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No contest

I am totally winning.


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how cute!! :)

that is just sooo cute!

awwww :)

you are definitely have earned a cookie (or two or seven)... hehe :)'re winning. May I say you are the cutest pregnant woman I have seen, and the two of you are the best couple!

You are totally the beater!

You two are so lucky to be going through this together!

Unbelievably cute!!!

I actually heard there is a syndrome where men develope signs of pregnancy when their wifes are pregnant. Signs like growing a belly & naussea.But it doesn't look liike Chris is growing breasts yet.

Awwww! You two are too fun!

cute pic!

is your skirt from old navy??

and still gorgeous to boot!

Yeah, but he's beating you with the chin! ;-P

That is too cute!

Yep, you won that round. But I'm guessing Chris won the foot race! ;-)

I'm a sucker for a good belly pic. I'm thinking Chris is totally outgunned here. But a cute shot anyway. Who took the picture? Some really confused tourist?

Don't worry, in 10 years he'll be TOTALLY winning.

you guys are hilarious.

LOL - Hope the baby kicked!

Girl, you have grown! Cute pic. :-)

Hey! Isn't that similiar to how this all started?!?

Yes, I would have to concur that you are in fact the winnah!

Very cute! Is he at least gaining sympathy weight?

:) Too cute!

You are too cute!!!


I apologize if you've already been alerted to this but I thought of you while perusing it and thought I'd share a laugh:

I found this on Fussy's site @

That is terrific...thank you so much for sharing!

Ooooo...pretty hair. (you)

Ooh cute top!

roflol!! love it!!

Heh, I like how Chris looks really impressed and amazed by how much you're winning. Have a fun weekend!

So cute. So, are you still freakishly flexible?

on the home stretch!

You my dear are absolutely adorable pregnant.

The Beanette is growing up so fast...

Very cute pic of you three.

I LOVE this picture! You two are so cute and funny!

you sure are, whats does the winner get??

You're adorable!

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