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And you wonder where I get it

My mother? I love her, but she's a freak. I have decided to post this email she sent to me and my brother today as evidence of why I cannot stick to a topic for more than three sentences.

"Your Aunt Judy's boyfriend, Joe, died unexpectedly yesterday. He was 84, the same age as Papa. She is really a wreck, very heartbroken. Your dad talked to her last night, and she sounded awful.

How's the pup doing, E?

How is Baby B, Beth? And Mommy B, too, of course!"

Um, hello? Could poor Aunt Judy and Joe at least get their own email?

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Yeah, but YOU had to come behind the dog AND the baby.


Yeah well you know, while she was there in the body of the email...

Ahahahaha, just your average multitasker!

Well, I guess she just wanted to know. Sorry about Joe.

my in-laws do the same thing...

5 years ago:
blah blah blah grandma in the hospital blah blah blah last rites blah blah blah how's the garden coming...

9 years ago:
blah blah blah leaving for 2 week cruise blah blah blah grandpa died blah blah blah getting new carpet blah blah blah funeral on thursday...

i think it's this new fangled e-mail thing that throws them off?

It's that generation. They mean no harm, they just tend to be a bit more matter of fact about death than most people of this generation are.

A few months ago, my grandfather phoned me, small talk, etc etc. "So Grampy, what'd you do today?" "Oh, I mowed the lawn, went to yacht club, went to see your grandmother in the hospital..." "WHAT!?" Yeah. Granny had appendicitis all of a sudden. She's doing much better now. But me? I nearly had a heart attack being told like that!

You will grow into your mother! Just watch.

Well, she will kat, but a more tech-savvy version...

Wanna trade freak moms? Mine recently called me to tell me she was selling both her cars. The freakish part? She referred to them by thier "NAMES" and was teary. She isn't doing this because she has to. She is doing it to buy a newer, nicer car. Again, people wonder why I drink.

That's Funny. Great Site!!!

yeah...parents do that. and so will we some day when we turn into them. ack!!!

sorry about your aunt's boyfriend.

Sorry about your aunt's boyfriend.

But how cool is it that your aunt had a boyfriend who was 84???

Unless she's like my age...

Baby "B" ?

Hum, my only thought as well...Baby B? Is that hopeful of the Freakish mom? Or a slip of the email? Raising eye brow.

I think we're siblings.

shes multitasking it, mention one thing and instead of wasting "paper" and time she mentions the next, he he.

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