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I'm awake, how are you?

Everyone does laundry at 5 AM, right? I mean, when you have been awake since 3:00, it is the only rational choice. I'm awake, have nothing but time, and the laundry isn't going to do itself. Next, I plan to balance the checkbook and then once the sun comes up maybe go weed the flowerbeds.

Also, can anyone tell me why it is that you can lie in bed wide awake and full of energy for two hours and then the second you give in and get up you are totally exhausted? I would go back to bed, except I know it would wake me right back up.

For those of you keeping score at home, the birds start chirping at precisely 4:23 AM.

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I'm awake too. Just started the coffee, and have been listening to the birds chirping.

Hearing the birds almost makes it worth being awake.

But no laundry for me. At least not this early.

Have a nice day, and maybe a nap is in order. For the wee child's benefit, of course.

LOL - that sounds like me - I've been up since 4:45. I gave up and finished off my shower Thank You Cards while lying in bed - it confused the hell out of my body :)

You are now entering the phase called "nesting", wherein you have all this energy and just need to get things done, enjoy it it goes away LOL!!

Could you come over and do my laundry? David is painting Nick's room and my task is to do laundry - mountains of it!

Sounds like we're getting the same amount of sleep, but you're getting a lot more laundry done. :)

I just started checking blogs now because I thought I was the only insane one...

I love being awake really early in the morning. It's so quiet and no one's around so you can get loads done. I usually just end up on the computer though.

I slept until 9 - no problems! Of course, I didn't doze off until about 2 - I was too busy writing and reading -- and editing photos...

I know EXACTLY what you mean though -- laying awake - ready to go - so you get up and go -- only to find yourself ready to go BACK to bed! I hate that... I usually get up (trying to fake out my body) - go get a big glass of water -- go back to bed -- and that does it... until the birds start chirping at 4:24 a.m. (our birds are late sleepers)...

You poor thing...too bad we weren't neighbors, you could feed the baby for me at 3 am and I could do your laundry in the middle of the day while the baby is sleeping...

Consider this your pre-baby boot camp.

yeah, what IS up with being wide awake until you get up to be productive and then feeling tired? Naps are good things...

I put up curtains at 3am, vaccuumed and watched the sunrise from my porch swing. Of course, I'm just an insomniac with nothing better to do.

hey, i was up then too! maybe it's something in the VA air?? or the freaky weather? hope the rest of the day has been more restful.

Sheryl's right-- this is boot camp. Your body is preparing for when you'll be up regularly at this time feeding Lima Bean. Or just because she has decided she is UP.

Has anyone told you yet, also, that babies don't go to bed at 8:00? They stay up til midnight.

You sound JUST LIKE ME girl! Keep truckin' on... you are not alone! LOL!

Hmm. I always do laundry in the middle of the night, usually because I have no clean clothes to wear to work. And I have magpies outside my window, they start around 5, and they're so bloody irritating.

We are up just after 4am EVERY day. Steven is on the road by 4:30am for his commute to Fairfax. I do believe you are right on time about the birds singing. This morning they were singing at 4:19.

since you are already awake, are you interested in coming over and taking care of my two rugrats, who have been waking up at 5 for the past 3 days???? i could sure use the sleep!

Awww! Well maybe it's a comfort to know, that at 3 AM your time, I'm already at WORK. Things can always be worse ;)

lol, we stayed up so late watching 24 episodes the other night, that we heard the birds before we went to bed!! it was a little before 4, i think!

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