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Callie pulling her weight

After 18 years of basically sitting around and doing, well, nothing, Callie has discovered her true calling in life. She has decided to dedicate herself to a new career as a baby product tester. It all started with the swing, and now she just can't stop.

Here, you can see her checking out the adorable Pooh crib sheet sent by the very groovy Amy.

Pooh sheet.jpg

From there, she moved on to testing the lovely fleece Pooh blanket sent by the amazing Kristin.

Pooh fleece.jpg

And to round out her day, she put this beautiful fleece and satin blanket from fabulous Rachel through it's paces. (Rachel, honey, if you have a site I don't know it, but if you do let me know so I can link you.)

Green satin.jpg

Many thanks to all of you for your kindness. Chris, I and the Bean appreciate it greatly, and we appreciate you greatly. (Although to be honest, we appreciate you internet people with or without baby gifts.)

I do want to give you all fair warning that if you are kind enough to send the Bean a gift off her registry, Target sends me your full name and address on the packing slip. I use this only to send a thank you note and then immediately throw it away. Swear. Just, you know, I am being all weird about not giving out my address, so I wanted to warn you in case anybody else was feeling all weird about it too.

Comments (7)

What would you do without Callie? Being pregnant would be so much more taxing without her "testing abilities"

I love Callie's name

Beth, you're weird :) LOL!.

Are you going to name the Bean "Callie?"

What is this baby's name?????

I had to come out of lurking to say I love all the cute Pooh stuff! Pooh Bear rocks! Perhaps Callie Kitty is trying to tell you that she wants her own registry too. Haha!

hmmm, so that means you aren't the person that put my name and address on all those magazine subscription cards?

Glad everything is going well. I hadn't had the chance to check in on you guys since I had the baby early. You're looking AWESOME. I'm so jelious.....

my cat would just chew on 'em. he's a butthead.

nice life for a cat really...testing all those cozy cuddly things. i definately want to be a cat in my next life.

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