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Thanks for getting me all knocked up and stuff. Lima Bean is a very lucky little girl to be getting you as a daddy, and I am a very lucky girl to be taking this wild ride with you.

Happy First Ever Father's Day.


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Awww, too sweet.

Cuteness reigns! Happy Father's Day to you both and the Lima.

That's awesome!



[My hubby is in Paris at the moment. Wish he was here so Ellie could give him a Happy Fathers Day kick ;-)]

awwww.we're in the middle of a family picnic (about 30 people) at my house. I can't wait to have a wee nap myself.

Back to make sure everyone's eating and drinking enough.


Awwwwwwwwwwww :))

thats nice, that you still like each other i mean, lol.

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