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34 Weeks

In another 6 weeks, I'll be making my own gravity.

34 weeks.jpg

I feel this is a good time to mention that on Saturday I painted my own toenails. They look like crap, but just getting close enough to do it was a major accomplishment.

I've gained 31 pounds. Where's the ice cream? Have I mentioned how many times my mother-in-law has casually mentioned that she only gained 18 pounds? No? Well, it's a lot of times. Are you going to finish that cookie?

Also, does anybody know if there is a point at which if you don't already have stretch marks you aren't going to get them? I don't have any, yet, but I check obsessively every morning because I'm worried that one night they will all gang up and attack.

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My wife didn't have stretch marks on her tummy even after 3 kids. You can use cocoa butter to try and prevent it. If you don't have them you probably won't. Normal stretch marks are caused by rapid growth. Body builders get them a lot. If the weight increase is steady and gradual, you probably won't get them.


Your tummy is the cutest thing. It's incredible how perfectly round it looks.
If you're not prone to get stretch marks you probably won't get them since you're body produces enough elastin. But I've nver been pregnant, so I can't say.

Cocca butter won't do it. It'll help keep you all lotioned up but it won't prevent stretch marks. Strech marks in pregnancy are actually genetic. Ask your mom or sisters or aunts if they got them. If so, then most likely you will get them. But if you haven't gotten them by now, I think you're one of those lucky ducks who just won't get them ever! So jealous!

I only gained 18 pounds with my first baby. Oops. Sorry. I won't tell you that again but you can tell your m-i-l that she's not the only one! So there! I gained 24 pounds with my second baby. Both times though - no stretch marks! Jef is correct about the slow gradual weight gain. I actually did some stretch marks on my boobies (this is not attractive). But hardly anyone sees them, so it's okay. My topless dancing career was over ages ago, so it's no big deal. ;-)

You look fantastic! I've had stretch marks for a few weeks now so my non-medical opinion is that you are in the clear. Mmmm. Ice-cream.

I gained 40 pounds with my first son and 14 with my second. (7 years apart) They weighed almost the same. And I got right back into my clothes in just a couple of weeks after the second one.


wow, i gained 50 something pounds... and watch out for stretch marks, they'll get you when you least expect it. get some shea butter and have Chris slather it on you every night from now until you pop... but that's no guarantee.

and you do have a very cute belly...

Here is what I know about stretch marks. I have them up to my boobs. But, I have been told that it all depends on your skins elasticity. Apparently, mine had none. You are probably one of the lucky ones, if you haven't gotten any yet. And that leaves me slightly envious.

Yeah, I had one of those MILs also, who insisted she never even had to wear maternity clothes, blah blah freaking blah. Smile and silently know that she is jealous of the fact that your nipples do not hang down to your knees, as hers now do.

I was optimistic that I wouldn't get stretch marks at all as I don't have them yet at 32 + weeks...and so far so good BUT I was told by a friend that she got her first stretchmarks when she was 1 week overdue.

So no safety till the baby's out, sadly!

Beth, I too was so proud of my lack of stretch marks until Saturday where upon DH noticed the *underside* of my belly [hitherto as visible to me as the dark side of the moon] and proceeded to announce the appearance of two (2) small purple lines.


It looks like weight gain could be totally explained by the adorable beach ball belly. I think you're fine :)

I first noticed how perfectly round Beth's belly is on top of which, she poses the EXACT same in all of her pictures. :)

After I got past those two things, I noticed that her poor pants are fading. :P

But, no offense, Chris, you are BEAUTIFUL. So much so, your mil could not be as beautiful. Nyah.

I have stretch marks and I'm not even pregnant. Good job on avoiding them thus far.

Wow! 31 weeks and no stretch marks! I, unfortunately, had the same experience as Jacqueline. I was very pleased with myself having gotten none until hubby noticed them on the underside of my belly. So far they are few and small, but I have no doubt they are plotting and scheming to grow and multiply. And I thought I was doing so well with the lotion and all...Your belly looks great btw. I can't believe the difference between this pic and your earlier ones.

Nice Tum!!! I didn't get stretch marks on my stomach with any my pregnancies. I used vitamin E every day, don't know if that had anything to do with it. My ass, well that's another story (TMI?) Have Chris check out your caboose! :) That's where those little guys got me! You're in the homestretch (ha) now Kiddo!

Didn't get them.

hey, jenny mccarthy gained 60. you're doing just fine.

stretchmarks - nah, you're not out of the woods yet, sorry. I got my first stretchmark at 39 weeks. Now, after almost 5 kids, I'm a tiger LOL

Didn't get my stretch marks until near the end. With my second baby I only got a couple *new* stretch marks, probably 'cause my skin was already prepared to be pregnant eg it was somewhat loose. And don't worry about 31 pounds. You started off pretty thin, so it makes sense that you may gain more than someone who did not start out really thin. (Tell that to your mother-in-law :-0) Oh, and your belly looks very nice :-)

I'm 34 weeks pregnant with my third and have never had a stretchmark on my belly. I have also never used any type of lotion on my belly. It is genetic and not something I'm "proud" of as I haven't done anything to prevent it :).

Um, your MIL is a b*&$%. I'm sorry to be one myself, but you need to stay away from that petty, jealous woman. She is obviously aware of your natural beauty (I've seen enough pictures :)) and is using this vulnerable time to feel superior. You are growing another human being and right now is when her brain is developing and she fattening up for added protection during the first few weeks of life. Now is not the time to worry about your weight gain. I gained 50 lbs with both my first and second pregnancy and you know what? It all came off very quickly. I know I'm lucky that way, but you are so athletic, I doubt it will be different for you!

Sorry for this: I got stretch marks right there at the end, the last week or so. All of a sudden they were just there, and big. (They have faded now, some years later.)

I think you're out of the stretch mark woods. I had mine from conception. eww...that didn't come out right.
Also..I gained SIXTY lbs with both of mine. Did I mention I'm UNDER 5ft? Yeah now you know why I run.

i'm pretty sure you would have had them by now.

be thankful, you've been blessed with good genes :)

I asked my mom the same question. She said she had no stretch marks at all until AFTER she gave birth and the skin went back. GREAT! But it doesn't matter cause I already have three on my bootie. My bootie. I haven't even gained weight in my bootie! I'm so confused.

Delurking with envy as I've gained 32 pounds in just 28 weeks...I'm just hoping to stay under 50 at this point!!!

your tummy looks fabulous! yay for no stretch marks! lucky lady!!! i wish i lived closer, i would love to do a cool maternity shoot for you!!

No comments about stretch marks. Lotsa folks appear to know way more about it than I.

Just a quick note to tell you how cute your belly is! Zat iz it!

Oh yes! A very nice belly pic! :) I may need to make this one my desktop wallpaper.

You look great, Beth. The baby's going to be just beautiful.

And ask Mom-in-law if she thinks she'll ever lose those 18 pounds she gained.

I gained forty pounds with my daughter, and I wasn't even pregnant.

No stretch marks though, so yay for me.

My wife blames the ice cream.

ive gained 50 pounds already and im not even done yet! Of course, i retain huge amounts of water and my last pregnancy (gained 95 pounds) lost 40 upon DELIVERY. Everyone's different so dont fret. The worst line Ive gotten so far is "Wow, you dont even look pregnant." Carry a big stick.

"stretchmarks - nah, you're not out of the woods yet, sorry. I got my first stretchmark at 39 weeks. Now, after almost 5 kids, I'm a tiger LOL"

That's what Deb said, and that was my experience too.

I went from nothing to looking like I'd been mauled by a bear.

I was stretch mark free until 38 weeks and the baby "dropped". That final tug of the skin is what did it for me.

My friend had her husband rub olive oil on her tummy once a week and swore that's what did it for her. Then again, she also delivered at 37 weeks. Keep on rubbing the coco butter!

The Belly with The Bean is too cute! I have no advice on the stretch marks, but crossing my fingers that you will be one of the blessed woman who never gets them. :)

Only 40 days left!

I would have to agree with Deb... mine showed up somewhere between 37-39 weeks. Hard to tell since I couldn't see the under side of my belly as well. I now have a four year old that proudly said "Mom, you look like a tiger, roar!"

Hopefully Bean won't feel the need to practice her animal sounds when she sees your belly in a few years...
Good Luck!

do you wear that outfit everyday?? lol, did anyone ever tell you, you look pregnant?? ;)

I was probably around 34 weeks along and had no stretch marks - my midwife told me I wouldn't get them. They were just genetic and if I didn't have them yet, I wouldn't get them. So, I stopped bothering to lotion up my belly every day.

I don't know if it was not putting the lotion on, or just that major homestretch growth, but I ended up with stretch marks. They are pretty low, though. They don't actually bother me.

Probably shouldn't tell you, but hey we all love to share our war stories :) I got to 36 weeks with none I was very excited. Come 37 weeks and I was a zebra...

Now they've faded and they aren't that bad. Proof my body rocks.

My best friend didn't get stretch marks until 2 weeks before her due date. She was pisssssssssssed. So, I don't think there's really any safe zone. But, you're staying pretty damn small (bitch!), you should be good. Keep rubbing on that coca butter, it supposedly really works. I didn't get them last time and haven't gotten them thus far this time. If I just jinxed myself though, I'm going to be livid.

Having to do with the elasticity of the skin, I was told stretching out your skin around your belly can really help, kind of like stretching out a balloon before you blow it up (ouch).

Pinch a fold of skin in your hand and pull out, repeat all around. Sounds torturous and it does hurt a little but once you get the itchies from your skin stretching those last few weeks it actually feels good and is much more beneficial than scratching. After my rear end and boobs broke out before I'd even gained a pound I was willing to try anything, and it worked - at least for the first two. Hoping it'll work for the third.

Yeah I'm with RSM, hoping I didn't just jinx myself too.

31 pounds is a respectable weight gain. I myself gained 70 pounds. As for the stretch marks (or you not having any) - I'm soooo jealous!

Hey, Beth...even if you get stretch marks, they fade in time. I gained 50 pounds with my son, and had (on both hips) four 2-inch long and 1/2-inch thick red MARKS. They were the weirdest looking things. But they began to fade the summer after my son was born (I took him to the pool a lot and got tan) and now they are thin, silvery lines. I used cocoa butter, but it didn't work and now...after 11 years, I don't even notice them. Well, I do notice them, but I'm mostly proud of them, because I have a pretty cool 11-year old son! Stretch marks seem like a small price to pay for having my beavis in my life! So, eat the cookies and don't worry about it! I'm thinner now than pre-pregnancy, so it can all work out in the end. :)

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