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Dis jointed

I am feeling a little random and disjointed today, due mainly to lack of sleep. Sleep is hard to come by lately, what with the belly and all the peeing, but the last couple of nights have been worse than usual. You see, my dear, sweet, wonderful husband has been a little under the weather, poor thing, and it has led him to snore like an ever-loving freight train for the last few nights. I roll him over, he snores. I kick him, he snores. I call him names, he snores. I stuff 14 rolled up sweat socks in his gaping mouth, he snores. No fault of his own, of course, poor dear, but I still think it was rather unreasonable of him to get sick and start with the snoring thing.

Anyway, that is my excuse for this random entry.

My favorite part of today so far is that there is apparently one of those virus things going around on AIM. I've gotten two or three IMs with the virus, and at least 14 emails warning me NOT TO CLICK THE LINK. Thanks, gang, I didn't get the message the first 13 times, but that 14th email really drove it home.

I have these handy dandy maternity pants that have an internal elastic belt that has holes in it that attaches to buttons, so as you get fatter, you just let the elastic out a hole at a time and voila! Fat pants get fatter! I had to let them out four holes this morning. I last wore them a week ago. Four holes in one week cannot be a good thing.

However, it may explain why Chris had to get me off the couch last night. Now, Chris has gotten me off the couch before, but honestly just because I was being lazy. Last night, I'm not sure I would have made it on my own. Sure, I probably could have rolled over and gotten to the floor, but then I would have had to get up off the floor, which poses its own challenges.

Does anyone else get the feeling that I am obsessed with breasts lately? I'm going to a breastfeeding class tonight and am forcing my previously mentioned long-suffering and ill husband to go with me. I tried to get him excited by suggesting that maybe they will show the men pictures of breasts not currently in use by babies to keep them interested, but he thought that was pretty unlikely. I am considering taking my own pictures and when I notice him tuning out I can hand him a picture and revive his interest in the whole breast concept. Anyway, I am hoping to get a crazy breast story out of the class tonight to make up for my very boring and mainstream La Leche League experience.

Chris suggested last night that maybe it was time for me to consider cutting back on going to the gym. Why can't I get my OB to say that? Why?

Um, I think that's it. I'm all random and disjointed out. I know you are all so, so sorry.

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For what its worth, I'm really not doing the snoring thing on purpose. And at least it wasn't as bad as the night before when I was awakened with cries of "oh come on!" in a scornful tone. I'm hoping for a crazy breast story too...otherwise its going to be real boring with me sitting there coughing at pregnant women.

I know why Chris keeps coughing! He clicked on the link! He's got the AIM virus!

I need some of those pants for football watchng season.

Yes, I remember the whole breast obsession with my wife during pregnancy. Hers and partially mine. She went from a 32 B (small B at that) to a 34 D. MOMMA!! Too bad they couldn't be put to use. It was like watching someone burn $100 bills.

Great idea on the pics though. There are lots on the internet if you need to supplement your supply. I'm sure there are many people that will critique your pics if you want!


Well have fun at that second meeting, those crazies should be coming out of their shells soon and showing their true colors. Good thing you are dragging Snoring McSnorer with you! Would be a shame for him to miss the joy. Here's hoping you are more jointed tomorrow!!!!!

talk to your doc about the gym thing, and enjoy those boobs before they start drooping....

Right now my boobs are non-touchable...I cant wait for the secound trimester!

WOW I just noticed you only have 46 days left!! How exciting.

As for Snormister...tonight hand him a pillow and a blanket and asked him politley to get comfortable in the couch just for tonight. LOL

a few weeks ago, after a similarly disjointed conversation, a friend and i came to the conclusion that i needed a t-shirt that reads: i'm all about the titties. should i get you one?? for now or after LB is born?


Don't click the link.


I was sick for my breastfeeding class, so my husband went alone. It was the first time that any father had gone to the class without his wife. Hee,hee...come to think of it....they probably thought he was just there to see breasts. He survived and earned some serious points!

Keep going to the gym - it will help - trust me ;) And the peeing - it DEFINITELY is preparing you - I've coped way better with night feedings than Cosmo Boy has. And the snoring? Cosmo Boy sounds like a freight train ripping through the house - he's been sleeping in the guest bedroom since the peeing started in January :) Maybe try having Chris sleep in another room? That way you also won't get sick - you need all of your energy to get through the next 2 months.

Damn, you're still going to the gym? I'm impressed; I can't get my ass there to save my life, and I'm not even pregnant.

For the snoring, have you ever tried the nasal strips? They work wonders for Kat.

Why does Chris think it's time to cut back on going to the gym?

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