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Oh yeah, vacation

Did I mention that I'm on vacation this week? No? Well, I'm on vacation this week. The stay at home and nest kind of vacation, not the jet off to Paris with my pretend celebrity boyfriend kind of vacation, but I think I prefer the nesting at this point anyway seeing as how I can't drink and what is the point of Paris with no wine?

I digress.

Anyway, I know what you are thinking. You are thinking "Beth, if you are in the middle of a sit on your ass at home vacation, how is it that you are 5 days behind responding to email?" The answer to that is simple. I am lazy. Oh, and busy, also busy. I have a to do list as long as an umbilical cord and am gradually making my way through it. For example, yesterday I did 18 loads of laundry. This baby has way too many clothes. Also, I have had painters in the house for the last two days painting most of my house. For illustrative purposes, I will tell you that the cats have been locked in the master bathroom for the last couple of hours because it is the only door in the house that is not being painted. The good news is that they are almost done, it looks great, and they finished a day early so I get the house to myself for an entire day before they come to clean the carpets on Friday.

Anyway, I have two very important bits of news to share with the internets. First, I went to the OB today and it is her professional opinion that my baby is huge. She's predicting at least 8 pounds, maybe more. Anybody have any good tips on getting a baby born a week or two early?

Second, and really more importantly, my best girl Casey has big news of the big shiny rock on her finger variety, so you should all go tell her and D congratulations.

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Sex. Lots and lots of late term sex can help to induce labor. My OB even got as raunchy as to tell me to do it doggy style.

However, I tried that. I also tried jumping jacks, laxatives, and telling her through my belly button that if she came out early she could have a pony. None of it worked though. I went into labor on my due date.

But the sex can't hurt...

A bladder infection seemed to do it for me, I went into the ER with one and came out three days later with BabyJuJu (3 weeks early)

We had a bottle of castor oil that made the rounds of our neighborhood (lots of pregnant mommies-to-be) It's supposed to get that labor started, but no one had the nerve to take it. I hear it tastes pretty bad.

No labor-inducing tips here (my daughter was a week early, and I have no idea why), but maybe a little stress-relief: the ability to predict a baby's size pre-birth is a pretty iffy science, I think. A friend of mine was told she needed to be induced ASAP because the baby was way too big for the mom's frame. When the baby was born, she weighed 5 pounds.

I'm sure your OB is a better guesser than that, but it's still a guess.

I don't know anything about labor, except I hear that it hurts. :) 8 pounds? Whew momma.... I'll be praying for a smooth, quick delivery of LB!

I hope you enjoy your vacation!


Happy vacation!

i swear it was a meatball grinder that made me pop early (38w 2d) but...
maybe a tofu-ball one would work for you?

(a grinder is a sub or a submarine sandwich or whatever you people not in massachusetts call them)

Yeppers, that's a big baby! Well done! Have another cookie!

I will tell you this, but first a word of caution. Just because they think your baby is huge, doesn't mean they are right. My first was 2 weeks late and guessed to be in the 10-12 lb. range. He was born (on his own, no inductions) right when he wanted to be, at 7 lb. 8oz. Had I tried to get him out early as was being suggested, he would have been tiny.

That said, go to Whole Foods or whatever apothecary store you have around you and pick up Black Cohash and Blue Cohash. They are in a tincture (liquid) form in a dropper bottle. They are herbs that cause the uterus to contract (mighty hard, I might add). Take a dropper full of each in a mug of hot water, once an hour until labor begins. Usually, it takes 6-12 hours.

Side notes...I used just Blue when my labor stalled and it kicked me right back into gear. It make labor fast and therefore more painful. Also, be careful with it and do not take it for more than 12 hours. My best suggestion is just wait it out. She'll come when she's ready. I would use this only if they were going to induce you anyway.

8lbs is good! A nice hardy baby. doesn't feel as breakable and the REALLY tiny ones.
Also? SEX can sometimes help induce labour.

i have a vacation of that variety coming up in mid august. i can't wait.

I was born October 20. My mother was trying to wait until November 9 as that was her birthday AND my great grandmothers, but she couldn't take it any longer and said, "Get this baby out!" (I was actually due Oct 19, but they were going to let me go to get the family birthday).

While I have no idea how to induce labor (my mother was in labor for something stupid like 26 hours), rest assured that eigh pounds is not bad! I was 9 pound, 1 ounce!! My mother's 4'11" and weighed about 100 pounds without the baby blob on her front, but they joked that the smallest woman in the maternity ward had the largest baby.

Try to have a "normal" pregnancy. When Mom had a c-section, they said she couldn't lift anything over 5 pounds. Try taking care of a 9lb 1oz baby when you can hardly lift a sack of sugar!!

Yay! Big baby here too! My doula suggested red raspberry leaf tea [tones the uterus] which I am drinking daily...

Oh and ditto to the sex. If only I could convince hubby that he WILL NOT hurt the baby! [oh and I've *heard* that it is not a turn on for a male to feel baby move during the sex while say resting his hand upon his wife's belly. A friend told me that. ;-)]

1. Sex
2. Spicey Mexican Food
3. Green Potatos ( or does it have an "e"? ) - no joke
4. Sit on the toilet backwards and do your business.
5. Call the Dr. and ask if he/she will induce.

#1 is the funnest
#5 is the most practical.

Yes, you may be winning, but he is gaining!

sex. and more sex.

my dad is an OB and this is what he recommended.

it can't hurt!

Lots of Sex and walking....I dialated to 5 in an hour when I went shopping at a local mall...didnt even realize it. heheh had a 3 hour labor and pushed 3 was great!

Sex, sex, sex, oh yeah, and sex! If your body is ready to go, sex is it. Without being too graphic, the male...uh...contribution contains hormones that help ripen the cervix.

The drawback? Who the hell feels like having sex at 10 months pregnant??!

Okay, I am remiss in my doula duties by not recommending red raspberry leaf tea.

Be very careful with anything that you ingest to get things moving. I recommend against castor oil as 1. it tastes nasty and 2. it causes diarrhea which is supposed to trigger the whole labor thing. Who wants to be laboring and having to run to the toilet every few minutes? Not me, and I'll guess not you either.

Okay, doula work done.

I remember that my mom and I would have special dates,... we would sit and share a cup of tea. These times are among my most precious childhood memories.

I bring this up because once, just once, I decided to make a "mystery blend" of tea,.. which was basically a bit of everything we had. Of course, some black cohosh made it in,... mom was seven months pregnant...

She was smart, and asked before drinking it (or NOT drinking it, in this case),... I just will always and forever remember that black cohosh can induce labor,... whether you want it or not!

Did I mention how much I adore you? You are so sweet.

As for the baby thing- I have no clue- but I have heard the spicy food thing too.

8lbs really isn't too bad- I was 9lbs3ozs- but then I was 2 weeks overcooked- hey I knew a good thing when I had it :)

I am concurring with the others who said doctors can't predict weight very well. I had great doctors but they both guessed way wrong on the weight. Both times, they guessed way low but I shouldn't tell you that! It'll be fine.

8 lbs ia a good size! Enjoy your resting vacation... it will be awhile before you get one again!

my mom likes to go into the story about how i was 9lbs 4oz when born and she said that it was "so much easier than i had expected that i had a roastbeef sandwich and some cheesecake right afterward"

if that gives you any encouragement, i dont know...

Hmmm, I would think 8 lbs and any ounces would be in the "ideal" range for a new baby. Certainly not "big". My first was 7 lbs 15 oz (11 days past due.) The second was 9 lbs, 12 oz (5 days past due.)

Honestly, I have never heard of a doctor being right when predicting baby weight, though I'm sure it happens.

You look great! The house sounds wonderful!

So, I know that SEX is the most popular one, and I didn't read everyone's (sorry), but did anyone say hot showers? I've heard that's something that works, too.

And by the way, your vacation does not mean you're obligated to respond to e-mails...however, 18 loads of laundry doesn't sound like vacation either. I hope you enjoyed your productivity!

One week before my baby was born, I had an ultrasound where the tech was "sure" the baby was 7 1/2 lbs. Well, she was born early, the next week (2 weeks early) and was 6 lbs, 2 oz. So I just wanted to let you know -- don't get to freaked out (yet) about the weight.
I am convinced I went into labor early after consuming fried chicken, collard greens (spicy!), mac/cheese and cornbread.
Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great.

Want that baby out next week? Then I can help! 25 min on the cross-trainer before work followed by three 30 min walks in the extreme heat - that oughtta do it - well - it worked for Sierra... Oh ya - I heard Papaya helps the the body release oxytocin.

8 pounds really isn't big. In fact, that's a great size. It's not so much the weight, anyway, as the head circumference, and that's something they really can't measure accurately.

Beware of third trimester sonograms. Mine said the baby would be ginormous, so they induced me two weeks early. At birth, he weighed only 7 pounds, so they made me take him to the ped for almost daily weight checks (which really sucks).

Walking is very helpful for lots of reasons. Walk as much as you can.

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