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32 Weeks

This is what happens when the baby has a growth spurt. I'm sure it has absolutely nothing to do with the cookies.

For reference, this is two weeks ago:

30 Weeks.jpg

And this is five weeks ago:


(Still an innie - my apologies to the fetishists.)

Comments (19)

Oh my - I do believe you're pregnant. Not asking, but do you know if it's a boy or girl?

My belly button never popped out, not with either kid. There's a chance yours won't either (but don't tell that to your fetish fans!)

Are you wearing the same pants and shirt in all of those pictures?

It's definitely not the cookies, and lima can't speak yet so she won't rat you out. Either way, you look marvelous darling! :)

At this rate, you'll have more and more strangers coming up to touch your tummy every day....aren't you excited?

Woo hoo! You are catching up to me! :) I've looked like your 32 weeks for the past 2 months! ;-) Today is my 32 weeks like you, and it is probably just like your 'ready to pop' future pics. FWIW I am still an innie too!

We went to childbirth classes this weekend. My goodness July 31st is going to come so quickly now! :-D

Cassie-- it's a girl.

You are adorable, Beth! Just wait, though, til the last weeks. Every time you think you cannot possibly get any bigger? You WILL!

You bend out so much, i think you're just a normal sized person who's not pregnant. Mainly cos you're sweet and adorable, and I'm usually afraid of pregnant women. (They seem to cry a lot, and I can't fix it. It's the engineer in me coming out.)

Seriously, though. A-dor-a-ble. Thanks!

Nice belly, babe! Innie or outtie, that's a damn nice belly. :)

Still look awesome and I'm sure it has nothing to do with the cookies ;)

And STILL with a smokin' ass...

You still look wonderful! I'm jealous as I am 9 weeks along and am waaaay bigger than you.

Gorgeous belly.

btw, sorry I've been so quiet lately, I've still be reading. :)

4 weeks left - and mine is 1/2 way between an innie and an outtie - a flattie if you will. Yours will probably remain an innie! Yay Beth!

That's a great growth spurt! Did you find yourself exceptionally tired over the past 2 weeks? I wore a dress on Wed that was close to not fitting anymore, and by yesterday it no longer fit :( Unfortunately EVERYONE noticed the growth :(

You are so. Damned. CUTE!

I think you look great ;) I can't believe its only 8 more weeks. WTH have I been?

Oh yea working and its been sucking too...And the 4 year old is trying to kill me, seriously.

simply adorable! nothing more beautiful than a woman with child!

baby belly!!

Can I just say that I hope I look good when I get pregnant? You are BEAUTIFUL.

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