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Wow - apparently I am completely out of practice. Anybody wanna give me a topic? Please? Because I am pregnant and swamped in email and therefore can't possibly be expected to think for myself?

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Have you decided on names yet? For the baby of course.

Yes! Baby names please.

You do know that once you list your choices, everyone will tell you that they suck...People are asses. Oh, well! We still want to know.

or maybe what's the first thing you want to put on after you've gotten back to pre-baby size? what are you craving the most right now? are you going to be grounding parents? or time-out parents? what's the list of things you guys want to do together before you'll never be alone again for the next 18 years?

A list! You haven't had a listing post in a while. Ideas:

1. 10 things that you yelled at Chris for that were not his fault but you will never let him know that.

2. 10 pieces of clothing that annoy the crap out of you right now.

3. 10 things that make you all sad and mushy and wish the baby were here right now.

4. 10 foods that must be in your mouth in the next 60 minutes or someone is going to get hurt.

5. 10 TV shows that could stand being cancelled forever.

6. 10 dumb things you did that nobody knows about (until now!)

7. 10 naked pictures of me that Chris took on our honeymoon. (How did THAT list get in there?!)

8. 10 people that need choking right away (Jon in Michigan excluded)

9. 10 stores that never have what I want, and if they do its never on sale

10. 10 words that should never be spoken near more or I'm going to scream the scream of the very annoyed Gen-X'er who is sick to death of people using the same tired cliche phrases over and over and over again.

Yes, names. That would be good. BTW, cute pic of you and Cactusboy!

How about putting your feet up and re-adjusting to life at home.

Thanks for checking in. It's good to know you made it home safely. And I guess you've already gotten back into the old grind.

Have a nice evening.

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