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Crazy boob fiends!

I really wish I had a better story for you today. I figured that if I got nothing else out of the La Leche League meeting last night, I would at least get several amusing anecdotes to share with the internet. Sadly, that is not the case. I went to the meeting, the women there were remarkably normal and rational and non-militant and there was not a single eight year old taking shots off the breast in between rounds of Grand Theft Auto on his Playstation. The only remotely out-there comment was about using breast milk to cure pinkeye, which I have heard before from fairly reliable sources.

I have to admit that I am slightly disappointed that there was not a single crazy boob fiend in attendance - at least not one that made her presence known. Instead, they were friendly and kind and seemed genuinely interested in being helpful and supporting to the first time breeders in attendance. Also, they had some really cute babies. I didn't learn anything new - I've already read quite a bit about it - but it was reassuring to spend a little time with women who do this and to worry a little less that it will be too hard for me.

I'm sorry, I know that you are all as disappointed as I am. I promise to dedicate myself to having and reporting on a bizarre breast experience just as soon as possible to make it up to you.

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my 2.5 yr old has pink eye right now. Can you come over?

all i can think of when you say La Leche is our 6th grade, half spanish/half english play in which my friend Jenny's only line was, "La leche! La leche! Be careful, you'll spill the milk!" She was a dutch girl carrying two pails of milk. It was so cute :)

Yay! I for one am glad it went well. LLL gets such a bad rap but in reality, I think many of the groups are just like the one you attended (mine was like this too!) Like I said earlier, there are some radicals out there, but the leaders can be just as uncomfortable as the other attendees with their presence.

For the record, I don't count extended breastfeeding (over 1 year) as radical. I'm a firm believer in the mother and baby deciding for themselves what works. I assure you, breastfeeding a toddler is ANYTHING but sexual.

What, no pictures?

Fiendishly yours,

Not sure if you will be pumping at some point (and that brings up all kinds of fun entries in itself), but LaLeche here rents out some nice pumps. Not like the junk ones you will find in Target (not that Target is a bad place in general). If you want a serious pump, rent a good one. You'll be happy and so will your...uh...pumpees. :)

Grrr @ the fiendish ones. I wasn't allowed to breastfeed my first baby due to medication I was on at the time. When our Mothers Group had a rep from a breastfeeding organisation out to talk to us, she totally ignored me and another girl who couldn't feed. Didn't ask us why, just saw the bottles, and turned her back. I think she left half way through to go feed her 16 y/o.

I am laughing at Daffy's comment. My experiences with La Leche League were that they weren't militant until I asked them how to give my baby a bottle at nine weeks so his father could feed him.

I came home from that meeting and cried.

But they are a wonderful resource. It's just that if you need advice on how to give the bean a bottle ever (because if you wait too long, they won't take a bottle. Ever.), then you should probably just ask me.

Geh. One of them came into my hospital room after I'd given birth to Munchkin. We have since referred to her as "Evil Boob Teacher" in my family...

do not find it odd that Jon knows such things?
He's a perv...steer clear of him.

ps I nursed both children to about 18 months when they rejected me kool aid

Alas, I have no good breast feeding stories, and I wonder - does the La Leche League exist in Mississippi?? It does sound like a GREAT resource, especially when you're in the throes of it all and need advice. But I really hope you find a crazy lady soon, because it would make a good story.

I'm up to a combined total of 69 months breastfeeding (must tell dh he still finds the number 69 worth a giggle). And I'm hardly rabid, though am definitely a big fan of the boob. That said, I find some of them a bit full on at the Aust alternative to la leche sometimes...

Oh Beth, you silly thing, they don't come out to you at the first meeting! How do you think they get you to come back?

it is up to you, Beth, to become militant boobie lady! you must must come here daily and proclaim the benefits of breastmilk... it'll cure cancer, solve the energy crisis and create world peace! you must, right now, begin breastfeeding Mr. Cactus... and your crazy neighbors we hear Chris talk about... breastfeed them now. it will make them smarter.

hmmm... maybe i should switch to decaf in the evenings.

I never tried to find a LLL here -- I was lucky enough to never have problems breastfeeding. My husband and I joke that it must be because we both love to eat so much -- she took to it right away, and we never looked back. But if there had been any trouble (or if I just needed more support about breastfeeding) I would definitely have sought out a lactation consultant or LLL. Here's why: everyone knows that if you can breastfeed, it's best for your baby. Hopefully it goes without saying that it's also important that you and the baby enjoy the experience, because if you don't then is it really worth it to go through a miserable time? Please -- motherhood is hard enough. But what I didn't realize (and here is the real point to this comment) is how much easier breastfeeding is than bottle feeding. Nothing to mix, no endless bottles to wash, no need to even get up off the couch and miss Oprah :) And at night, after you get used to it, you really and truly do not even need to wake all the way up to feed the baby. There are many many nighttime feedings -- I cannot imagine having to get up and actually measure things out and heat things up that many times a night. Also, the baby doesn't need to wake all the way up -- so it's much easier and faster to get them back to sleep when they're through. Okay. This concludes this crazy long post. I hope it doesn't sound preachy, but I never realized it would make so much of a difference to have at least this part of caring for a baby be so much less effort.

Ohhh, but the boob crazies will come out of the woodwork when you and newborn Bean are out in public places! Some of them are cleverly disguised as friendly store staff. When you think the cashier is going to ask "Paper or plastic?", she'll instead launch into Twenty Questions About Your Boobs. "Are you breastfeeding? Exclusively? You know that you should breastfeed exclusively until the baby leaves for college, right?"

Just sharing one of the lesser known joys of new parenthood. :)

I breastfeed. Exclusively. My husband bottle feeds. Exclusively. Both are fine, I think. My kids did both. Beware anyone that tells you your husband shouldn't feed the baby because he falls short in the booby department.

I breastfed my son and it was a wonderful experience.

The only draw back was in the hospital when the nurse gave me the wrong information and had me feeding my son 20 minutes on each side and when they brought him back to feed I didn't want him anywhere near me because I hurt so bad. Once a more experienced nurse helped me with all of the details it was smooth sailing.

Blessings to you and your new to be family.

Hugs, Zissy

Okay....I have never heard of this pink eye remedy before. Are you supposed to squirt breast milk in the eye or feed the breast milk to the child? I know, I'm an idiot!

Crazy militant people come in both pro and anti-breastfeeding varieties. I found there's just no pleasing some people. Some people think it's disgusting to nurse a 6 month old. Some people think it's disgraceful to stop nursing before the age of 3. Lots of people will share the horror stories they endured trying to nurse before they switched to formula.

It's important to have a few places to turn for help or advice with nursing, whether it's a friend, a LC, or LLL. In my experience, many maternity ward nurses aren't really skilled with helping new moms nurse, but that's just my two cents.

In any case, I'm glad you're checking all this out now. Breastfeeding is one of my happiest memories of my children's baby days.

Do what works for you and the Beanette, and you'll be fine.

Just wait until your first few tries, if the baby has any misgivings about breastfeeding, and one of "them" has ahold of your breast.. "See? You pinch like this, then let the baby latch on.."

Our little one didn't take to breastfeeding at all, but we really wanted her to have the health benefits, so my wife pumped and we bottle fed breast milk exclusively for the first couple months. Our LLL helpers seemed to think she was a saint for going to so much trouble.

The kid is still the pickiest eater around.

I think they suck you in at the first meeting...
Kidding! Just found your blog, congrats on the pregnancy. You don't have long now!

Camomile tea also works for pink eye, and people wrinkle their noses at it less.

It totally works for pinkeye, and I wouldn't be saying that because I tried it or anything. *shuffles feet*

just make up a story about a "crazy boob"!

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