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All tuckered out


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How cute! Having his first father's day must have been exhausting. Is that the baby owner's manual that he's reading?

Smart guy...getting all the sleep he can while there's still time! So, since he was the first one to fall asleep did you put his hand in a pan of warm water?

Is that the lima bean's room he's in? Looks like the walls are two different colors? Wow - very cute idea!

Awww, that is great! And he's in the baby's room!!!

You take a mean photo as well! That is so cute, on a 1st Father Day, makes me warm and fuzzy! He is lucky to have you as well! : )

Lulluby cactus ladeedladee.I'll stop singing now.

Awwww....Is he getting all his Z's in before the baby's born? GOOD IDEA!

aww that's cute. but wait, where is his other hand and what is he doing with it?? ;)

Holy crap, you killed him, then posted photos of it on the Internet. You are truly an amazing woman!

LOL! he better get his rest now...

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