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Helpful Pointer

Ok, I'm getting a little tired of having to tell the entire population of the planet what is and is not appropriate behavior. I think it is about time that the rest of the world accepted some personal responsibility. Also, I am very busy lately and just don't have the time to give it my full attention. However, as long as I'm here:

If you are going to the gym to try to pick up men, you should at least try to look like you are really there to work out. Lounging on the treadmill wearing an off the shoulder top just gives you that extra air of desperation that men find so attractive.

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water buffalo is what i call the people who don't break a sweat at the gym. they just do a whole lot of walking around and posing by the water fountain. it's actually quite amusing. at least they're not hogging up the machines. you gotta like them for that. :D

ew, isn't that annoying? they're all dolled up in makeup and dangly hoop earrings and tight "work-out" clothes. what really irks me is when they look so damn good and you just know they don't have to work hard at it at all. meanwhile i bust my ass 4-5 days a week at the gym just to make sure i don't put on weight again.

oh well... good for them, i guess. and i wouldn't want the kind of guys those girls attact anyway. but it's still annoying. :)

Judy has a point. There is definitely something wrong with those women as well as with the men they attract, which are usually the puffy, oily guys that I don't think have jobs cause they're always working out, who seize every chance they get to look at themselves in the mirror.
I think they're funny, at least watching them keeps me entertained while I'm at the treadmill, the most boring activity in the world.

Those oily men? Are hilarious! They have their own brand of "haunting" their hangouts, and it's usually so much more desperate than the women's!

I don't get the women who wear makeup to the gym. It just melts off! I feel the same way about women skiers (aka ski bunnies) who wear tight pants and designer sunglasses and who can't ski at all. GAG.

But then there's the other end with those male gym rats who spend *all* day at the gym and who can't put their arms by their sides. GAG.

Hey, if men find desperation attractive...

No, no, it wasn't me at the gym. I avoid the gym for all reasons, even picking up men.

I'm not THAT desperate. Plus, I'm taken. Heh.

Why on earth would anyone try to hook up at the gym? Seriously people, I don't find the smell of B.O. appealing. Never had understood that.

Just imagine how many plastic beauty queens we get here in NYC...

There is a pool at my gym, which I frequent as often as possible. I never did understand why some women choose to work out in skimpy bikinis. There are just some people around you don't want staring at you.


not that I go to the gym, but it's just making me giggle, thinking of a Eva Longoria type stretched out on a weight bench, playing with her hair. Too funny.

When I did go to the gym, it was an all woman's gym, because I really feel intimidated working out by bunches of guys.

I just sit on my couch and think about going to the gym. The thought of desperate looking women wearing skimpy clothes and makeup, trying to hook up with guys?

That's enough to make me reach for another Ben and Jerry's right there.

I thought they ran from that look. Well, maybe loitered, then ran!

This is another reason to work out at home vs. the gym. I can look crappy while I workout and no one cares.

Which club are you working out at? -- let me be the judge...

Well, all I can say is thank GOD you're here, because I have been getting pretty damn tired of shouldering this burden all by myself. You'd think people would be grateful to be told how to behave, but they keep telling me to mind my own business. SNAPPISH!

Might I add: Especially when you cake on the make up and bath in cheap cologne. Have a little respect for the people trying to breathe next to you.

the best is seeing those same women at the gym with a full face of make-up.

hey at least they aren;t stretching naked in the change room..RIGHT BESIDE YOU anymore. Look at the bright side lady geesh!

Maybe that's what I'm doing wrong...I don't have that air of desparation about me LOL!!!

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