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I like "expecting" as a euphemism for pregnant. I like it because it sounds gentle, delicate, hopeful. I like the way that when you say it out loud the combination of the second and third syllables force your lips into a smile. "Pregnant" seems to include so many things - how you happened to wind up pregnant, the sickness and cramps and swelling, the pain and struggle of labor. "Expecting" seems to exclude those things and leave only the idea of the baby, as if you would simply sit quietly in your newly painted nursery and the baby would appear in your arms, new and fresh and unspoiled. I like the focus on the waiting, the anticipation. I like the way it seems to capture how wrapped up in the waiting and yourself you become, how your whole life seems to focus on this one thing, how no matter what else you are doing you are always, always expecting.

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It does have a nice ring.

Years ago they (at least my Mother) used the phrase "In a family way" Also not bad.

That's rather poetic :-)

I feel like I'm "expecting" a pizza when I hear that.

This is so true......doesn't matter what you are doing, how you are feeling- the "expecting" singularly dominates your every thought and awareness.

Makes it hard to focus at work sometimes... :&

I like it too. It's a very genteel way of saying it.

I'd never looked at it that way.. I guess because I've never been pregnant. It's beautiful, and it made me smile :)


I'd like to second Dawnie's Awww.

It sounds even better when you describe how that word makes you feel :-)

My grandmother STILL calls it "with child".

I think I'll mess with her and wear the shirt that that says "knocked up".

Its like being "next". Didn't some comedian do a routine on that? Being next is better than being first. The first guy in line is already at the window and getting his movie tickets or talking to the bank teller, so he's already out of the picture. But the guy who is next, he's the guy everyone wants to be. Next.

I know what you mean. Somehow "pregnant" screams out, "Look!We 'did' it!" Even to your mom and dad...

Ok. I just said the word expecting five times and my lips DID form the little smile. If I'm in an uncomfortable social situation, I'll just say "expecting" and make the little smile.

It reminds me of that weird man in downtown Dallas who always walked around mumbling "Well, what do you EXPECT, anyway?"

I think expecting is kind of like being engaged. One of those beautiful, in between times where you don't really know what's coming but you know it's something good. :)

Very poetic.

Much more so than "knocked up."

I like the way you wrote that - I remembered exactly the excitment that kept building and building when I was expecting my boy! Totally brought it back to me!

"expecting" makes it sounds like you know what you're in for.


I was lovely and mushy and warm and fuzzy. You rock pregnant lady

You know when I Love Lucy had a baby? They couldn't even use the word pregnant--it was so taboo. The episode was called "Lucy is enciente". Sounds sexy, huh?

Personally, when I am 'expecting', delicate, feminine, and pleasing to the ear as it may sound, I plan to refer to myself as 'preggies'.

Ha, I got such a kick out of this because when you said 'you would simply sit quietly in your newly painted nursery and the baby would appear in your arms' I thought to myself, yea, this is a 'first born' cause there is nothing, no nothing at all that is going to even resemble THAT remark when you are deep into labor and screaming 'Push this, M%&her F*&^!@r!'

In all seriousness, all the luck in the world to you. Where did you get those lovely rose-shaded glasses?

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