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I'm sorry, I can't come to the blog right now because I am too busy picking sand out of my sunscreen and watching dolphins chase fishing boats. Please leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I return to the real world.

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I hope you had a wonderful time - sand and all

Have a wonderful time!!!

Who said you're required to come back to the real world? I mean, your blog, yeah (Obviously!), but the real world can go jump into that ocean you're overlooking as far as I'm concerned.

Have a wonderful vacation, hope that you get to relax a whole lot.

You guys are so cute! I hope you have a wonderful time, relax, and just enjoy being together. :)


Chris is holding the camera, yes? We have a tonne of shots like that too!

You guys look so happy and relaxed! :-) Have a great break!

you guys are too cute for words. i hope you've having a fantabulous time.

Awww you two are adorable! You're going to make GREAT looking babies! HAve fun!

wow-- talk about a gorgeous couple! Good thing you are procreating the world needs more such lovelies!!!

Have a great time and don't forget your sunscreen... even if it is yucky when mixed with sand!

Where are you? Looks dreamy!!!

You two are just too cute for words. Really. :-)

have a wonderful time!

Oh, Happy Vacation! :) You guys look great!

Enjoy your holiday :)

I hope a dolphin bites your butt!

Seriously have a good time, once the baby enters the picture things like this will become rare!

You are so lucky to have vacation. And I hope you did wear the bikini. And I want a picture of you in it. Please?

bah! Pregnant women aren't supposed to vacation! Get back here and start knitting!!


Pregnant women in bikinis are just too cute! Hope you are having/did have a great time!

What a fabulous photo of the two of you! You do look so happy and relaxed. So glad you were able to go on vacation!

such a cute couple!! have a great time.. the location look beautiful!! >

Not sure if you're back - hope you had a terrific and relaxing vacation.

P.S. - I came out of the closet. Go to

Where are you guyz?

I hope you are having a wonderful time.

How come you don't look like you are 'expecting' from the neck up? I mean, I always got that 'pudgy face' thing that my husband INSISTED was cute.

I think he was lying to spare my feelings. Yup. I'm sure of it.

Have a wonderful time!!! (and you're too cute together!! :)

Happy Vacation. You guys look sickenly cute, I think I got a cavity! :)
Have a lovely time, you are totally excused from the world of the bloggers! Can't wait to hear about it. You are gonna tell us aren't ya? Because that would be kinda mean if you didn't. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Yes!! please tell us where you are!!!!
Have a great time. You two are too cute :)

Be careful! You don't wanna wind up pregnant or something...

HAVE FUN!!!! I'm sooooooooo jealous, I wanna a vacation!!!

Happy vacation! I hope you guys have a wonderful time.

you guys have a wonderful time!

Great picture! Where are you???

Oh, I hate it when you get sand in your swimsuit. Have fuuunnnnnnn!

yay! look how cute you are. where IS that belly? ...*searching* there is no belly, is there?

Ok was that LAST years pic or this years? Where is the Bean? I hope you SO enjoy your vacation! I will miss you until you get back!

I'd say have a good time but I'm quite sure that you already are. :)

what a cute oic of you two!

Enjoy your trip! Bring back lots of pictures and stories!

Looks so relaxing. Great self-portrait. Your smile says it all...

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