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Again with the breasts

I got my first nursing bras yesterday, and let me assure you they are incredibly sexy. I seriously considered posting a picture of me wearing one, but I didn't think you would be able to stand it and I didn't want to be responsible for the spontaneous combustion of the entire internet due to my amazing hotness. It's a burden, really it is.

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Oh crap, I guess I better do the same...
Thanks for the reminder. ;-)

hahahahahaha! Those bras will be your best friends--believe me.

ha! i feel like we are having almost the identical pregnancies. i just posted about buying bras yesterday and then i just read your post! funny!

Target has these nursing bra tank tops that were WONDERFUL. See, I could care less if someone saw my boob while nursing - I was more worried about horrifying the world by exposing my post-baby stomach rolls when I lifted my shirt to nurse.

My 3 "must haves" for the first 3-6 months: The Target nursing tank tops, A Miracle Blanket and the "Happiest Baby on the Block" book. Without these items, we may not have made it past week 6.

Have you bought any of the nursing nightgowns yet? My husband loved those so much I kept them long after I stopped nursing. Men and boobs, sheesh.

Hahaha. I can imagine...
wait no. no I can't, and I don't want to!

If you need me, I'll be in my bunk.

HA! C'mon Beth, I could totally take it... :)

You're such a boob-tease.


Spoilsport! Maybe Chris could model one. :D

Totally seconding the idea of chris or one of the cats modeling them :) Happy new french doors today :P

Oh? Are they making nursing bras differently nowadays?

I would have liked to see a nursing bra photo. But without your boobs of course!

Let me know what nursing bra you bought because the ones that I ended up buying with the first pregnancy are sooooo ugly. Comfortable, but soooo UGLY!

You are a hoot!

I am SO about Chris wearing one. HEE HEE!

Sure, the bra is sexy. But what about the booby leak pads? *snort*

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