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Hey, I'm a snob!

I did something today I have never done before.

Now, first of all, let me say that I spend a lot of time giggling at people who spend their hard earned money to buy designer whatever that looks exactly like the non-designer whatever you can get for a quarter of the price somewhere else. That sort of snobbery just amuses me. However, I am enough of a snob myself that I don't usually do what I did today.

I bought clothes at Target. No, that isn't it. Granted, I don't usually buy clothes at Target, because I am a snob, but I have gotten several things there lately because they have maternity clothes, including tank tops that are long enough to cover my belly without giving the whole world an overly expansive view of my newly developed cleavage. They also have great elastic waist jeans - and that's a sentence I would have sworn would never have come out of my.. um. fingers.

But today, I went a little overboard. I went shopping for clothes pushing a shopping cart. I couldn't help it! I needed a travel hairdryer and sunscreen and soap and some t-shirts that didn't display four inches of belly for the beach next week, so I just rolled my shopping cart into the clothes section and threw in some shirts. And then I went to look at sandals.

Now before anyone gets upset, I have no problem whatsoever with other people going shopping for clothes pushing a shopping cart, but I? Am a snob. This just does not fit with my over-developed image of my own sophistication, and I think that it can only lead to things such as going out in public wearing sweatpants.

Slippery slope, people. Slippery slope.

(Whoops - almost forgot. You should all go congratulate that Silly Old Bear on his good fortune in adding a lovely little girl to his happy family. These people do it the hard way!)

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Indeed it is! Target's maternity clothes: a gateway drug.

Shopping with a cart is a defensive thing; you can push people out of the way that are going for that cute sweater you want.

So. Um. Are you saying I shouldn't go out in public wearing sweats? And it's okay if I wear my pajamas to drop my son off for school, right? Because I totally do.

Oh, the horror! The horror!

I have a pretty big peeve about the wearing of sweat pants in public. Here in "the OC" when you go to the mall, for example, there are rich, white women everywhere wearing extraordinarily expensive sweat pants. My question is, isn't a sweat pant a sweat pant? Why does spending $150 on them make them okay to wear to the shopping mall?

Just wondering. Enjoy your vacation!

Gasp! Next thing you know, you will be talking grocery store sales with friends! (Believe it lady!)

I'll admit it...I don't go shopping for clothes with a shopping cart. I've only bought two shirts from Target in the past. I'm definitely a clothing snob.

BUT I have noticed that Target has the cutest maternity clothes.

So, let me see if I got this...going clothes shopping where they have carts is bad. Ok got it :) Ok, but not really BAD, just not hip. I wrote that down, I'm all set. Thanks :)

It's not really the "shopping for clothes with a cart" that's the problem, but just the concept of buying clothes at Target.. which is something like buying clothes at the supermarket, which is an absolute NO for snobs :)
Gee Beth, I can't believe you did that, I'm boycotting this blog for a week.

Dude. Target is NOT that bad, especially if you're looking for more "basic" clothes... now, if you get to buying clothes in Wal-Mart, that is totally hitting rock botton. :)

I buy clothes at Target, but generally only from this designer line... and thier shoes. They have such cute sandals... I hate it.

just wait till the bean arrives... you'll find yourself cutting through the parking lot at the mall to push that Target shopping cart through other stores. (you have to cut through the parking lot cuz the wheels lock up if you go through their mall entrance) (not that i've done it to know that i've seen other people do it)

yes, very slippery slope indeed.

How can you live with yourself after using a cart like that... my god. I guess that those of us that do all of our shopping with a cart must offend your sensibilities.

OMG beth you are so nice. Thank you, thank you. Thank you.

And you have quite a following, there have been like a zillion hits from this entry over to my blog.

You know how to make this old bear cry, girl. Even if you do shop with a cart. At target.

(btw, that's something I've been doing for years. Sometimes even in my sweat pants)

thank you. You are way to kind.

ahh and when you have kids, there will be many shopping cart clothes buying has some very cute kids clothes! Granted it won't be for yourself, but it will still be with a shopping cart hee! I tend to have the same snobbery, but after kids I actually did find myself buying casual clothes at Walmart for myself, they have great t-shirts! See it wasn't even TARGET!!! All my other clothes come from non shopping cart stores, and Princesses clothes are a mix of target and childrens place, walmart pants in her size swim at the waist...oh to have her problem lol!!!

I usually buy stuff on line at Target. That way I don't have to push a cart anywhere and I can sit on my fat butt and shop to my heart's content.

I have no problem admitting I love buying clothes at Target! I can get WAY more for my money there (and basically I HATE shopping - malls annoy and intimidate me). I've found very cute stuff. Massimo (sp?) is my favorite. The shoes rock too. Oh look, I'm wearing a sweater & shoes from there today! (gotta have Levis though...)

I would never wear MY sweat pants in public--they are too old and full of holes--I wear my husband's sweat pants when I need to dress up!

from one snob to another...try old navy :)

You are so on your way to being a Mom! Enjoy your vacay.

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