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Return of the Belly

Apparently, the best thing to do when someone is taking a picture of your pregnant belly is to arch your back and stick said belly out as far as possible. Oh well, I'm far too lazy to take the picture again, so here's my third trimester belly combined with bad posture.


I know you can't quite see how much my back is arched, but I had to crop it that way to cut out my smokin' ass out of fear that it would be just too much for the internet to handle.

Maybe next time we can do video of one entire side of my body convulsing when Lima Bean kicks me.

Comments (32)

Thank you for the picture. Teeny lady.

Someday, I hope my belly can be as adorable as yours!

whoa. the belly fetishists are really gonna swarm the blog now! it's a good thing you cropped the smoking ass out. there's no need to give it all away on the same day. ;-)



Damn, I think I need a moment.

Still pissed -I'm due July 28 and have to be 6 TIMES BIGGER than you..... Life just isn't fair.

You're teeeeenie! But cute. Thanks for the pic!

ok. Now I feel sick. I have looked eight months pregnant for about 8 weeks now. You look so cute!!!!!

I gotta say, for your 3rd trimester you sincerely look GREAT. I was double your size and couldn't see my feet after my first trimester ;)

I am a little jealous but happy for you of course.


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How cute is that?!?! look WAY better than i do :)

Look at that cute belly!!

I can't be sure from the picture... but Beth? I think you're pregnant.

Heh, I thought for a second that you had the owner of Creme de la Creme daycare reading your blog...but I would imagine that he lady who owns that wouldn't refer to herself as 'turboslut' :0)

You my dear, are petite. I'm somewhere between 18 and 19 wks and look just about that size (um, barring the rest of your skinny self, just belly size).

And you are doing so well on the weight gain, good job.

Eck. That just makes me sick. It's cute, but still? Sick.

Cute picture. You're so tiny!

BTW...I hate you. Skinny butt-head! lol

Lookin' good!

Holy crap! You're pregnant!!!

You really should be careful. I can see a mob of pregnant women mobbing you in the future for being so small!

I can't believe you're in the 3rd trimester already. Next thing you know, there will be a baby around here.

Damn girl! You look great! I, on the other hand, look like I've swallowed a freaking basketball! I'm going to keep telling myslef that you MUST be a good 6 inches taller than me, other wise your belly would be as big as mine. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

what a cute wittle baby belly welly!!

Hi Beth- I'm going to delurk over here today because I'm a vaguely known entity over at RudeCactus. You two are bringing back such nice memories- thanks. Tomorrow I'll post a picture of a baby duck for you...

What a lovely little belly you have. Be warned though, it can explode at any point. Enjoy your toes while theire still visible BWAH HA HA

Yep iddy bitty--are you sure you didn't just drink a little too much beer? I hope you show us your one week left belly--I'll be dying to see it!

LOL at Kirsty's comment. I am definately not from a daycare center:)

You do have lovely bump btw. When I was pregnant with my son I looked like a whale. He was massive:(

How is it possible that I got cursed with the pregnant-all-over affliction (when I was pregnant), and you look like you swallowed a rather large grape?

I bet those aren't even maternity pants!

The fact that you are in your 3rd trimester and look tiny makes me sick (and very jealous). I don't think I looked like that 3 months post-partum. Ah well!

Are you sure you're pregnant? ;)

You're so tiny!!

Okay...that is a cute belly! Which leaves me somewhat resentful because in both my pregnancies, I never had a cute belly.

THAT is what you look like in your third trimester?!

So not fair. I was bigger than that by ten fucking weeks.

You're adorable. You know that, right?

Oh...! Pretend Grandma wants to see the lima bean kick you! You look absolutely wonderful! Perfect! Cute!

Relax...and ENJOY!

You are very 'cutely' pregnant... But can I just take a moment to say 'BITCH'!! Hell, my hubby's got a bigger belly than that!

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