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My due date is two months from today. Does that freak you out as much as it freaks me out?

I learned this weekend that I am a great big wimp. See, I am not the kind of girl who sits around waiting for people to do things for me. I carry things. I fix things. I am very independent and pretty gosh-darn proud of it. Yes, I do occasionally have to have Chris open a jar for me, but for the most part I do my share, whether that means cooking dinner or hauling bags of rocks for the garden.

So this weekend, I was very upset to discover that I had become one of those women who sits around and does nothing while leaving all the hard physical labor to her husband. I had very modest plans. I wanted to weed the flowerbeds and plant some petunias. Piece of cake. Chris, however, decided to implement the major re-landscaping of our front yard that we have been discussing for the past three years. It was a lot of work. A lot of very hard work. I warned him when he brought it up that I couldn't help him dig or move mulch or really be much help at all, but he went for it anyway and got it done and it looks fantastic.

I pulled three weeds and had to take a break. Then I pulled two more and had to take another break. Bending over didn't work. Squatting didn't work. Getting up and down really definitely didn't work. It took me three hours to do what should have taken 30 minutes, and I spent more than half of that time just sitting on the porch refusing to move. Now I have a pulled muscle that requires me to either walk so slowly I drive myself insane or waddle. I'm still trying to decide which is worse. I managed to finish weeding and planted all my flowers, but the most help I gave Chris was pointing to where I thought the azalea should go.

I love being pregnant, I really do, but I am used to being fit and strong and capable and I can't wait to have that back.

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Take it from me -- after a while, you won't realize you're wobbling.

Um, I mean, me too! I can't wait to be fit again!

/mumble mumble ice cream grumble

Let the waddling begin!!

It's okay - you'll have plenty of time for weeding, planting, hauling, etc after you're done incubating!!

I hear ya. I've added the phrases, "not so fast" and "wait for me" into my daily dialogue.

I'm usually v. self sufficient as well, but ever since I pulled a muscle reaching up to take down a shower curtain, I have decided to take a new attitude. For a little while, Husband is doing everything and I am enjoying it. If it's going to be like this, I may as well have fun with it. Bring me the ice cream! Bring me the newspaper!

Actually, according to my anthropology professor (who probably knows exactly shit about the subject) says that now-a-days, women aren't doing enough to accommodate those birthing muscles. So instead, birth is a lot more difficult.

Eh. Whatever...pass me the bon-bons!

I know exactly what you mean. All of a sudden it hurts to do everything and I feel like a 100 year old lady. Can't wait to get my old self back!

I am quite content being the one to point and having hubby do all the work. My favorite phrase is, "but I'm the girl." Surprise surprise, it usually works. That, and girls hold all the power below the belt.

Sing it sister!

DH last night went mountain biking in the trails near our home. I stayed at home and was somewhat miserable. I think I'll be waddling before too long myself.

I too think pregnancy is cool, but hate this reliance on others to do things like pick up stuff I have dropped. One of my students told me the other day that I should try and be more independent! !!!

Oh dear Beth! It is hard to lose that independence isn't it? Even knowing it is temporary doesn't really help. On the other hand, think of the wonderful opportunities this is giving your husband to be your hero! And despite the fact that ouwardly he may grumble, guys really do eat up being our heros! Thank him profusely from your heart and you will have his heartfelt undying devotion. Trust me.

Just be patient, there will be plenty of work to do soon enough Also, your body is busy creating a life! It deserves a break.

Oh? It comes back? Uh, when would that be exactly? Hahahahahahahahahaha...

Eleven and a half years down, and still waiting...

Oh, it sooo sucks, doesnt it? I try to pretend it's normal to have anyone do anything whatsoever for me. I try to pretend that taking hours to do tasks is normal. The only upside is that the trays of work that I have hauled for years without complaint are now hauled by others and their invariable comment "wow these are heavy," makes me laugh inside. I dont look like I could lift butter and their shock makes me feel a little better.
You are welcome to come sit on my porch with me and drink lemonade for the next few months. I live about 2 hours away in Joisey. I have an extra rocking chair all ready.

Exactly how I felt too ( except for the loving being pregnant thing...) my legs are still, five weeks later, very weak.

Diddo--my kid is out, but I'm still not where I want to be, although I can bend over and tie my shoes now. I guess that's a start :-P

"...and I can't wait to have that back."

ROTFLMAO!!!! That's too funny, Beth! You're a riot! :D

Gosh, I understand that completely. I'm the independant "do it my damn self" type too. I never though about that aspect of being pregnant - having to allow others to do for you. That must feel quite strange and frustrating. You have a darn good excuse though, and you are very close to being able to do more again. And in the not so distant future you'll have an adorable little toddler tooling along beside you trying to help you with everything you do!! A little gardening buddy, how fun!

Don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to be fit and strong and capable, in the meantime, just sit and let everyone, especially your husband, spoil you rotten. You only have 2 months left :)

I hear you! I am only 25 weeks along and I feel like a 100 year old lady. I cannot believe how less independent I feel. I was always a go-getter too. Nowadays, I feel almost helpless. I can't stand having things done for me. I appreciate my MIL helping out around my house, but she never puts things back where I had them in the first place. And to make matters worse, I can only accept where they are as I have no energy to move them!

sounds to me like Chris went into the daddy's version of nesting for a little bit!

Don't be so hard on yourself, Beth. I know for me that was always the hardest part of being pregnant--not being able to do all the things that I normally do and having to rely on others to do it for me. And of course for me they didn't do it right because well, it wasn't ME doing it.

Two months is not that far away and before you know it you will have your baby in your arms. :)

waddling is very sexy!

Ah the waddle!!! What a sexy walk is it not??? I know you'll be back in shape in no time after birth!!!

My sister is due Aug 6th and she has reached the point you have. She wouldn't trade being pregnant for anything, but would so love to walk up a flight of stairs without taking a lunch break.

Uh, honey - you're going to have to push out a human being from your loins. I think that kind of work will excuse you from doing some housework for a handful of weekends.

I'm glad someone likes being pregnant 'cuz I hated it. Don't worry, you'll be back to your old self soon!

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