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This is my brother's dog, Sam:


Sam was a very old lady and she went to doggy heaven yesterday, where there is sure to be plenty of cheese to eat and squirrels to chase.

Good girl, Sammie. Good girl.

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German Shephards are such wonderful dogs! We have an older one that lives across the street from us... retired K-9. He is so sweet, but is starting to limp a bit and is going deaf.

I know you will miss Sam.

Aw what a sweet lookin' doggie! Maybe she'll meet my dog who just passed a month ago and they can hang! :)

I've always liked the idea (from the Little House on the Praire series) of the Happy Hunting Grounds. Wide open sunny fields where the squirels are slow and the belly rubs are plenty. Okay I made up that last part but my puppy is there now and it helps me to think of her there. I'm sorry you lost a friend.

i bet she had a great life with your brother and i am sure she will be well taken care of up in doggie heaven! my old dogs are there too and they will all get along great!

Awwww. Send your bro my condolences.

I lost my best K9 friend, Homer, JUly of 2004 and I still miss him dearly. Losing a pet is like losing a close family member

I am so sorry for your brother's loss. :-(
Sam was quite clearly a beautiful dog, and I am certain she will be missed dreadfully.

Ah Beth...loosing them is so hard. I prepared and prepared for my girl who was almost 20, but when she passed last June...I felt like I was dieing. It is such a hard process to let them go. I tell myself that at least we get to love and know them!

Awww she looks SO cute. Doggy heaven shall treat her well :)

Awww - Sammie will be waiting on the other side of the rainbow, chasing squirrels and eating all the best doggie treats there ever was. RIP Sammie.

Awww sorry about Sammie :(

Happy First. Mothers. Day. EVAH. Beth!! Yay you!

Awww, Sammy looks like she was a very gentle soul.


Aww how sad. Good Sammie.

Happy Mother's Day!!!

So, I clicks onto your site to wish you a Happy Mother's day just as Len walks by.

"Hey" says he, "That looks like Chris"
"Ummmmmm" says me, "I'm tellin' her you said that!!"

Sammie, rest in peace!

aw, poor doggie :( and poor sam.

Oh man. That just made me cry. Hugs to you guys.

R.I.P. Sammy

Awww. She looks like a real sweetheart. I know you'll miss her.

Awwww, poor baby. I'm sure she's got lots of field to romp in too.

Sorry your brother lost a good friend. :(

awwww,. that sucks :(

Rest in peace, Sam.

Such a hard thing to do. Good luck, Sam, with the cheese and the squirrels.

R.I.P., Sammie...and please say hello to Stripes and Gimpy for me - thanks.

R.I.P Sammy

i was going to comment on this the other day but was too sad!

german's make great dogs, i have a couple of friends who lost one and went right out and got another.

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