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Miss Lima Bean

Now, don't even bother asking, because I'm not going to tell you, but I think that maybe, just maybe, we might have named the baby last night.

I'd been getting a little worried that we were going to have to put Lima Bean on her birth certificate.

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Keep it a secret! I was mad a my honey for telling everyone the name but we have successfully confused people so far with the choice for the middle name. Since the sex of the baby is no surprise, we have to have some suspense build up for the birth! Can't wait to hear it!



Are you going to hold out on us until the birth or share with the people that come here everyday to check on you because we all love you and want to know how it's going???? Huh, Huh?
; )

Oooh... I hate waiting. I hope y'all decide to share it with us blogfans.

That's great! Can't wait to hear the name, but even "Lima Bean" was growing on me...

will you have the kid already so we can find out the name!

oh, and it's m.o.n.i.q.u.e. just it's spelled correctly on the birth cert. =)

can you at least give us a hint and let us know what letter it starts with or how many syllables it has or maybe it's origin...

it's okay, I can wait UNTIL THE END OF NEXT MONTH. Really.

I'm sure you two are embracing the Harry Potter fever and have decided upon Hermoine. Great choice!


I like the Harry Potter one. :)

Eh... naming babies is so pass‚. I mean, really. So last year. If you guys are really cool you'll hold off on a name until the kid develops some sort of identity. That way you won't stifle her personality.

Not buying it? Fine. We can wait to find out. Really. It's no trouble. No trouble at all. I mean, I read this post three minutes ago and now I'm responding and it's fine. I'm not asking you to give in and announce the name. And I won't. Really. I can wait it out. You'll see. It's only a month. That's not too long.

Any chance you might go early?

Lima Bean was growing on me, too :)

I love surprises, so keep it a secret as long as you can!

Nice teasing, though!

so exciting!

we've had our name for a while...and it's such a relief when you realize that your baby won't go nameless!

picking a name is soooo hard :)

I can't wait!


Congratulations - maybe. Choosing a name that will wear well for 70+ years is not always easy.

Oh, but Lima sounds so pretty !!! Sure you won't reconsider? JK :)


Good choice... don't tell untill it's official... that way you want get too many unwanted opinions about the name... just remember that Lima Bean will have it for a long time... even as a grown up. :o)

No matter what the name says on the certificate I bet you guys will still end up calling her Lima Bean or Bean around the house. My kiddo has been "kiddo" amongst us for most of his life.

I hope you didn't name the baby Joy because I just heard on the radio that some insurance company said that is the unluckiest name EVER.

More Joys get in household accidents than any other name. I feel like that Lipniki kid in Jerry Maguire with all this completely useless information.

So you've finally agreed that my suggestion is the way to go! I'm so happy! And little Gertrude will be too!

Are you naming her "July"? Pickle? February? Fred? Come on! Just a little nibble?

but Lima Bean Cactus-Fish has such a nice ring to it. ;)

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