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Last night, I dreamed about Johnny Depp. Can we all just take a moment to ponder what a sexy, sexy man he is?

Anyway, in my dream, Johnny and I were fighting evil and also flying, but we did not get to make out at all, not even a little bit. I am highly disappointed by this, because if you can't get it on with Johnny Depp after saving the world from certain destruction, when can you?

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what's the point in dreaming if you can't ravage Johnny Depp...just tell me one thing...was in the pirate outfit??

OK,ok,ok...typically we are on the same page here, but Johnny Depp? I don't see it. I just see weird. Sorry you didn't get to make out.

Beth, you really need to sit down and have a nice long chat with your subconscious. I mean, it's one thing to wake up before the making out starts, but to not have it at all? No. That's just not right.

In fact, I think you need to go home, go to bed, and stay there until you dream about making out with Johnny Depp. Now!

I'd sue.

Mmmm - I love him in that pirate costume too. ROWR!

That's because he was all tired out from the thourough dream-rogering I got out of him the other night. Do all pregnant women dream of him?

Next time you can have him first!

Damn, that IS disappointing.

hahah I love those half porn dreams where you don't want to wake up or you wake up and go. "Dang I could of a least gotten a little" LOL

OMG don't even talk about Johnny. His hawtness amazes me.

Psychologists say that when you dream of flying, it IS a sexual dream. Personally, I'd rather have the sex dream and be told I was really dreaming of flying.

Anyhoo, Johnny Depp is the sexiest man alive. Who else looks that good with gold teeth? Who? Nobody, that's who.

I agree that Johnny Depp is HOT, especially when he's grungy, a la Chocolat. A gypsy! A pirate! It doesn't get any better than that. And it's very disappointing indeed that there was no make-outtage. Let's hope that he'll appear again soon in dreamland, and take care of UNFINISHED BUSINESS.

boy am i jealous. the last male celebrity to guest star in one of my dreams was Jon 'Napoleon Dynamite' Heder. not sexy. and the one before that? Peter Jackson. totally not sexy. where's *my* johnny depp dream??? :)

If it WAS the pirate outfit, I think you're better off without. It didn't look like he'd had a bath in quite some time...

Arrrrr, what a gyp! Better luck next dream?

That is TOO BAD :(

you know, the least he could have done after you two saved the world and all was to give you a little lovin'. you need to take that up with your subconscious. tell it that next time you what some action of the lipsmacking sort. maybe that'll help ;)

mmmm...Johnny Depp...mmmm

And poor Loon, to dream of Heder, but Peter Jackson now...while not typically sexy...I think there's a certain hobbity something there...

ok, back to daydreaming about Johnny...all grungy-like in his pirate gear...and suddenly we're joined by Orlando Bloom, dressed as Legolas, of course...and...

Better luck next time.

Apparently I was a bit remiss in raising JuJu to appreciate the appeal of Mr. Depp. How could I have overlooked that???!!! I feel your pain.

I'm totally going to watch Pirates of the Caribbean right before bed tonight, that's how much I covet the dream you sort of had... :) I love's me some Johnny Depp...

That Depp guy is like 5'2" and is missing teeth -- it's his movie double you really want...

I don't see what's so hot about Depp anyway...

JOHNNY DEPP, *drools all over herself*

well at least you got to fight side by side with him. and you must love you hubbie very much. Maybe, if you put your hubby in a pirate tooth...

it could happen! mel

i hear ya, girl! i know everytime me and him go out for a night of crimefighting, i never get any either! i guess he's just exhausted, but i know he really wants me. i can always tell about these things. trust me.

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