregnant. At ten weeks or so I wasn't even close to the waddle phase, but that sign was a declaration! People would see me and whisper to each other, "Oh! She parked in that spot! She must be pregnant!" Yipee! After that, when the brain cells started disappearing, the spot was nice because I could forget everything in the car. My purse. My cell. The item I meant to return. And it was really easy to go back and get! Now, I don't really need the spot because my BRU days are over until I actually have the baby. In fact, it seems to me those spots should really be reserved for actual moms, not expectant ones. But it's all a plot to get you to register there anyway.

Those parking spaces are also for those of us who gained 70 pounds while pregnant during the summer and REALLY have to go to the bathroom. I have problems finding my car when I'm not pregnant!

LOL! I haven't figured out the prego parking yet either. I always feel a little guilty for using it (ya know, like when the mall parking lot is full and I'm too lazy to drive around looking for a spot). I feel guilty 'cause it hardly seems justified if I'm going to spend 3 hours walking and shopping...

My grandmother always said you lose a third of your brain with each child. That's why I stuck with two. Losing your car is practice for forgetting your children's names if you have more than one. But somehow the details seem to matter less over time.

Not that it was the main part of your post or anything and it's not something I ever think about, but I really, really want a cupcake now. Maybe more than one.

omg! lol!!!

once, the boy and i were in a big hurry while traveling and parked in an "Expecting Women" spot even though i'm not pregnant. he had me stuff a hoodie in my coat and waddle a little... we're horrible people. (to our credit, though, the parking lot was mostly empty)

i don't even feel better for unleashing that secret.

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